Class WordPress - Part Two

Good Morning!

Go class of yesterday! I do not feel very happy even though a good number of students got everything to work ... many did not. And thank goodness that Alfons and other people who got it to work helped me get by solving the incidences of the rest.

On the one hand, I now realize that next time to impart this kind have to reduce the number of attendees and secondly, I have to centralize all students in one ISP to seeing a single control panel can work all (and will be the www.sync.esOf course, he was the one who gave no problems). But ... we get to the point which is what I've written this post.

Like many not hit one out WordPress install and operate 3.0 left with were to repeat the session this coming Monday at 10 am, if I got a classroom at the Graduate School. Unfortunately this has not been possible, because I did not remember that Administration is making summer time and contacted them last 15h. So I could not request the classroom.

What I will do is this: the first thing Monday morning I will ask for the classroom Thursday 29 10 am to 2 noon. As soon as I confirm it, the public and comment on this blog.

On the other hand, that ye quedasteis half or who failed installation, please Look back the following:

  • What do you have:
    • Login and pasword of the hosting contract
    • Domain name directed to the contracted hosting.
    • Name of the database, the user name (with administrative rights) and password.
    • FTP client (Filezilla is good).
    • Download WordPress 3.0 to install on the hosting contract.
    • If you have already installed WordPress, well, you have a login and password to access the content manager WordPress
  • Critical points where mistakes can be made are:
    • Create a database and a user, but not assign the user to a particular database or not give admin permissions to that user.
    • While not pass WordPress from your computer to the server (FTP) and lose some files along the way.
    • Paswords logins and confused when installing WordPress asks for data from the database.
    • The hosting can have problems with WordPress 3.0
  • How to fix these problems:
    • Look over the database created. This will be able to see it on the control panel hosting contract.
    • WordPress hosting up to carefully and making sure that all files uploaded.
    • A mistake that had users who hired the hosting CDmon was that the FTP there is already a file called index.html and index.php when we get our WordPress conflicts with it. You must delete the index.html. That makes WordPress installation can begin well.
    • Creating a good document with the logins and paswords all, so that it is clear what is what.
    • Using WordPress version 2.9 if doing the installation and have no problem but when you hang up critical errors and gives you no way to enter the control panel of the content manager.

Mi consejo es que intentéis hacerlo vosotros solos este fin de semana y los días que quedan. Empezad de nuevo con todo: borrad la base de datos, creadla de nuevo, revisad todos los logins y passwords y subid de nuevo WordPress al servidor (no hace falta borrar la nueva versión, podéis indicarle al FTP que “machaque” los ficheros anteriores). Buscad por internet un buen manual de instalación de WordPress (en mismo lo encontraréis).

Come on, good luck! If all goes well, see you on Thursday, we will conduct an installation again and again we will see how to use templates (themes - themes) and how to modify them. We will also install some plugins so you can see how it works, including facilitating auto_install codes Google Analytics.

A big hug.

On July 23 course Website Creation with WordPress

Following requests received from some of my students next Friday, July 23 I impart a special meeting for all students in any of the Masters where I teach en la UAB. This class is open to students in the 2010 editions as alumni of the 2009 editions.

In principle, students can attend this class should receive a notice from the university in their emails.

Class: Creating a website using WordPress as content manager.
DayFriday 23 at 10am
Place: Graduate School of the UAB (room to be confirmed)
Cost: for free.

Duration of the class: About 4 hours, although if they wish, students may leave as soon as they have the website online and running.

What we learn: aprenderemos cómo descargar el software para la gestión de contenidos (WordPress), cómo utilizar un cliente de FTP (File Transfer Protocol) para subir ficheros a un servidor, cómo crear una base de datos y un usuario para esa base de datos, cómo instalar WordPress en un hosting, cómo configurarlo, cómo cambiar el diseño original de WordPress utilizando nuevas plantillas, cómo editar una plantilla y cómo entrar el contenido al sitio web. Si tenemos tiempo y todo sale bien a la primera, también veremos cómo abrir una cuenta en Google Analytics y cómo incluir los códigos de seguimiendo en WordPress para poder analizar el tráfico de la página web que habremos creado.

Example of some corporate websites created by our team using WordPress:,,,,, and of course, this blog

What you need: While the class to follow and end up getting a perfectly functional website you must have the following

Having all this takes an active couple of days ... so do not wait to the last minute to buy it because it will serve to have it ready in class. A class you must arrive with the login and password control panel of the contracted accommodation. This will be sent by email when you make the hiring of hosting.

If someone does not want to buy a domain or hire a hosting but want to follow the class, you can do it anyway. I will live installation screen classroom.

If someone wants to start the installation without the class, here's a good tutorial on how: in case of emergency we can see in class what happened.

What you learn in this class will serve to install any type of content management system (including electronic commerce). You will see how in a morning get a fully functional website!

Class language: It is possible that this class students of the Master is aimed at Euroasian International Business, if any of them do not speak Castilian class would be taught in English ... but do not suffer because'll going table to table checking what you are about doing and helping those who have difficulties.

If you are a student and the week of July 23 has not yet received the notice from the university and wish to attend this class, please send me an email.

See, a hug.

19 to 23: The UB Juliol dedicated to Digital Marketing Tourism

This July 19, as part of the training sessions at the University of Barcelona called "the Juliols"I interesting course is dedicated to start Digital Tourism Marketing in which I have the pleasure of participating.

This course consists of 4 sessions devoted all the Tourism and Internet and it has been organized by the Director of Master in eTourism the CETT.

Las jornadas tienen como objetivo estudiar la combinación de las técnicas tradicionales de comercialización turística con las técnicas más avanzadas que se llevan a cabo a través de Internet. Se tratarán temas tan diversos como la posición del Turismo en un mercado globalizado, cómo debería ser el sitio web de una empresa turística, cómo atraer tráfico a un sitio web turístico, cómo convertir las visitas en contactos comerciales o en clientes y cómo fidelizar a los clientes gracias a estrategias online.

Mi participación será el día 20 de julio, en el apartado dedicado a la conversión de visitas. En mi clase veremos las main techniques that will help us maximize the conversion of visitors into customers when they reach the website of a tour company, as well as some real cases that improving usability and persuasion of a website has doubled the number of bookings made directly to a hotel. We see also web analytics applied to increase conversion.

For more information about the course and to know all the papers (from my point of view, are quite interesting and essential): Digital Marketing for tourism businesses .

See you at the University of Barcelona.

From 19 to July 30: Summer School for Entrepreneurs Startup

From July 19 days of the start Summer Startup School in Barcelona.

These seminars aim to foster corporate culture, motivate and energize stakeholders in self-employment and business creation, as well as helping entrepreneurs who want to improve some aspects of their projects.

My participation in Summer Startup School will be twofold: on the one hand, on Monday 19 I impart a lesson on how to create a dot com company (See key success factors and different business models, all based on my experience in creating companies within Intercom Group), And secondly, on Tuesday I will coordinate 27 Digital Marketing workshop where we will see how to perform an analysis of competition, how to conduct microsegmentation the target audience of a business and how to program actions to attract different segments of the target audience to the website of a company, then convert them into business contacts.

If you are interested in this conference, you will find more information here:

  • Duration: 40 hours
  • dates: 19 to July 30
  • Schedule: Monday through Friday, from 18h to 22h
  • Place: CINC (C / Llull 321-329, Barcelona)
  • Price: the subsidized 150€ (Total Course 400 €)

We talk to each other.

A hug.