Review of "Daemon" by Daniel Suarez, ED. Umbriel


That book so interesting, entertaining and fun! Especially if you are a regular player of massively multiplayer role games, also called the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role for-Playing Game).

I know I have a large number of reviews for writing (these last months I have not had time to do it), but rather than start where I left off, today I will write the review of the last book I've read: Daemon.

The argument of the book puts us at the present time in which virtually technology controls everything from the sprinklers from our garden, even the most sophisticated security systems, to planes and cars in which we move normally.

Our protagonist is a legendary computer game designer who has just died MMORPG and that before this happens has created a Daemon, a computer program that runs in the background and performs the tasks for which it has been programmed. Our DAEMON has been created in the image and likeness of the protagonist and threatens to destroy the world as we know it.

The story narrates the different adventures co-stars (a couple of hackers working on different sides, a policeman and an FBI agent) to interact with the DAEMON to help in the case of some, or to destroy it in the case of others.

The book is really interesting, not so much as to warn the general public of our dependence on technology (those who live on the network, we are already aware of it), if not because it shows that the book's author is himself addicted to MMORPG games, which undoubtedly causes empathize with him and you read the book with redoubled pleasure.

For those we are accustomed to MMORPGs (can anyone read a blog does not have never played WOW ???) indicate that they are a type of RPG that is played online and which interacts with both the player avatars of flesh and blood, as with NPC (non-player characters) created by the same game. The re-created worlds usually great, but there are also games that recreate famous World War II, as well as pure science fiction scenarios.

This summer, for example, I'm playing with my children to AION un MMORPG fantástico (en ambos sentidos), y juntos vamos descubriendo los mundos de East Lumiel y vamos realizando misiones. Bueno… lo de “juntos” es un decir, porque ellos dedican más horas que yo al juego y mientras que yo soy una guerrera de nivel 18, mi hija de 12 años es una paladina de nivel 25, mi hijo de 20 años es un scout de nivel 32 y mi hija de 18 años es una maga de nivel 45… Pero es divertido, y pasamos buenos ratos jugando juntos. Además, no tiene precio que tu hija pequeña, que en el mundo virtual es mucho más fuerte que tú, te ayude a matar arañas en un bosque encantado.

MMORPGs really are at the top of the game and its popularity is beginning to be important. This year, without going any further, we have seen in television ads World of Warcraft (WOW), something unthinkable until recently. And as a curiosity and shows their growing popularity, I've had this year a Russian student of Master Online in Marketing and Distribution Channels and as a final project master has conducted research on business models MMORPG specifically WOW.MMORPG

The chart included along these lines is precisely your project and shows the evolution in number of subscribers to some of these games. (The source is MMOGChart)

But back to the book, some of the games scheduled for the protagonist of DAEMON are "The door" Y "Across the Rhine". The first is fantastic and the second dedicated to World War II. In fact, one of the first meetings between the DAEMON and one of the protagonists hackers is the scene of the Battle of Montecassino (abbey taken by the Germans in 1944 and Allied troops decided to release on several occasions without success until the 4th time and cost more than 70,000 lives on both sides).

Some of the most interesting scenes from the book go precisely in "Across the Rhine" and it is through this game that the DAEMON has been recruiting acolytes and turning programmer in a God (not keep explaining why spoil the suspense of the book ).

About Daniel Suarez, author, indicate independent consultant working with computer systems and that this is his first novel. Apparently, Dreamworks has bought the rights to turn it into a movie. I'm happy for him!

Anyway ... a book 100% recommended, especially if you move in technological worlds. So if you still have vacation days, do not miss it, go to your bookstore and buy it !!!

Mission Accomplished: blog template updated

My goal for this first week of August was, in addition to vacation with my kids, give it a more modern touch to my blog. As you saw in the previous post, this has not been an easy task've been testing a lot of templates (free and paid [and had bought for other projects]), but none of them I liked for the blog. Or were too cold or lacked personality ... the point is that neither I liked enough.

Navegando por los blogs que normalmente leo, y pensando en por qué me gustan estos blogs, me he dado cuenta que el diseño es lo de menos, lo importante es que el contenido sea de calidad, esté bien categorizado y que sea fácil de leer (es decir, la calidad y la usabilidad son más importantes que el diseño). También me he dado cuenta que lo importante es que la gente encuentre contenido interesante y que participe con sus comentarios. Así que en lugar de utilizar una nueva plantilla, me he dedicado a mejorar la que ya he venido utilizando durante estos dos últimos años.

A template you've entered the following:

  • Menu pages related to the base of the blog.
  • A contact form.
  • More categories in the articles.
  • Section with the most commented articles.
  • Section with links to my profiles on social networks in which I participate.
  • A cloud of tags like using my daughter on her blog :-). In Flash, but without it if you do not have the plug in ... so in principle does not harm the SEO.
  • Files in a drop-down (SEO bit, but hey, make it up somehow).
  • In the entries displayed in the home, more information about comments and categories.
  • Footer with different information.

El pie de página es donde aún me queda algo de trabajo. Por un lado, hay 10 pixels a la derecha que no hay manera de saber de dónde me salen. Por otro, tengo que cambiar las imágenes de los bordes inferiores del cuerpo de las entradas. Y por otro, intenté incluir los últimos twits y los amigos de facebook en el footer, pero no quedaba bien, así que lo desactivé y trabajaré de nuevo en esto cuando tenga un momento.

For the blog not so much like the previous one, I changed the background color of the body of the page. I spent garnet to beige / tierra_de_Siena. I hope you like it. My kids do not like, but I do like. So far, it's going to be beige.

Comments about these improvements are welcome. And suggestions as well.

We talk to each other.

Changing blog

Throughout this first week of August I will be changing the design of the blog.

Please, I beg you to be patient with bugs layout and content you can find.

I'm working on a new template for WordPress. The basis of this template is the issue Bueno de Woo Themes, A free theme but with many features. The trouble is that I tweak it enough and rather than in a development environment, I'm doing it live on the web that is online (I'm not in the office) ... so anything can happen while you are browsing these pages.

I hope to have it finished by the end of week. Sorry for the disturbances.

Comments are welcome, suggestions and criticisms highly desired, provided they are constructive, they are anxiously awaited :-)

We talk to each other.

Later note: after 2 days testing templates and costumizándolas, I think I will explore the way: sigo_con_mi_vieja_plantilla. So today I will continue working on the blog, but on the template you took the last 2 years. Again, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.