I Roundtable web browsers: marketing and search engine optimization

On Tuesday 28 October, at 18:30, will be held in the Auditorium of the building Ramblas Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Ramblas 32, Barcelona), presenting a new edition of the Master in Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing and as a panel discussion on web Search.

I have the pleasure of sharing roundtable Fernando Macia from Human Level Communications, Who will talk about SEO and Christopher Rovira Research Group UPF DigiDoc to discuss finders training and research. I will discuss SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and explain "6 techniques that will help us optimize our search engine marketing budget".

Each of us will present his vision on search engines and share related experiences market intelligence, content strategy and brand positioning.

At the end of the presentations, a discussion in which attendees can ask their questions will open.

More information about the event:

See you!

More information about the event: Roundtable Search Engine Optimization

This is the presentation with which I illustrated my talk:

We talk to each other.

It postponed until 2016 ESA mission to Mars

Bad news for those who were hoping to see the colonization of Mars over the next 20 years: the European Agency Space (ESA) announced a couple of days ago, it will be delayed for at least three years, plans to send Mars ExoMars, the European vehicle designed to explore the surface of that planet.

Budgetary constraints have forced the ESA to postpone the launch of the ExoMars from 2013 to 2016. This is the second postponement of the operations of the vehicle after being postponed from 2011 to 2013.

According to the authorities of the ESA, the project was intended to be of smaller dimensions, but as scientists were advancing they were expanding the scope and objectives of the mission. Right now the estimated cost of ExoMars is 1,200 million euros, which is more than twice the initial budget.

Clearly, the countries participating in the ESA (starting with the Italians, who are leading this mission) have asked those responsible for the project to try to reduce the costs of the same, but still bad we weigh the economic situation now it makes it more prudent to postpone the project for a while.

The problem with postponing the project is that it is not something that can be left from one year to another ... if the ship that will carry the Exomars does not come out in November 2013 loses the launch window and must wait until January or February 2016, when the position of Mars will be favorable for launches from Earth.

A real shame.

To encourage a bit, here's a video with an explanation about how the mission will scan the Martian soil.

Additional information:

The crisis does not affect Google

There are businesses that the crisis does not affect Google is one of them.

Google last week presented the results of the third quarter of 2008 and announced a profit of 1,006 million euros, up 8% over the same period last year.

Motor revenues amounted to 4.1 million euros in the 3rd quarter 2008, representing an increase of 30% over the same quarter, but the year before. Operating profit for this quarter was 1.2 million euros, 31% more than the same period of 2007.

This increase shows two things:

  • Google's good health (compared to the economic problems facing Yahoo)
  • The good health of online advertising.

Google's good health is due in part to its ability to attract users beyond its search service, for example, in Gmail, Google Maps, Blogger, YouTube and other services offered by the search engine. As Eric Schmidt said in the same statement referenced by this news, long he has played in its favor and is paying off ...

"While we are realistic about the weakening global economy, we continue to manage Google for the long term, implementing improvements in both searches and applications, while invest in the growth of business-related or mobile areas".

The good health of online advertising is partly due to two factors:

  • Advertising is countercyclical (if the crisis does not last long), as companies are lowering their sales and decide to seek new channels through which to sell, new public and generally decide to invest more in advertising.
  • Online advertising is much more efficient than offline advertising. Consider, for example, all you can do a business with an advertising budget of 2,000 euros and the results you get if online investing. Instead, the same budget invested offline does not give practically anything ... hence investment in online advertising is increasing rapidly.

To corroborate this last statement I refer you to an interesting article by Juan Varela, you can read here:

Additional information:

Reseña de “QUANTICO” de Greg Bear – La Trama (Ediciones B)

Quantico - Greg BearQuántico debe su nombre a la Academia del FBI en la que se adiestran algunos de los protagonistas de este libro. El libro sitúa al lector en un futuro cercano en el que prácticamente cualquiera puede desarrollar virus letales en su sótano, y donde el mundo vive al borde del caos a causa del terrorismo. Los protagonistas tienen que ir siguiendo una pista que se remonta a los casos de ataque por Antrax que tuvieron lugar en el 2001 y de los que aún se desconoce quién fue el culpable.

Con este libro Greg Bear hace una de sus incursiones en el “thriller_de_FBI” aunque le quedan algunos resquicios de Ciencia Ficción, sobre todo en lo que hace referencia al bioterrorismo y a la creación de virus que atacan selectivamente según la genética de sus víctimas.

El libro es interesante y se lee rápido, aunque no es de los que se rememora en ciertos momentos. Greg Bear escribe mejor cuando se dedica a la Ciencia Ficción al 100%.

Online sales in the hotel sector and revenue Management in HotelTrack'08

On October 21 will be held HOTELtrack´08 under HOSTELCO. This seminar is organized by IDtrack and judging by your program promises to be interesting:

  • Development and practical application of revenue management in the hotel sector. Montserrat Cano Sol Melia
  • Strategies for implementation of Yield Management in a hotel. Sonia Prieto of NH Hoteles
  • Advantages and disadvantages in implementing an ERP in a chain. VIVA HOTELS Royal Bernat
  • Panel Discussion: revenue management is the future for small and large chains? moderated by David Manzanares CETT Peguero Consultants
  • The importance of seal of quality in the online channel. Miguel Mirones of ICTE - Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality
  • Closest approach to clients: marketing through the web, using web 2.0 in the sector. Javier Moreno Gonzalez-Soria and the Holy GOOGLE Spain
  • Web 2.0 in the hospitality industry: the importance of the opinion of the visitor. Pablo Ciutad of ATRAPALO
  • The mediator's role in time of crisis: problems and practical solutions. Francesco Canzoniere of VIAJAR.com
  • Online sales strategy from the point of view of a hotel. Ton Lodder T3 Hotels
  • The four keys to the success of your hotel online. Toni Mascaro of eMascaró
  • Social media marketing, the customer takes power. ITH Jaime Pons (hotelier Technology Institute)
  • The sale and online positioning. Moderator: Enric Lopez CETT - UB

I find it particularly interesting to hear the different proposals on the Web2.0 applications to the hospitality industry that will make Google, Atrápalo and ITH, as it is not easy to apply a large number of concepts 2.0 to the website of a hotel, and so new approaches are always welcome.

También la ponencia de Toni Mascaró promete ser interesante por la gran experiencia que tanto él, como su empresa, tienen en el sector hotelero online. Será un placer escucharlo.

Witbookings GeaMarketing Y Witbookings estamos llevando a cabo una batería de A/B testing con la página web de un hotel, donde parte de los temas que testeamos son el impacto de los sellos de calidad y seguridad. El objetivo es aumentar la conversión de visitas a cliente en la web de este hotel del 1% al 3%. La página es nueva y está online desde agosto, ahora ya tenemos suficiente masa crítica como para empezar a realizar este tipo de tests, así que en ello estamos.

The A / B testing is interesting: in some cases have reached 4.5% thanks to having made A / B testing with various versions of web pages of hotels ... but I'm going with "branches" and now I would speak of a / B testing and is an issue that goes a long way ... so I return to the issue of HotelTrack'08 and close the post: HotelTrack see you in next Tuesday!

A hug.

goodbye SIMO

Ifema confirmed yesterday the cancellation of SIMO 2008.

According to statements by its CEO Santiago Quiroga to EFE, it was for economic reasons because the absence of large companies threatened the profitability of this contest.

The director did not comment on the reasons leading to large companies to stay away from SIMO, but I think basically are two:

  1. In times of crisis is an unnecessary frivolity make the entire assembly representing attendance at SIMO (compared to the result obtained)
  2. The fair model in the digital age is beginning to become obsolete, especially when we talk about a fair dedicated to technology and the Internet.

Recent years and was quite worth going to SIMO and see how fewer companies came to the fair as exhibitors, and on the other hand, see how large corporations completely dominated spaces, encouraging small businesses cease to attend. The public, at the low range of exhibitors and the few innovations, also decided not to be seen by the Campo de las Naciones.

Actually, it is a negative feedback process caused by a purely financial approach of the contest. From the direction of SIMO have avoided until the last moment (just missing one month to celebrate SIMO 2008) that without exhibitors, there is no public and no audience, there are even fewer exhibitors ... although HP or Microsoft fill the space empties .

My experience as a speaker goes back to the SIMO 2000, it lasted 4 years and was with SoloStocks.com. Lo cierto es que si bien desplazarnos a Madrid, montar el estand y dejar un equipo en Madrid durante una semana resultaba bastante caro, lo peor no era esto, sino que además debías dejarte tomar el pelo con el coste abusivo que tenían todos los servicios contratados en la feria. Recuerdo una ADSL por la que nos cobraban más de 100 euros por una semana de uso, y también recuerdo haber contratado un espacio y luego llegar allí y descubrir que por falta de expositores habían cerrado mi zona y me habían ubicado en otro lado, sin mi consentimiento previo y siendo esa ubicación peor que la anterior. Todo un ejemplo de mala gestión ferial.

While the Internet was taking off, it made sense to be "physically present" in this contest, to let us know and also for users of the website they saw that behind a dotcoms were people. So investment worthwhile. But once you reach certain online popularity, he ceased to be justified SIMO attend as an exhibitor, and we move to Madrid just to see how things were going. The last 2 years, and that deserved my effort.

So: goodbye SIMO, maybe someday know reinvent yourself again.

Further information about the closure of SIMO:

Review of "THE WEB", Neal Stephenson and J. F. George - Nova (Ediciones B)

LA TELARAÑA, Neal Stephenson y J. F. George - NovaIn The spiderwebNeal Stephenson is passed to the subgenus "thriller_del_FBI" and bioterrorism, as has GregBear in Quantico and as have other writers of Science Fiction (note that it is not fashionable ICTP).

The plot takes place in several stages, all well described and credible. The protagonists have to contend with the threat of biological warfare weapons of mass destruction in the time frame of the first Gulf War.

The book gives us lessons of espionage, management of an election campaign for sheriff of a county, conflict management with your superiors and management of university projects ... so the less, it is interesting reading. All enlivened with intelligent humor and erudition of Stephenson.

The presence of one of the "bad" than capping using a NGO that as a marketing tool, use counter number of people they help, and that makes them look completely legal and good people.

The book contains ingeniosas.Ha thoughts really been a pleasure to read. It is 100% recommended.

Submission of Electronic Commerce Guide

Montserrat PeñarroyaYesterday (... finally) we present the Electronic Commerce Guide: 23 Techniques for your e-commerce a success.

It has been long and hard ... like a birth!

It all started almost a year ago. This year Alex de Anta and myself have been writing this guide ... over 80 pages talking about effective techniques for electronic commerce work and a lot of good practices and examples.

The guide we had commissioned the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and ACC10, and therefore has been read and reviewed by these two institutions. It has also been reviewed by proofreaders and typesetters. Each change has required comments and "negotiations" ... hence we have taken nearly a year in power it finished. It's been hard, really. Good thing already.

The Guide will be given away to all companies in the demarcation of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, and can be downloaded here: Electronic Commerce Guide

The act of presentació was held at the Llotja de Mar and was part of a day dedicated to electronic commerce. The agenda was as follows:

How can we enhance our e-commerce company

The evolution of information technology has allowed the development of new forms of marketing. The digital economy offers the entire business, a number of opportunities and benefits, and establish new marketing channels, gain efficiency, visibility and savings, while becoming more efficient in the new global markets.

The conference will take place in different blocks which, through experts, there will be a tour of the strategic aspects, concepts and skills within this important theme that is a great business opportunity and business growth for the next anys.En this conference will deal e-commerce refers to the companies: B2B (business transactions between companies) and B2C (business transactions between companies and consumers).

The aim of the conference is to connect experts in the field of e-commerce and business management, so that the experts explain the improvements, advantages and effects of the implementation of ICT and business people can resolve their doubts. This conference should enable the employer to know first hand the benefits that ICT can bring to this area of ​​management in the company.