8 and 9 February, Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Industries

On 8 and 9 February impatiremos a new edition of Digital Marketing Course oriented to the creation and promotion of web pages related to cultural industries (Record labels, promoters, art galleries, publishing houses, theaters, various companies, etc.).

As in previous editions, the course is organized by the ICIC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries) through SDE (Servei of Desenvolupament Business) and aims to help Catalan cultural industries to become more competitive through the use of Internet and incorporating new technologies into their marketing strategies.

To this end, it has organized a program of work that will address several aspects of Digital Marketing:

  1. How should the website dedicated to culture (paragraphs should contain, how to orient the customer, not the product, what should be the content manager behind the web, what types of manager at our disposal, etc. )
  2. How to attract visitors to the websites of the different types of cultural industry (SEO, SEM, Advertising, Public Relations, Web 2.0, etc.)
  3. How to convert visitors into business contacts (usability, persuasion, etc.)
  4. How to convert visitors into customers (in case there is an e-commerce)
  5. How to retain and develop customers (loyalty programs and lock-in's).
  6. Web analytics tracking oriented marketing actions culture.

The classes impart Victor Francisco (First day) and myself (the second day).

For more information about the course, please contact with the BDS (Business Development Service) clicando here: Formación SDE

See you there.

Review of "peaks and valleys" by Spencer Johnson - Empresa Activa

Peaks and valleysAntonio González Barros (of Intercom) You have the amiable habit of sharing the fragment and a brief review of some book that seemed interesting, every Monday morning. That's how I met "Peaks and valleys"As little blurb about an interesting book that came to my email from my former boss.

The review was interesting and author, Spencer Johnson (author of "Who has taken my cheese“, “The present“, “The One Minute"And so many other good books), I know that I like and it offers an entertaining way (although parabolic) good advice both personal and enterprise level. So last week, one of the visits I make to my usual bookstore in search of science fiction, I decided to buy it. The book reads in a couple of hours or less.

The author presents us with life as a continuum of peaks (good times) and valleys (not so good times) and reflects on the cause-effect relationship between the two. To write this review I will take as a basis the summary made by the author himself, in the final pages of the book, and I will add my comments about it (in brackets and italics).


Make your reality is your ally. You're temporarily on top of a peak or in the depths of a valley, ask yourself: What is the truth in this situation?

(The author puts special emphasis on the need to correctly perceive reality and not to create our own world. To ask what the underlying truth in every situation is the key to resolving it.)


Find and use hidden well at a bad time. Calm down, because you know that the Valleys are not eternal. Do the opposite of what led you to the Valley. Salt yourself: provides more help at work and be more loving in life. (This seems to me a crucial advice to quit a bad time ... stop focusing on yourself and others oriented. It never fails and produces great satisfaction.)

Avoid comparisons. Discover how good it hides a bad time, and use it to your advantage soon. (This advice is especially important, comparisons lead to envy and fear ... and as we know well say the Benejeserit of Dune "Fear clouds the mind". Instead of longing and fear is better to concentrate on seeing the good that hides all times and use it in your favor.)


Rate and manage your good times wisely. I am humble and grateful. Do more of what got you there. Keep doing things better. Do more for others. Economizes for your next Valleys.

(... how many times I lacked humility ... I can not count them on the fingers of one hand ... or with those of the two, for that matter. Anyway ...)


Follow your perceptive vision. Imagine enjoying a better future with details as specific and credible soon enjoy doing what you take there.

(This is another great tip that I put into practice whenever I can, and I recommend both pupils and friends. Visualize where you want to go, simply because doing so shows you how you can get there and greatly facilitates the way There's nothing worse to go adrift and expect it to be chance or luck that take you to a successful conclusion. in this sense, there is another book of these yellow and blue top can also be useful to us "good luck" by Fernando Trías Bes and Alex Rovira of.)


Share it with others! It helps people to good and bad times are also helpful.

(Sobran comments)

In short, it is a book 100% recommended that 90 pages can help a lot in these times of crisis in which more than one is plunged into a valley, so it is worth making a small investment in time it takes to read the book and then have 3 or 4 hours to reflect on what they have learned, notebook in hand, and draw up a plan.

We talk to each other.

Event: February 3 Enterprise Communication paper on Viticulture and Wine Tourism

On January 31 to February 7 will be held at the Barcelo Hotel Montserrat, The Beguda Baixa (Barcelona) 2nd Annual International Congress and Wine Tourism Workshop. This meeting, promoted by Wine Pleasures It aims to publicize the Spanish wine tourism to international tour operators and industry professionals. Of course, also it aims to help companies that offer wine to market its services both internationally and internationally, both to inform them about good practices in wine tourism.

Congress offers attendees a variety of presentations by speakers from Bulgaria, United States, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and of course, Spain, developed in plenary sessions, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, debates, tables round and business presentations. Kelli McCarty en Celebrity Wine Testing

For my part, I have the pleasure of participating as a speaker on the third day of the congress. My participation will be in the form of conference in which I will describe

For my part, I have the pleasure of participating as a speaker on the third day of the congress. My participation will be in the form of conference in which I will describe the major mistakes in online communication who commit companies to try to make themselves known via the Internet, specifically analyze the communication of wine companies making wine. As I do in this kind of presentation, examples will offer as good and bad practices drawn from the websites of the attendees at registration indicating the URL of your website.

also participate moderating a round table where several wineries explain their experiences in wineThe pros and cons of offering, how they promote and how they have managed to combine the wine farm with wine. This roundtable seems especially interesting because in many cases is the lack of the necessary infrastructure and the lack of information on how to market this service, which makes a large part of the Spanish wineries do not take into account that the wine can be a good source of income, complementary and compatible with the traditional.

Congress promises to be very interesting and I'm sure I will learn a lot. Too bad I can not attend every day (I have days per half), but on February 3 see you there without fail.

For more information about the conference or want incribirte, please click here: congress wine

Reseña de “ANATEMA” de Neal Stephenson – Nova, Ed. B

AnathemaI believe that Anathema It is one of the best science fiction books I've read this 2009. But I am obliged to warn in advance that it is not easy to read and it is necessary to perform an act of faith during the first 150 pages of the book. That said, the typical good book by Neal Stephenson: great prose, good sense of humor, impeccable setting and well created and deep characters. all a joy. If you also like philosophy, music, mathematics and science in general, then you would not stop reading.

Writing this review will not be easy (hence this task has been delayed a few weeks), there is much to explain and much to consider.

As far as the argument is concerned, Stephenson unveils us little by little the story of a planet called Arbre, like Earth but not the same, with a history of collapse and social and cultural rebirth that has taken so far in which the action of this book lies. The actual plot begins with the discovery in the sky Arbre of an alien spacecraft orbiting the planet for two years. Our protagonist and his companions sources (As Arbre vocabulary, people who have sworn to follow the Discipline Cartasiana and they are living in a kind of monasteries called concentos) Shall establish contact with the ship and try to understand these strange beings coming from elsewhere and not chemically or culture share with the people of Arbre.

Without warning, Stephenson puts us squarely in the culture of Arbre, using vocabulary and concepts of Arbre, which for the poor mortals of Earth are really hard to understand (these are the 150 pages that need to overcome in order to fully enjoy the book) ... in the end, total immersion is appreciated and you see that gives the book a rich and exquisite dimension that would otherwise not be achieved, but at first ... phew, you have to repeat yourself like a mantra "this is a book Stephenson, I have faith"A few times, to keep going and not give up when you get whole paragraphs that do not understand ... to illustrate, here's an example:

“Tres fras y dos sures cantaron un motete en cinco partes mientras otros doce revoloteaban frente a ellos. En realidad, no estaban revoloteando, aunque desde donde estábamos daba esa impresión. Cada uno de ellos representaba el índice superior o inferior de una ecuación teorética sobre ciertos tensores y una métrica. Al desplazarse de un lado a otro, cruzándose e intercambiando posiciones mientras se movían frente a la mesa principal, estaban representando un cálculo sobre la curvatura de una variedad tetradimensional, con varios pasos de simetrización, antisimetrización y elevación y descenso de índices. Si alguien que no supiese nada de teorética lo hubiese visto desde arriba, se habría llevado la impresión de que era un baile campestre. La música era encantadora a pesar de que cada pocos segundos el gimoteo de los cismexes la interrumpía.”

... This paragraph corresponds to page 120 of the book. I promise to prospective readers that by the end of the book, passages like this are totally clear and understandable ... at least as regards vocabulary. Little by little you discover that a "cismex"It is something advanced to a mobile phone, a"syntactic device that uses quantum theoretical"It is something like a quantum computer and when referring to a Faraday chamber do calling it a 'Cesto of Bucker Sante"... It ends up being even fun to appreciate the changes in vocabulary.

I selected this paragraph in particular for another reason: the "...cantaron and motets". And I thought that probably only the 16 geeks that we meet every Wednesday to pay tribute to Piarist father introduced us to music 30 years ago and we respect singing motets in his honor, knew what a motet !!! It turns out that Stephenson knows, and what is more important in this case, the translator of the book also knows !!! In fact, the great honoree commenting Anathema should be the translator, so I'm going to devote the next paragraph of this review.

Pedro Jorge Romero: This is a Galician-making that I think is my age (1967 ... c'mon) and I admire for his work, for many years. I think I discovered it around 1995 on the Internet in news groups devoted to science fiction. Already in 2003, 2004 and 2005 while I was in Noticias.com sindicaba RSS content your blog to incorporate the articles published in this newspaper online, for its originality and because I loved. Peter George was also a fanzine editor BEM Science Fiction that was all the rage in the 90s, and the alma mater of Nessus file (An extinct website dedicated to science fiction). Along with Rafael Marin (another author and translator who has stolen my heart) are who translate a large part of the books of Ediciones B Nova collection, dedicated to the science fiction and directs Miquel Barceló. I know that some credit that enchant me Neal Stephenson's books is thanks to the work of Pedro Jorge Romero. So I am very grateful. In the case of AnathemaThe work of Pedro Jorge must have been very difficult and deserves my sincere compliments and congratulations.

Back to AnathemaIn addition to the theme of "motets” también me ha entusiasmado el trato científico que da a la música y concretamente al poder de los armónicos que producen los bajos, que se acoplan tanto al lugar en el que se cantan como físicamente en la cabeza de quienes cantan, llegando a modificar (según el protagonista de ésta historia…) el funcionamiento de la mente. Seguro que los monjes budistas del Tíbet están de acuerdo con él.

In short, it is a book that I loved, which is long to read through more than 700 pages, but after the first 100 pages is bearable, but you end up with wrist pain if you try to read several hours. The book suggests dream and, above all, as you discover why why the alien ship is in orbit Arbre.

The book is 100% recommended if you are an advanced reader of Science Fiction, for someone starting out would not recommend it because it is too "hard" to start both the CF and Stephenson's world. Instead, it would recommend starting with reading Stephenson Baroque cycle, with the Criptonomicón or even better, Snow Crash which is much simpler, if you want to get into it gently.

We talk to each other.

Evento: 28 de enero, Barcamp – eCommerce. Jornada sobre Comercio Electrónico

El próximo 28 de enero tengo el placer de participar en la Jornada dedicada al Electronic commerce que organiza Barcelona Activa.

Estas jornadas llevan por título BarCamp – eCommerce y siguen el formato de taller temático.

El objetivo de sus organizadores es que estas jornadas proporcionen las herramientas necesarias para conocer el funcionamiento y desarrollo del comercio electrónico. Para ello se comentarán las problemáticas de los campos típicos del e-commerce como Tecnología, Logística, Marketing Online, posicionamiento en buscadores, atención al cliente, optimización comercial para tiendas online, E-Commerce Internacional, servicios añadidos, problemáticas legales y jurídicas y métodos de pago.

En particular se ha previsto tratar las temáticas siguientes :

  • Qué tecnología para qué tiendas?
  • SEO para tiendas online
  • Importancia del analytics y control del ROI
  • Los mejores canales para conseguir clientes
  • La legislación de la venta online
  • Estado y evolución del e-commerce en España
  • Best practice en Logística de las tiendas online
  • Eshop web 2.0: comunicar, crear comunidad, animar y… vender
  • Pago en línea: problemáticas y nuevas soluciones

Mi participación será en el taller sobre de los mejores canales para conseguir clientes para un comercio electrónico.

La asistencia a este evento es gratuita, pero el aforo es limitado, asi que si te interesa, por favor, contacta con los organizadores a través de su página web: Barcamp

See you there.

Review of "ANTARCTICA: POLAR STATION", Matthew Reilly - The Factoria

Polar Antrdida StasiónThis is a book that is read at a time and engaging from the first page, but it is not science fiction itself (increasingly costs more to find science fiction in bookstores), it is a technological thriller with a good base is key scientific and military context.

If not because it is clear that the author is Matthew Reilly, an Australian born in 1974 who had not read anything above, as indicated by the review of the New York Times, it seems that he has written himself Michael Crichton or Clive Cussler by fast pace that prints its scenes and suspense generated at the end of each chapter.

El libro nos narra una historia que transcurre en una remota estación polar estadounidense en la Antártida, donde un grupo de científicos ha descubierto un objeto atrapado en el interior de una capa de hielo de cuatrocientos años de antigüedad. A primera vista, dicho objeto parece una nave espacial y por ello, mucha gente está dispuesta a conquistar la base y hacerse con el objeto.

A team of US marines, a charismatic but miss time Lieutenant Shane Schofield at the head, goes to the polar station to protect the find, while in the United States a journalist investigates about conspiracies between the military, the CIA and other government agencies, and a former military look to unmask infiltrators into the body of the Marines, one of these agencies.

Es muy curioso ver cómo el autor ha tratado las alianzas entre estados de la OTAN y cómo éstas alianzas tan pronto penden de un hilo, como pasado un rato, muestran ser las más solidas del mundo… al menos a ojos del público general. También es divertido ver a los franceses y a los ingleses como rivales de los norteamericanos… si alguna vez llevan el libro al cine y lo convierten en un guión, no creo que les permitan mostrar a fraceses e ingleses como a enemigos.

In short, it is a good book for a weekend of fun week, but not forcing you to concentrate on the details or plantearte existential dilemmas. Personally, I have learned a lot about military weapons and strategy. That said, it is a book 100% recommended.