Presentation of the Guide to Electronic Commerce in Igualada

Today we have carried out the presentation of the Electronic Commerce Guide at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona in Igualada.

The presentation was made by the Director of that office. To accompany the event, Alex de Anta gave a talk on the key success factors in implementing an Electronic Commerce, and I gave a talk explaining a part of the Guide.

As time was limited (1 hour and a half), I only explained the 9 basic techniques to attract visitors to a website, and 6 basic techniques to convert them to business contact. These techniques only have explained above, unfortunately, because it would have needed a minimum of 10 hours to explain this part as a monographic course.

The guide itself can read the same information, but more extensive and complete. I have also indicated participants in the web GeaMarketing and this blog will find additional information and other presentations that can help them expand any of the items discussed in the paper.

I forgot to comment on companies that have attended the presentation of the Guide, the Chamber of Commerce subsidizes 50% of the cost of conducting a small study on the Strategic Plan for the Implementation of an Electronic Commerce, for any company of Barcelona area you want to start selling over the Internet. The total cost has to bear the company is 750 euros and can be ordered through the delegations of the House of Barcelona.

The next presentation will be on Thursday November 27 in Mollet del Valles. At 9h30 'am, at the headquarters of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce held in this population.

See you there.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Cultural Industries

This Tuesday November 25th, I will participate as a speaker at training sessions on Digital Marketing offering the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries.

The aim of the conference is to encourage the Catalan cultural industry to use Internet as a channel for promotion and marketing. To this end, it has organized a program of work that will address several aspects of Digital Marketing:

  1. How to attract visitors to the websites of the different types of cultural industry.
  2. How to convert visitors into business contacts.
  3. How to convert visitors into customers (in case there is an e-commerce).
  4. How to retain and develop customers.

Speakers include:

  • Victor FranciscoWhich explain uptake users and search engine rankings.
  • Myself, I will explain the conversion of contact visits, conversion of customer visits and customer loyalty.

The call has been a success and really seems that there is a strong interest from the Catalan cultural industry in learning more about how to market their products through internet or at least how to promote them. There are currently more than 175 registered participants.

The event will be held in the Auditorium of the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) on day 25. The day begins at 10:00 and ends at 14:00

For more information and registration:

Conference presentation of the Guide to Electronic Commerce

La Cámara de Comercio de Barcelona acaba de publicar los vídeos de las conferencias que tuvieron lugar con motivo de la presentación de la Guía de Comercio Electrónico el pasado 7 de octubre.Montserrat Peñarroya en La Llotja presentando Guía de Comercio Electrónico

Los vídeos están publicados en un microsite dedicado a este tema. En el enlace que muestro a continuación se puede visualizar la charla que dimos Alex de Anta y yo, que tenía como objetivo animar a las empresas a embarcarse en proyectos de Comercio Electrónico.

El microsite está montado de forma que tanto puede verse a los ponentes hablando como la presentación en power point que ilustraba la charla.

Para ver la charla, clicar aquí:

A partir de esta semana, la Guía se presentará en las diferentes delegaciones que la Cámara de Comercio de Barcelona tiene en distintas poblaciones catalanas. La charla no será la misma, si no que será una charla en la que explicamos los puntos de la Guía… que me parece más interesante y más práctico que la charla tan general que dimos en la presentación de Barcelona.

Las presentaciones serán en las respectivas sedes de la Cámara en:

  • Igualada: 24 de noviembre del 2008
  • Mollet: 27 de noviembre del 2008
  • Mataró: 1 de diciembre del 2008
  • Vilanova: 2 de diciembre del 2008

El horario es de 9h30′ a 11h.

Pulsando aquí podrás descargar la convocatoria de Iguadala: jornada-com-electronic-igualada

La Guía puede descargarse aquí: Electronic Commerce Guide

See you.

The operating system we saw in Minority Report is here

Just because of being based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, Minority Report and promised ... but also the team of Steven Spielberg worked thoroughly in the creation of all future technology to give credibility to the story and to justify the advances that had led society where no one commits crimes ... why the police stops them before of (Pre-Crime) occurs.

Watch the trailer of the film:

Watch the trailer of the film:

Well, this technology is already a reality. And we can see it in action in the video that appears in this post Engadget.

Impresses the capacity of the screen, use gloves operator and the interaction between the screen and the work surface. Play games with this interface has to be a pass.

Hopefully soon have a commercial use.

Review of "Mars time" by Philip K. Dick - Minotaur

I've read most of the books I have written my favorite authors, especially those who unfortunately are already dead, but there is always someone who escapes and occasionally gives me joy. This is the case of "Mars time”. Tiempo de Marte - Philip K Dick

Last week, in my usual bookstore, I found a reprint of this book, that neither knew I was pending to read ... so I bought it and began "to work".

The book is the typical book of Philip K. Dick. With all its elements: people who dream but does not distinguish between dreams and reality, people with mental illness, some other person with severe depression, etc ... to a "pre-cog" (person because of a mental disorder is able to see the future or thinking of moving over time [as in Minority Report, for example]).

The book tells of the colonization of Mars and coexistence among the inhabitants of Earth and Mars Aborigines, who are Homo Sapiens Sapiens black, but involuted.

The book is written in 1964 so it's fun to see how the author deals with certain issues.

  • The company raised Philip K. Dick is totally sexist (women are either wives dimensional engaged in shopping and cooking are either more or less efficient secretaries are judged according to their physical attributes).
  • Since in the 60s was not known almost nothing about Mars, humans of "Mars time" are installed there quietly, without prior terraforming or any kind of environmental protection. In fact, it is understood that they do not need as other humans and are therefore assumed to colonize the planet is viable.
  • The canals of Mars are clearly works of its former inhabitants.
  • No computers.
  • Radio frequency communications are encrypted and certain messages, you need a "coding machine".

Anyway ... a book is a novella of the most typical science fiction of Philip K. Dick. Fully recommended.

Review of "Return", of Robert J. Sawyer - Nova (Ediciones B)

VUELTA ATRÁS, Robert J. Sawyer - NovaTurning Back "is a fun, entertaining book, well told, that transmits knowledge and that makes you think. What more can you ask a book?

The plot is about the deciphering of some alien messages that reach Earth. The first one is deciphered by a young SETI researcher, who is also responsible for submitting her response. 38 years later, a second message arrives and again, the SETI researcher, this time elderly but having applied a rejuvenation treatment (which has failed and has left her on the verge of a death from old age) deciphers it, while her husband, whose treatment has worked well, explores his new youth.

The book discusses the role of technology in the future development of the human being, moral questions about treatments to extend the longevity of people, abortion, the existence of God and many other moral dilemmas to which Sawyer has us accustomed to raise in your books.

Like the rest of Robert j. Sawyer “Back Back” is 100% recommended and it is worth spending the few hours it takes to read.