What is Content Marketing?

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Content Marketing

Content of this article

This article will try what the Content Marketing and what it is.

Basically, the technique of Content Marketing It is to create content on our website or on social networks, so that the attention of the various segments of our target audience and get attract so we can turn them into customers. It is a technique that is part of Inbount Marketing, Techniques to attract potential customers to our messages, instead of going to look for us using techniques such as advertising.

6 key success factors of Content Marketing

  1. We know very well what is our target audience segments.
  2. We know exactly what content might be of interest to each of these segments.
  3. We are able to create that content.
  4. To give voice to this content so that it reaches different segments of our target audience.
  5. That is what we show at the right time
  6. Once we have the public on our website, we are able to get them to become business contact or customer.

Content Marketing

Let's look at each of these factors affecting the Content Marketing:

How to know which segments have our target audience? This topic we have discussed in other articles, these two will find information that will help:

How could we know what content is of interest to each of our market segments? Answering this question is complicated because each segment is a world apart, so their interests vary widely. As in every action of Marketing, the Content Marketing It requires a great deal of empathy, so it's best that we put on the skin of a person of that segment and think what you really need to know, or what you should be looking. tools like Google Trends, he Keywords Analyzer Adwords or your own Google Analytics will help.

How can we create content? We can order it to a third party, we can create it from scratch, we can read articles on the same subject and thus writing a new one. How important is it that your target audience needs and do it in the proper format (not only articles, also computer graphics, images, tables, FAQ, etc.)

How to publicize the content? The main technique to publicize the content of a website is search engine optimization (SEO) so we must ensure that our page is indexed well in Google and optimally positioned for searches related to this content. We can also make it known through blogs and forums or through actions of Web 2.0, and of course, a public relations action. If you want to use the Content Marketing, you should train you in SEO.

What is the right time? A good strategy Content Marketing takes into account what time of purchasing process is the customer: If you are still drawing inspiration, if you are already planning if you already have clear intent to purchase, if you have already purchased but look for more information on obtaining a better user experience ... we should create content for each of the steps in the "customer journey".

How to convert visits has sent the Content Marketing, in contacts or customers? Bien, la respuesta es fácil: por un lado, debemos persuadir a la visita de que nosotros podemos ayudarlo con la necesidad que lo ha traído hasta nuestro contenido, y por otro, debemos asegurarnos que nuestra página facilita la toma de contacto entre las visitas y nuestra empresa. Así que debemos indicar explícitamente a las visitas que podemos ayudarlas, y debemos asegurarnos de que nuestra página web muestra el teléfono de contacto de forma visible en todas las páginas, de que disponemos de un formulario de contacto fácil y rápido de usar, y de que los usuarios pueden ver claramente, una dirección de email a la que pueden escribir si lo desean.

I hope this article has been helpful and after reading see clearly that the Content Marketing It is a very good technique for attracting market segments that may be interested in your products and services.

We talk to each other.

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  1. Luis Tapia
    Luis Tapia says:

    Hoy día es impensable que una empresa implemente una estrategia de marketing digital, sin contar con una estrategia de marketing de contenidos. Desarrollar una estrategia de marketing de contenidos además de facilitar a nuestros usuarios y clientes una mayor transparencia sobre lo que hacemos, nos permite interactuar con ellos en blog propios, ajenos, foros y divulgar nuestros contenidos en Redes Sociales.
    I like the focus of your article presenting content marketing and digital marketing technique to develop strategies to attract to the Web, and it should should encourage businesses and SMEs to develop their own content marketing strategy. If you want to see quickly a first approximation of what brings the Content Marketing here I leave this publication (with infografia included) made ESIMAD-School Interactive Digital Marketing
    5 milestones you need to know about content marketing
    Best regards, Luis Tapia

  2. Montse
    Montse says:

    Luis, thank you for your contribution, computer graphics that dating is very interesting! Clarifies very well how to work the Content Marketing.
    A hug.

  3. wicks scan
    wicks scan says:

    You can order a professional content of writing, but I think that theirs is that we generate ourselves. The aim is to show that we are professionals in the field.

  4. Online marketing agency
    Online marketing agency says:


    Before anything. thank you for creating this great content. We stand for quite a time for content marketing itself more than the linkbuilding itself. We believe that there are two "forces" must go together hand in hand and not give priority to one another.

    Montse Thanks for sharing, very nice article :)


  5. Online Marketing agency in Madrid
    Online Marketing agency in Madrid says:

    Good afternoon,

    Thank you for creating this great content. Our agency takes time giving much importance to marketing content plus a internal and external interlacing. We believe that the power all the SEO content

    Montse Thanks for this post with great fresh content

    Best regards, Alberto

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