If you're an Elf, now you have your radio station

If you've ever noticed that in the light of the stars and moon could see twice as far as other people ... if when others were bewitched by a girl, you permanecías completely immune ... if you always find right doors where others only see walls ... and you've always known that you do not need eight hours sleep ... do not hesitate, for your elven blood veins.

Mood to also test the new interface download programs ... and incidentally, why not upgrade my WinAmp, decided to get out the new version of this player sounds ... And thank goodness I did, the discovery was of the highest caliber!

On one side the same WinAmp is infinitely better than the previous version. By default includes 2 skins, the classic orange and black version and a much more modern and well designed in gray and blue. As for functionalities include automatic default lists the songs that we hear, of which we have heard more recently and etc. other variants. But the most spectacular is the inclusion in the same interface WinAmp TV stations and radio stations.

And it is among the radio stations where the pearl of my discoveries is: Radio Rivendell, A station where only music is played New Age, chosen among the best of the genre and as varied sources as soundtracks Braveheart type films, The Mission, Dune, Pearl Harbor, Gladiator, The Lord of the Rings and many other original titles the fantasy and science fiction, as well as soundtracks for video games such as Warcraft III, Neverwinter Nights or Morrowind.

Although the best thing is that you find that you are not alone, there are more people like you, listen to this music, which is fascinated by some tastes and aesthetics that are completely different from the rest of mortals. From the same WinAmp you can see how many listeners are connected at that moment to the station.

The station is on the network from a year ago, according declare themselves on their website Radio Rivendell, music is meant to be the background music in roleplaying. No speakers or interruptions. Most music is instrumental.

It's just great.

If you want to hear no more you have to look Radio Rivendell in the search engine box that appears in the WinAmp v5.03c, pressing Internet Radio.

You can download the WinAmp from Softonic (step ... and you admire their new website).

Nanotube 04: and maybe we can build our space elevator

Leo Mural.com these days are being held in Guadalajara, Mexico, the International Congress Nanotube 04. The theme of the congress will revolve intone the many applications that nanotubes 100 times stronger than steel and six times lighter .

Hace unos 7 años pasé numerosas noches chateando con un grupo de gente acerca de la posibilidad de construir un ascensor espacial… Nuestro chat formaba parte del IRC Hispano y estaba dedicado a la Ciencia Ficción. Todo empezó con la publicación de 3001 La Odisea Final, de Arthur C. Clarke, 1997 Edicions 62. La última entrega de 2001 Odisea del Espacio.

En el mundo que nos presentaba Clarke, los humanos de la Tierra habían construido un anillo alrededor del planeta, en órbita geoestacionaria, atado a la Tierra por unas torres situadas en el ecuador. La idea puede parecer descabellada, pero no lo es. Tal como explica Clarke en el epílogo de su libro, las estaciones espaciales ligadas a la Tierra por un ascensor espacial fueron ideadas sobre una base científica por el ingeniero de San Petersburgo Yuri Artsutanov en 1982.

According to Artsutanov it is theoretically possible to install a cable between Earth and a satellite will always float above the same point of Ecuador (orbit that are most communications satellites). From that base, it could establish a space elevator and could raise and lower payloads using the force of gravity and a small electric motor.

For interplanetary navigation this would be ideal as well as avoid the danger of takeoffs and landings, noise and environmental risks are avoided. The costs of all space missions would be reduced drastically.

A nosotros, los del Chat de Ci-Fi, no nos pareció nada raro… ya estábamos acostumbrados a este tipo de artefactos. También sabíamos que el único inconveniente es encontrar un material que no colapse sobre su propio peso cuando tenga una largada de 36.000 Km (nota: es el mismo problema que tenían con el cable que debía sujetar el Prestige, hundido en las costas gallegas).


No hace ni un año… seguíamos discutiendo algunos de nosotros, si ya era posible construir nuestro ascensor espacial… Cuando hoy he leído el artículo de Mural.com acerca del congreso de Nanotubos, una gran sonrisa ha aparecido en mi rostro, y he empezado a recopilar material para la próxima discusión. Porque aunque imagino que la aplicación de los nanotubos va a ir para largo y hacia otro lado, es sin duda una noticia fuera de lo común que se realice un congreso dedicado a este tema y en concreto, a la aplicación de los nanotubos a la vida civil.

In an interview with Mauricio Terrones, Mexican physicist who received a UNESCO award in 2001 for his research in this field, said about applications of nanotubes "The electronics company Samsung is already testing monitors that use nanotubes because they have very good definition of images, not heat, consume much less power and are cheaper, but there are also other applications for microscopes and to develop new plastics and cement stronger. "

I hope someone will even think about our lift ... because the synthesis of carbon nanotubes may be the solution to find a material that will withstand enormous pressures and yet be flexible and elastic, just what us all we need to realize the elevator (... well we lacked this ... :-) and inverter).

What is the Hilltop algorithm?

Since March 2004, Google gives less value to the links come from pages with similar IP to yours, so do not need to cheat to change your PageRank and therefore improve your SEO: Google knows.

A filter this switch is called PageRank Hilltop algothim

Google has implemented this change in their algorithm to neutralize a trap that some experts in SEO webmasters have been doing since the PageRank became operational: to create endless small web, hosted on your own ISP, that link to your main website.Authority Pages

Also large corporations have abused the fact that a large number of inbound links you make to improve the positioning ... without going any further, SoloStocks we have links in the footer to all websites Intercom Group... and therefore on all pages Softonic (To quote one of our companies) there is also a link to SoloStocks. Since We have over 500,000 pages indexed in Google, my site receives 500,000 external links. Thing seems to me great ... but that is not 100% just from the point of view of an independent webmaster who runs a website with great content but never positioned above mine ... Google has implemented until Hilltop It has neutralized the effect of the links.

So I said ... do not need that to improve the SEO of your website, waste time including links to websites that are hosted on the same IP you ... because Google now looks at the IP from coming inbound links and has lowered the weight will greatly which have a similar IP to yours.