Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Enterprises, Barcelona.

He BDS (Business Development Service) insitió the Catalan Cultural Industries (ICIC) organizes once more the workshop on web and digital marketing for cultural enterprises. The aim of this workshop is to give a guideline for companies in this sector on how they should be their websites and how they can promote themselves on the Internet.

The course is held on 27 and 28 September at the University Pompeu Fabra, and is aimed at companies and organizations in all cultural sectors (music, performing arts, publishing, etc.) is specially designed to train professionals responsible for the Marketing and Communications, as well as web administrators of these companies.

As in previous editions, the speakers are Victor Francisco from (Reexporta) And myself.
For more information and to register, you will find more information here SDE.

Internet Mediterranean Congress, Alicante

From 24 to 26 September is celebrated in Alicante Internet Mediterranean CongressIn which I have the pleasure to participate with distinguished speakers such as Enrique Dans, and Eduardo Manchon Eneko Knörr.Congreso Internet Mediterraneo

The ICT Sector Business Association of Valencia (ESTIC) and the IFA exhibition center (IFA) promote this congress about the many aspects of the Internet.

Under the generic name Internet Mediterranean CongressThis event will bring together all weekend in Alicante to some of the most renowned experts and companies, nationally and internationally, are leading the revolution of the digital economy.

Congress is divided into three areas of overlap:

  • Marketing online #cintermkt
  • Webmasters #cinterprog
  • Service providers Web hosting (Virtualization and Cloud) #cintersys

For my part, I participate making a Taller de Benchmarking, Which will explain to participants how to make a good analysis of competition online, how to detect what actions Digital Marketing is performing, how to know which target attacks, and what parameters measured to determine their position and ours. All with the ultimate goal of being able to make a good action plan online.

For more information about the conference you will find it on their website: Internet Mediterranean Congress.

See you at Alicante!

Days in Girona - Internet Business 2.0 and the Tourist

Next October 28 in Girona start the conference with the title: Internet 2.0 - Social networks and tourism business Keys. Tengo el placer de participar en dos de sus ponencias y en un taller práctico.

El objetivo de las jornadas es conseguir que las empresas turísticas de Girona obtengan un mayor rendimiento a sus páginas web gracias al uso de las herramientas 2.0. En general, las ponencias tratarán temas como: qué es exactamente la Web 2.0 y cómo podemos aplicarla a un sitio web turístico (esta es una de las que yo imparto), cómo aprovechar a fondo el Social Media Marketing y cómo gestionar nuestra presencia en las redes sociales, cómo convertir las visitas de una página web en clientes (esta la imparto yo también), cómo generar contenido atractivo para el público de un sitio web, etc.

This first day is complemented by a series of workshops to be held on other days. Which I impart is to How to analyze your competition and basically, I will explain how to make a benchmark, what factors to analyze, how to present and interpret the data. The workshop will be 100% practical and my goal is that attendees get home knowing do a good benchmark and with the necessary tools to carry it out.

The sessions are organized by the Tourist Board of the Costa BravaIf you want to know the program or are already convinced / a and wish to attend the conference, you will find more information:

See you in Girona.

Tourist Digital Marketing Course Sant Joan de les Abadesses

On 23 and 30 September I have the pleasure to participate in training sessions organized by the Ripollès Development Consortium under the Plan Dinamizació Tourist Land of Counts and Abbots (Most beautiful name!).

The conference is divided into 2 sessions of 4 hours cover the following topics:Sant Joan de les Abadesses

1st Session - September 23: The 9 techniques to attract traffic to a website.

This session will address the techniques used to attract visitors to the website of a tour company. The principal of these techniques is the SEO, but so are the SEM, the presence in social networks and presence in brokerage portals, among others.

2nd Session - September 30: How to convert visitors into customers.

This session will focus on techniques that will help us make the visits of a tourist site, customers. Some of the techniques covered are usability, persuasive communication, transmission of trust and Web analytics, among others.

If you want to attend these sessions, please contact Maria I am the Consorci Ripollès Desenvolupament:

I'm Mary
C / Joan Miró 2-4 - Pol. Ind. Painting - 17500 Ripoll
Tel. 972 70 44 99 –

Interns for your company

Yesterday began again the academic year and another year, the Master's program in Marketing and Distribution Graduate School at UAB offers the service assignment of trainees to companies that want to offer these positions to our students.

The profile of students we have at this time, in this group of Masters, is as follows:

  • Graduates in ADEWith two languages ​​and experience in different sectors. Studying the Master in Business Administration and Management Business and Distribution, studying the Master in Management and International Business, or studying the Master in Euroasian International Business.
  • Graduates in International TradeSome of them with high levels of English, German, French and Italian. Studying the Master in Management and International Business

Both groups the others have already completed my subject, or are about to do so. Therefore, they have knowledge of Digital Marketing including SEO, SEM, advertising management and management of social networking profiles is.

Some of them also participated in the session setup and management of a website using WordPress as content manager, so they know how to use a CMS and how to manage the content of a web page that uses a CMS.

The Master in Euroasian International Business is a master's degree taught in English, so students who enrolled have a high command of the language, in addition to own and Castilian (many of them are centroeuropa or any Asian country ... but we also have Latin American and Spanish) students. This student profile can help in the internationalization of your company.

So if your company needs a helping hand in marketing and distribution, international trade or any issue related to Internet marketing, you might like to sign a cooperation agreement with the UAB and have some of our students practices.

If this is the case, please send an email indicating what kind of profile would need or complete the following form: Form Application of trainees.

This is a service that is beneficial to both students (who are offered the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned and to improve their curriculum) and businesses (which have qualified, but inexperienced in most case, for a very low cost).

New courses on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing

Empieza de nuevo el año académico y con él nuevos cursos y nuevas sesiones de formación. Entre estas sesiones se encuentran los cursos Comercio Electrónico y Marketing Digital que imparto en las diferentes sedes de Cámara de Comercio de Barcelona.

Para este próximo trimestre tenemos programados 4 cursos de 15 horas:

Curso de Comercio Electrónico y Marketing DigitalOsona154, 6 y 8 de octubre de 20109 a 14
Curso de Comercio Electrónico y Marketing DigitalGarraf1525, 27 y 29 de octubre 20109 a 14
Curso de Comercio Electrónico y Marketing DigitalMollet153, 5 y 8 de noviembre 20109 a 14
Curso de Comercio Electrónico y Marketing DigitalAnoia1523, 25 y 29 de noviembre de 20109 a 14

These courses are specially designed for companies wishing to enter the world of e-commerce or who wish to deepen techniques to attract visitors to your web pages and then convert them into customers.

Se hace especial hicapié en cómo debe ser una página que desea vender productos, en los factores clave de éxito tanto a nivel técnico como a nivel de Marketing. En cómo atraer tráfico cualificado (y se explica bien el SEO y el SEM, entre otras técnicas) y cómo gestionar los perfiles 2.0 para este tipo de empresas. También en cómo convertir este tráfico en clientes contables y por lo tanto, se trabaja a fondo tanto la Usabilidad como la Analítica Web.

During the course, students have a computer and internet connection. Both benchmarking exercises like the rest of exercises and examples explained in class, they can be made directly on the website of the company the student. Thus, besides learning, the student makes an effective job for your company.

Si te interesa asistir a alguno de estos cursos, por favor, contacta con el departamento de formación de la Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce.

Education, trade and tourism
Chamber of Commerce
Avda. Diagonal 452 – 08006 Barcelona
Tel : (+34) 934 169 477
Fax : (+34) 934 169 366

See you there.
A hug.