You know what is the Kansei?

First of all, let's focus on pronunciation: When you read the title of this post have to pronounce Kansei in "Kaaaaan-Zai" plan. Obviously, this is a Japanese word.

The etymology of the word gives us clues about its real meaning. The syllable "can" it means "sensitividad"And the syllable"be" it means "sensitivity". That is, something like sensitivity perceived through the senses. But go ... so it is difficult to know what is the Kansei.Kansei

Kansei is a Japanese term used in product design and coming to define something like "the pleasure of using this product." There products kansei and Kansei products.

If you have an iPhone is easy to understand the meaning of Kansei. When the phone rings and you pick up the phone, notes her curves and weight, and with the index moving your hand from left to right across the screen, you accept the call ... the pleasure he feels, is Kansei.

There is also the concept of "Kansei engineering"Which is to incorporate emotion and affection in the design process for products with kansei.

But… Why it's important Kansei? What has to do with marketing?

If in the distant past we talked about Marketing Transactional (marketing based on the product), in the not so distant past speak of Relationship Marketing (marketing based on customer relationship), in the present, we must speak of Experiential Marketing based on excite the client when consuming our product. It is the natural consequence of Relationship Marketing: to achieve lasting relationship over time with your customers, you need to connect with them at the level of emotions. Here is where the kansei.

When differences between products are almost nil, the feelings generated by a product or even better, a brand, are decisive in determining what we buy.

So the products should be useful and attractive, but they also have Kansei: Should provide pleasurable experiences. The consumer experience of a product is as or more important than the product, hence companies need to strive to create a series of memorable events around the consumption of their products or services, to turn consumption into an experience.

Experiential Marketing (or emotional) is responsible for trying to get this experience will lead to customer loyalty to the brand.

Phew ... while I write this post with such academic (I just got out of a class and something had to be noted) will provide training thinking how could emotionally. The truth is that I always try and think it a certain emotional attachment to my students. But do they have Kansei my classes?

If you want to delve into the term, I recommend the description of the Kansei engineering It is appearing in the Wikipedia.

You may also be interested I wrote an article following the conference in Barcelona where Philip Kottler this famous Marketing guru told us about the 10 principles of the New Marketing.

Review of "TUF'S TRAVELS" George R.R.Martin - Ed. Zeta Science Fiction

Tuf's TravelsAs indicated Miquel Barceló in the prologue Tuf's Travels, We are faced with a book that actually is a collection of interrelated short stories including a bridge and filled with history just give it meaning. This makes it no less interesting the book, of course. Tuf's Travels It is a book that reads at a time and it's hilarious.

The book tells the story of a man named Haviland Tuf curious, independent merchant, a man of large (more than two and a half meters), bald, with white skin, vegetarian and lover of cats.

Note: Haviland Tuf not look anything like the character of the book cover ... I think that's designed thinking of another book or just came to read the first page of this. ... I wish the publisher would make a little more attention to these details.

Anyway ... back to the review ...

Haviland Tuf logra poseer una enorme nave espacial (de 30 Km) construida con tecnología de la Vieja Tierra y muy superior a la tecnología actual del universo que nos narra George R.R.Martin, sobre todo en materia de ingeniería biológica y ecología. La nave contiene una vasta biblioteca biológica y gigantescas estaciones de clonación.

A lo largo de siete relatos vamos descubriendo cómo Haviland Tuf consiguió la nave, qué características tiene, para qué sirve, por qué es un arma tan temida y cómo puede “ayudar” a mundos necesitados. Cada narración transcurre en un planeta determinado y con una problemática determinada, cosa que el autor aprovecha para describir sociedades y costumbres pintorescas con las que tendrá que lidiar el protagonista de esta historia.

Haviland Tuf, the main character describes how well the author, ends up being endearing, especially for his love of cats and his curious personality. I guess also because I read the book with my cat next door, purring grateful for my attentions.

The book is also fun because of all the stories, the author plays with the names of cats that go with situations in which the protagonist is. This causes some cats "Chaos", "Duda", "disorder", "Stupid" and many other names like that are called.

Anyway ... a highly recommended book, with situations that lend a good time to think about them and how to resolve them.

Review of "THE SOLAR NAVIGATOR" by David Brin - Ed Folio SF.

SundiverThis review should be called Review of "Until the Heart of the Sun: the cycle of elevation I" from David Brin, Because I had to buy in Paris when I lost my lack of foresight reading. Luckily, on the Champs Elysees Virgin have a good science fiction section and found this book I had not read (or if you've read, I do not remember having done so).

I have a little mental mess with him if I had read it or not, because I have not read strange because I thought I had read all the books Elevation cycle (Plus many other books by this author, among which is The postman [That of the homonymous film directed and carried by Kevin Costner] and a prequel The foundation de Asimov) pero al leer la contraportada de éste me di cuenta de que no lo había leído. Y al leerlo entero, creo positivamente que no lo había leído. Por otra parte, podría consultar mi biblioteca, pero resulta que estos libros que fueron escritos hace tanto tiempo (este es de 1980 y supongo que si lo leí, lo habría hecho sobre 1988-90) los tengo en el fondo de la biblioteca y no alcanzo a verlos si no saco un par de niveles que tengo superpuestos a estos. En fin… un drama. Cuando sea rica tendré una biblioteca enorme que me permita leer los lomos de todos los libros. O eso… o digitalizo todo lo que tengo ahora. En parte, el posible olvido y la falta de facilidades para la consulta fue lo que me motivó a escribir estas reseñas en el blog. Al menos ahora estoy segura de recordar lo que he leído estos dos últimos años.

But ... we go to the book review of Brin.

Like all books Elevation cycle based on the premise that humans have contact with other races of the universe, but it seems that none of these races has reached the stars without the help of a guide race that has helped her rise.

In the case of humans, it seems that no one helped us rise ... or someone helped us, but for unknown reasons abandoned us to our fate. This causes both on Earth and beyond, there factions are in favor of a thesis and factions are in favor of the other, which causes some friction between humans, and between humans and aliens.

The civil organization of our world is curious to say the least and Brin describes it in detail.

Despite being "orphaned" humans are respected by the other races of the universe because in turn have raised two landraces: dolphins and chimpanzees.

In this particular book, they show signs of a race of strange beings half average power field, living in the sun. So an expedition was organized to our sun king to try to establish contact with this race and discover, eventually, if it is or is not who gave us a hand in raising.

The characters are endearing and have depth. Aliens from the high races are very curious and description of their societies lends itself to dream to see them sometime. Also the description of solar ship and the technology used to avoid being burned (stasis field generator amending spacetime outside deck of the ship) is detailed and interesting.

The book is highly recommendable, and whether they had read or not, I'm happy having spent a few days of my vacation.

Course on Electronic Commerce in the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona

Cámara de Comercio de BarcelonaThe next 7, 14 and 21 October I am pleased to impart Electronic Commerce course in the Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce.

The course objective is to get the students know all the theory that affects the creation and promotion of electronic commerce, and is capable of executing the Plan Online Action that will have been created over the three days of class. Thus, in addition to acquiring knowledge on Electronic Commerce, the student will have a plan of action online for your business, if you already have, or a Plan of Action that will guide you when you need to create one .

This course is divided into two types of sessions: a theoretical session of 5 hours and two practice sessions of 5 hours each.

The first session will discuss the characteristics of a good e-commerce, the basic structure of such web pages, different e-commerce platforms that exist in the market, payment systems and different legal aspects to be taken into account when creating an e-commerce. We will also learn how to perform a benchmark of competition and which parameters should look to create it.

In the other two sessions we will see the four basic processes of Digital Marketing and all techniques to carry them out successfully. Among these techniques is the search engine positioning (SEO), search engine advertising (SEM) advertising on third party sites, email marketingEtc ... In total, 21 techniques which will help us to get good results when promoting electronic commerce and customer getting conversions.

To view the full program and eventually register for the course, you can go to the website of the Chamber of Commerce and browse the phonebook (search Oct. 7). (Note: I can not include the direct link because it depends on the user session).

A hug.

Courier - The new Microsoft Tablet PC

A few days ago I commented in this blog the progress of Apple regarding Tablets, Well, it seems that Microsoft is not lagging behind and is working on a product similar to Apple. publicaba hace un par de días que Microsoft está desarrollando un dispositivo tipoTablet PC, que funciona de forma muy parecida al nuevo tablet de Apple. La principal diferencia entre ambos (aparte del obvio hecho que uno es un Mac y el otro es un PC) es que el de Microsoft tiene forma de libro y puede plegarse, mientras que el de Apple es un iPhone tamaño XL. También difieren en que el de Microsoft funciona con un lápiz parecido al de las Palm, mientras que el de Apple funciona con los dedos… aunque el de Microsoft también dispone de algunas funciones realizadas con los dedos, que curiosamente son idénticas a las que utiliza el iPhone.

In the video I show below these lines may be some features that presents this new device.

As indicated in Gizmodo, the Tablet PC that we see in the video is the latest prototype of the product and has been named the "Courier". The device has a camera, direct Internet connection or via wifi's open, and everything you expect from a PC, but for now, there is no technical data about it.

So if we already had on tenterhooks waiting for the Apple Tablet, now we have more emotions over and begin again the struggle between Microsoft and Apple for this type of product. Interestingly, no doubt. That desire I have to put on the market!

How do you know which browser is most popular in a country?

In classes and conferences dedicated to International Digital Marketing There are always those who ask me how to get useful to perform Search Engine Marketing in remote countries data.

My answer is always that when someone meets the need to know which search engines dominate in each country, its evolution over the years and the percentage of searches performed on them, we can find it on this website: GS Statcounter.

For example, did you know the following?

  • Globally, the last month, Google dominates 90% of searches: Searches worldwide
  • The last two months, Bing (the new MSN search engine) is catching up with Yahoo, which is losing market share in favor of the latter and also in favor of Google: Yahoo Bing reaching
  • Google rampaging in Spain with 97%: Google rampaging in Spain
  • In Andorra, the most used search engine is Google (with 96%) but Bing has surpassed Yahoo for 4 months: Andorran also use Bing
  • Google is also in Cuba who destroys searches (97% this month): Cubans are doing Google
  • In Russia, a local search engine has almost the same market share Google. It is Yandex, created in 1997 and for years was the number one search engine in the Russian Federation: Compidiendo with Google Yandex in Russia
  • In China, local search engine Baidu searches sweeps also an unrelenting pace with last year: Baidu Sweeps China. Google does nothing to lose market share in this country. It is not therefore surprising that Google Tomase 2% stake in Baidu when it went public in 2005 ... but now that the war is serious, Google has sold its stake Baidu (earning more than $ 50 million from the sale) and decided to go for it.
  • In Hong Kong, Yahoo is ahead of Google, and Baidu does not eat a donut: Yahoo beats Google in Hong Kong
  • In Japan, Google and Yahoo are not so far apart, though Google dominates the market: Google and Yahoo in Japan

So if we need information on search engines or browsers, operating systems, mobile phones, etc. in GS Statcounter we can find interesting information for international digital marketing conditions.

With this information we can use different actions Search Engine Optimization to a particular country or a particular language, and advertising campaigns in search engines (SEM) without having to rely forever on Google and its network.

I hope this information will be useful.