Do you know the changes in the algorithm of management of Google Adwords?

So far, the order in which your ad appeared depended on the amount of money you were willing to pay for it. But it is no longer true, since early December.

Google ha introducido un “factor calidad” en el algoritmo que ordena los resultados y que acaba decidiendo qué anuncios salen en primer lugar, en segundo, en tercero, etc. Y lo ha hecho para evitar que gente que no dispone de ciertos productos y contenidos compre las palabras clave y dirija tráfico a su web como si las tuviera. (Por ejemplo: comprando palabras que corresponden a productos de su competencia).

While some SEOs and are beginning to fear that the management of announcements through the Adwords process, end up being as dark as the sorting of search results, we share with Google the view that is good for all advertisers and for those who they clicked on the ads.

What is the "quality factor"?

As always with things that work well, there are those who abuse them to get more out than the rest. This has been going on with Google Adwords and Google now wants to remedy.

Google wants to make sure that the page you are directed once you have clicked on one of the ads, deals with what you are looking for.

So from now on, if the content of a page has nothing to do with what the user was looking at Google's announcement that page will be out in last position.

How to be in the top ad positions without having to pay more for it?

For it is clear ... maximizes the number of times the words on which you hired ads appear in the text of the page pointed to by the ad.

And of course, make the page that takes your ad (landing page) is different for each word. You can do this easily from the menu Adwords.

For example:

A user searches Google: "fireproof safe"
You have a company that manufactures security products and sell fireproof safes and have hired Adwords so that when someone searches for "alarm", "safe", "safety deposit boxes", etc. your ad appears on the right side of Google.

So far, the best advice I could give in this case was to have two ads, one for alarms and one for safety boxes. With that you make the decision to click on one of your ads is higher, because the ad talks about what the user is looking.

  • "Alarm" -> alarm annunciation
  • "Safe" -> announcement of safes

With the change in the algorithm, in addition to selecting an ad for each type of search, you have to select the page that will direct the ad.

Does not serve redirect to your homepage (such as Adwords system default does) because surely within your pages have a specific to that product and in it, the search word will have more relevance (will be written many more times).

This also is good for you too because if the user goes directly to a page that includes the content he wanted, will be much more willing to fill out forms requesting information about the product or to send an email asking for it.

If you do not have a specific page for each type of product that match the keywords you've hired on Google, then you should create them, or your ad will never appear in the top positions.

Tips to get the most out of your Google Adwords:

  1. Buy only the words that your target audience will search Google.
  2. Create landing pages (landing page) containing the keywords.
  3. Test more than one ad and invests in having the largest conversion.
  4. Concentrate your budget on the words with you get more conversions.