Research and managers of references 2.0

One of my short-term goals (meaning "short" as 3 years time, approx.) Is to conduct an Internet-related doctorate. To do this, just in teaching at the UAB, give lectures, run a business and be a mother of 3 children, were not enough, now I'm studying a Masters in Information Society and have chosen the branch of the master engaged in research to Ph.D. start next year.

A raíz de los trabajos que tengo que realizar para el máster, me he visto obligada a utilizar un gestor de referencias bibliográficas. Para quien no sepa qué es esto, un gestor de referencias es un programa que de forma automática almacena la información que hace referencia a artículos, libros, posts, etc. y facilita su posterior inserción en citas cuando estamos escribiendo un texto. También crea de forma automática la bibliografía y estandariza su formato.

There are many types of bibliographic managers, both free and paid software, desktop or online, and a large part of them can be integrated into Word and Internet browser you use. (You'll find more info on these programs in this post Abysnet)

After trying some of them, I opted for Zotero (

This program is online, integrates with Firefox to automatically record the references we obtained online (not integrated into Explorer), and integrated into Word, go quoting, automatically all the references we have introduced in our base data, and to create the literature referenced document we work.

Zotero also has a social network based on sharing literature related to specific topics.

As for now I will focus on investigating the advantages of online incorporation of traditional trade, as well as the key success factors of these businesses when they decide to have a presence on the webI created a group dedicated to sharing literature refers to this field of research.

The group is open and anyone can join him. For now I'm alone (I believe yesterday), but if you want to research this subject, you can join my group by clicking here (eCommerce & Digital Marketing) And help create a good bibliographic database.

On the other hand, if someone else is using Zotero and want to share tips, tricks, etc. I'll be happy to do so. Right now, for example, I'm trying to figure out how I have to write articles of a post of a blog to automatically Zotero to recognize them and with one click you can incorporate into your database (...'ll look plugins for WordPress to see if I find anyone to serve me. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated).

later note: I have found a WordPress plugin that converts into easily interpretable data post for Zotero reference type managers. It can be downloaded here: Plugin para WordPress

We talk to each other.

Event: Course on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing in the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

Cámara de Comercio de BarcelonaThe next 13, 20 and 27 April (yes, it's the day of my Holy), I have the pleasure of giving this new edition of Course on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing offering Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce companies in their area.

The course objective is to provide companies with the necessary training and the necessary tools to enable them to carry out successfully their e-commerce initiatives in the network.

To do this, we have divided the class into 3 sessions of 5 hours each, in which students will have a computer each and which may be practicing everything that is learned in the course.

Also, from the first day, students will be given the skeleton of a Action Plan Digital Marketing to go scoring and specifying in it, all actions are explained in class, but already adapted to your company. Thus, at the end of the course, the participant both in class and their own company, will have a concrete action plan to carry it out immediately.

In the course we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing (online benchmarking and segmentation)
  • Key features of Electronic Commerce.
  • How should an Electronic Commerce (functions, tools to create, etc.)
  • legal aspects of electronic commerce.
  • Pyramid conversion.
  • The 21 basic to drive traffic to a website and convert them into customers techniques. These techniques include SEO, SEM, advertising, web 2.0 tools, usability, etc.
  • How to make a good action plan online.

You can read more about this course on the website of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona: Course on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing

See you there. A hug.

How to discover your market segments

Following the class hypersegmentation / Microsegmentation in the subject of SEM Master in the UPF seekers I'm giving this week, I have seen that in many cases it is not evident discover who are the market segments of a company (whether it's your own as if it is for someone who has hired you as a specialist in Marketing). So here are some tips on how to discover who are the market segments of a company:

1. Analyze and segment existing customers.

It is always best to start analyzing what the company is doing right now, so except when we analyze a business start-up, the first thing we should do is create a list with current customers and go looking for demographic and behavioral patterns.

My advice is that you create an Excel spreadsheet and include in it the following fields: business name, business sector to which it belongs, services or products that you hired ever, why you think you hire the services, income generated your company during the past year. If possible, also indicates the number of employees you have and where it is located geographically, as well as any other information that you think may be relevant.

While this Excel spreadsheet analyzing discover patterns that allow us to group customers based on behavior and according to certain attributes.

With this information have discovered the market segments currently working with our company, and probably already discover some micro segments, but the interesting thing is to discover new micro-segments to attack from now, let's see how.

2. Analyze competition.

Another good way to find out who can be your market segments is analyzing the communication of your competition and their website.

Si la página web está bien hecha, estará orientada a cliente y no a producto y podrás ver a qué grupos de clientes se dirigen y cuál es su propuesta de valor para cada grupo. Por desgracia, la mayor parte de páginas web están orientadas a producto y no es fácil ver a quién dirigen la información.

If brochures communication have been made by someone marketing specialist it will also be easier to give you clues as to which market segments are addressed ... but again, sometimes companies conduct communication activities Marketing without marketing specialists , so that the resulting product is useless level of segmentation and value propositions for the market.

Analyze competition will also help us differentiate ourselves from it (if we carry out a differentiation strategy, obviously).

3. Investigate patterns of behavior.

Using certain tools can know which websites people visit entering our website (through google AnalyticsFor example) and what websites people visit entering the competition website (through or through Google Trends para Websites, for example). With this information we can discover sites that compete with our company and types of customer that will help us better target.

Once the segmentation and discovered the potential niche market, you have to decide which of them we will attack (certainly be just some ... but if we follow a strategy of "long tail"We should try to reach the largest possible number of small segments).

Having decided this, we can begin advertising campaigns we have in mind, segmentándolas well, and we can prepare our website orientating market segments and not product, and preparing for both landing pages for SEO and SEM.

I hope this information has been helpful and that from now on make it easier to discover market segments and can make your digital marketing actions considering microsegmentation.

A hug.

Event: Course Search Engine Optimization (SEO) worldwide

On March 24 I have the pleasure of giving in Chamber of Commerce of Huesca It is SEO course oriented positioning international markets.

It is not the first time that impart training in Huesca, but it is in the Chamber of Commerce This beautiful Aragonese town at the foot of the Pyrenees, so it makes me especially excited to begin this relationship that I hope will be long and fruitful.

Training International SEO It will be taught in one morning at 5 class, which will see among others the following topics:

  • How to know what we are interested searchers depending on the country where we want open market.
  • How the major Internet search engines (specifically Google) work.
  • How can we improve our indexing and appear in top positions.
  • How to generate more useful content for international positioning.
  • How to know which words or phrases which are key to our business in the market we want to attack via the Internet.
  • How to create a good link strategy in a country we do not know.
  • How to structure well our website.
  • And of course: specific features that must be taken into account at the level of our website to the desired position in other countries and in other languages.

The course will be taught in their own Chamber of Commerce. For more information this, please contact the Chamber of Huesca:

For those who left them a little away Huesca, know that this SEO course It will be included in a slightly less extensive version in Digital Marketing Course International taught in the Fasteners - ACC1Ó from 19 to 28 April in an adapted version to Electronic Commerce in Digital Marketing Course which will be held in Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce 3 sessions from 13 April.

During this week, I'll write a post for each of these courses explaining the contents.

We talk to each other. A hug.

Review of "The Seven MARGARETS" Sheri S. Tepper of - Nova Ed B

Las 7 Margarets - TepperI love Sheri Tepper and how to write. This book is no exception. I imagine that much of the blame that I like so much, is that it is feminist science fiction, and it is not very common: in his books the protagonists of Tepper, in addition to fighting enemies of any race or planet, must also fight their own societies.

In Seven Margarets Furthermore, the author is able to surprise with an original, cool, interesting, well-crafted and developed a narrative that engages from the first page script.

The argument is as follows: the story begins on Phobos (satellite Martian partner Deimos) in a small community of scientists on living our protagonist, a girl who is bored both adults six imaginary companions invents from six traits of his personality.

Por razones que no descubrimos hasta el final del libro, 6 veces durante la vida de la niña, algunos de sus personajes ficticios se separan de su plano de la realidad, para crear otra realidad que se sobrepone a la original y que convive con ella. Es decir, en 6 tomas de decisiones que son cruciales para su vida, a la vez, la protagonista toma una decisión y su contraria, desdoblándose, sin ella saberlo y viviendo vidas paralelas, que por razones relativistas relacionadas con los viajes espaciales, también acaban convertidas en tiempos diferentes.

The universe in which all this happened to find an Earth on the verge of being wiped out by alien races that do not consider us rational, a land with much of ecosystems destroyed and whose only exportable good is the people themselves, who dies of hunger and thirst , and it is sold by the rulers of the planet in exchange for drinking water, slave contracts of 30 years. We also found other alien races who want to give us a chance and help humans spread throughout the galaxy to survive in hostile worlds and societies.

Seven Margarets are 7 personalities of the girl with which the story begins, they end up living different lives, according to the luck and the decisions they have taken, and end up converging in original and unexpected end.

Cuando terminas el libro y pasan los días, sigues pensando en la protagonista, en sus vidas y en la cantidad de veces que tú misma has tomado decisiones que te han cambiado la vida… sin ir más lejos, yo tenía que haber estudiado Telecos en La Salle, tenía que haber construido naves espaciales y ahora mismo, tenía que estar en Marte colonizando el planeta (estos eran mis planes de futuro a los 18 años [no es broma, es sólo que mi yo actual, el que conocéis, decidió en el último minuto estudiar Económicas en la UAB y empezar a trabajar en un Banco])… espero que en alguna otra realidad, una Montserrat esté instalando potabilizadoras de agua y generadores de gases de efecto invernadero para crear una atmósfera en Marte. Desde aquí le mando un saludo! ;-)

In short, a book 100% recommended to escape during during the hours-long reading, and to reflect on oneself, a few days later.

Event: Conference on the Legal Framework of Digital Marketing, March 18

On Thursday 18 March, I have the pleasure of giving back, along with Juanjo Pérez, the conference "The Legal Framework of Digital Marketing".

As we did last year, the English court Y GEAipc we work together to reach as many people as possible regarding Digital Marketing knowledge. This time, it is to publicize what things must be taken into account, at the legal level, when market our business on the Internet.

Algunos de los temas que trataremos son por ejemplo: ¿Qué tengo que tener en cuenta si deseo recoger emails a través de mi página web para poder enviar un boletín? ¿Puedo comprar bases de datos? ¿Dónde puedo hacerlo? ¿Puedo suscribir automáticamente a mi boletín a personas que me han entregado en mano su tarjeta de visita? o ¿Qué datos puedo solicitar en un formulario sin que esto me haga subir el nivel de seguridad de los datos? ¿Qué puedo hacer con contenido no autorizado publicado en redes sociales?… y muchas otras preguntas que diariamente se plantean los profesionales de las empresas que utilizan el Marketing Digital para conseguir nuevos clientes.

The conference will last one hour and will have about half and shift requests and questions in which people attend it may propose specific questions to the speakers.

It will be held in the room "Cultural Area" in the English Court of Sabadell, at 19h30 'pm on March 18.

Admission is free, but seating is limited and it is recommended to confirm attendance by calling 93.728.48.00 (Extension 3240) or by writing to

See you there.

NOTE BACK: Corresponding to this lecture slides are available here: The legal framework of digital marketing

Review of "The Prefect" by Alastair Reynolds - The Factory

the Prefect

This novel is science fiction considered "hard" and is part of the saga Revelation space by the same author. Tells a detective story based in Society Bright ring, Although it can be read independently.

As in the other books, the universe of Bright Ring is well established and is consistent. In it we find characters and races of the most curious. One of these races, which I think was introduced in the book "Chasm city"Is that of the hipercerdos: Genetically modified pigs to serve to spare human organs but have evolved and end are classified as a race apart and considered full-fledged citizens. In "The Prefect" we have a hipercerdo that performs the functions of assistant protagonist. As in his other books also have machines that are almost human (the "Ulta"), And machines that are almost human.

The Glitter Band consists of a set of human habitats living in a kind of federation, but in which each habitat has its own rules and create their own types of society. So Reynolds recreates explaining different types of cultures and social organizations. If we add that Alastair Reynolds studied Physics and Astronomy, and worked as an astrophysicist at the ESA (European Space Agency), the book becomes something really interesting and worth reading.