Sponsorship Slides 2.0

Today I had the pleasure of participating in Sponsorship Seminar - New Trends, new experiences, organized by Sport Cultura Barcelona and the IESE.

Both the two round tables and individual presentations have been very interesting and in all cases the public has participated with intelligent questions, which have given rise to more interesting explanations. What more could you want?

For my part, here is the presentation that I used to illustrate my talk about Web 2.0, its characteristics and its evolution.

I hope you find it useful.

Seminar on Sports Sponsorship 2.0

On Wednesday 25 May I have the pleasure of participating in the Sponsorship Seminar - New Trends, new experiences, organized by Sport Cultura Barcelona and the IESE.

This seminar will address the latest trends and opportunities in sponsorship of sports organizations.

The program is very interesting and I confess that although it was not one of the speakers would interest me very much to attend this event, since the organization has carefully chosen each of the participants to new trends in sports sponsorships you are treated from multiple points of view , which together, greatly enrich the attendees of the event.

The program is as follows:

  • 08:30 – Collection Acreditations
  • 09:15 – Introduction: Where are we?In charge of Ferran Mascarell, Minister of Culture and Mireia Rius, Director of Institutional Relations at IESE.
  • 09:50 Sponsorship strategy: "The optimization of resources". round table in which Francesca Minguella President of Arts Partners, Alejandro Sanz-Diez de Ulzurrun director of Media and Sponsorship Vodafone and Xavier Oliver, professor at the IESE involved. Moderated by Alberto Fernandez Terricabras, IESE professor.
  • 11:00 – Coffee break
  • 11:30 – Sponsor, sponsored and participatory community: "From Web 1.0 to 2.0 and future 3.0". Roundtable in which we participate Conxa Rodà responsible for the Picasso Museum 2.0, Lluís Alsina Online Manager FC Barcelona and myself project. Moderated by Enric Enrich Enrich Advocats of.
  • 13:15 – Reflections. By José Antonio Marina, philosopher and essayist.
  • 13:45 – Conclusions and Closing by Enric Enrich and Manuel Carreras i Fisas, President of Sport Cultura Barcelona.
  • 14:00 – lunch.

For more information on the day or want to asist to it, this link will give you additional information: seminar SPONSORS

See you at the IESE.

A hug.

Slides of the conference Mobile Marketing for Cultural Industries

On May 18 I had the pleasure of giving a lecture entitled "Mobile Marketing for Cultural Industries"In the lecture series organized by the SDE - ICIC.

At the conference we saw the following points:

  • What is Mobile Marketing.
  • What is it for.
  • What types of communication Marketing we can make using the mobile phone.
  • How can we apply to the promotion of cultural products.
  • Examples.
  • key success factors.

Deputy then I used slides to illustrate my paper if they can be of help:

I go all right.
A hug.

Course on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing in the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

Due to the high demand for this course (the course Course on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing which began on May 26 is now complete and no waiting list), has scheduled a new edition which will begin on June 13.

These courses are 15 hours (from 9:00 to 14:00 three days). This new course we have scheduled will be held at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona (Avda. Diagonal, 452 Barcelona) the June 13, June 20 and June 27. ATTENTION NEW DATE: 20 June 27 June to 4 July.

The agenda of the sessions is distributed as follows:

The first one is dedicated to Electronic Commerce:

  • Electronic commerceWhat it is, what it does, what tools we can use to create an e-commerce (the open source out there on the market, proprietary code), what characteristics must take into account the legal level, logistics, etc. This session will also learn how to perform a competitive analysis and how to determine what our Digital Marketing strategy to attack new markets and increase our customer base.

The second and third sessions are devoted to Digital Marketing:

  • Techniques to attract visitors: SEO, SEM, the publicitad of third party sites explained, the Videomarketing, eMail Marketing, Public Relations Online and all the tools of Web 2.0 (and social networks).
  • Techniques to convert visitors into customers and customer loyalty: Usability, Persuasion, transmission of trust, creating communities, the various techniques of loyalty and Web Analytics (essential for the control of all treated during the course techniques) explained.

Classes are held in the computer rooms of the headquarters of the camera, so every student has a computer to perform the exercises and to go to practice all that is being presented in class, hence the maximum number of participants in each course is 15 people.

If you are interested in attending this year's course, please contact the training department of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, ​​you will find your data and more information about the issue that begins next week here: Course on Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing (The PDF of the new session has not yet been created, this is the one which is already full, but go ... the data are the same, only change the dates).

We talk to each other.

A hug.

Mobile Marketing for Cultural Industries, May 18

On 18 May I have the pleasure to teach the class Mobile Marketing Cultural Industries oriented in the unique setting of the Museu Collet (Carrer Buenos Aires, Barcelona 56-58.) -> NOTE BACK: Assistance to allow interested companies have changed the location. It will now be in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) Building France. Ring Walk, 8 from Barcelona.

The duration of the class is for 2 hours, and start at 4 pm.

We see the following:

  • What is Mobile Marketing.
  • What is it for.
  • What types of communication Marketing we can make using the mobile phone.
  • How can we apply to the promotion of cultural products.
  • concrete examples.
  • key success factors.

The goal is that after two and a half hours, the student is able to understand what the marketing done through mobile phones, understand how to use it for your business, and learn about the different possibilities available to you.

To prepare this talk I have contacted several companies developing applications and various business related to the culture that already use, so the examples we see are real and in some cases also dispose of budgets invested in creating applications, to generate campaigns and generally getting reach a target specific audience through dispostivos mobile phone.

The organization of the event is paid by the SDE (Servei de Desenvolupament Empresarial, the Catalan Institute of Cultural Indústries). So if you want to attend, please contact them to see if there are places available: www.sdeicic.cat

See you.