4 and 5 October, Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Enterprises in Barcelona

The next 4 and 5 October begins a new edition of Digital Marketing Course for Cultural Enterprises organized by the SDE - ICIC.

As in previous editions, this course is aimed at responsible for communication and marketing companies related to the world of culture (publishing, art galleries, musicians, representatives of artists, theaters, etc.).

The topics discussed are:

  1. How should the website dedicated to culture (paragraphs should contain, how to orient the customer, not the product, what should be the content manager following the web, what kind of manager we have at our disposal, etc. ).
  2. How to attract visitors to the websites of the different types of cultural industry (SEO, SEM, Advertising, Public Relations, Web 2.0, etc.).
  3. How to convert visitors into business contacts (usability, persuasion, etc.).
  4. How to convert visitors into customers (in case there is an e-commerce).
  5. How to retain and develop customers (loyalty programs and lock-in's).
  6. Web analytics tracking oriented marketing actions culture.

The classes impart Victor Francisco (The second day) and myself (the first day).

The course is taught in the classrooms of CSEC and it is recommended that students bring their own laptop (with charger [each session is 5 hours]) and you need to connect to the WiFi CSEC.

For more information about the course, please contact the SDE (Business Development Service) clicando here: Formación SDE

See you.

The "10 mistakes theaters and auditoriums" in Huesca

Los días 28 y 29 de septiembre de 2011, la Plataforma Convivencia Pirineos Mediterráneo en colaboración con la Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza de Huesca organizan el Encuentro profesional transfronterizo “Las artes escénicas en la era digital”. Por mi parte, tengo el placer de participar en estas jornadas ofreciendo una charla sobre “los 10 errores que cometen teatros y auditorios cuando plantean su comunicación online".

En esta ponencia trataré temas como el posicionamiento en buscadores, la usabilidad, los gestores de contenido, la web 2.0, el objetivo que debe tener un sitio web, etc. En total, una hora y media repasando algunos de los errores más comunes realizados por empresas del mundo cultural y sobre todo, por teatros y auditorios, cuando crean sus webs y cuando se plantean realizar acciones de Marketing Digital.

En las jornadas participarán muchos otros profesionales de diversos ámbitos relacionados con la cultura y el mundo digital, así que por mi parte, estoy segura de que será interesantísimo poder asistir a sus disertaciones.

El plazo de inscripción está ya cerrado, pero por si acaso aun quedasen plazas o por si deseas más información sobre el evento, aquí encontrarás lo que necesites: “Las artes escénicas en la era digital”.

Note: Las diapositivas que he preparado para esta charla son las siguientes

Nos vemos en Huesca.

Digital Marketing for Rural Tourism in Pont de Suert

Begins next Monday in Pont de Suert, the Digital Marketing Course organized by the Regional Council of Upper RibargoçaAnd in which I have the pleasure of participating as a teacher. The course objective is to help tourism businesses in the area (hotels, cottages and leisure activities complementary) to market their products and services through internet.

This course lasts 15 hours and the program is as follows:

  • How to conduct an analysis of competition?
  • How should the website to get convert the maximum number of visits?
  • The ténicas to attract visitors to a website (among which are the SEO, email Markeitng, the presence in social networks, etc.).
  • Techniques for converting visitors into customers or business contacts.
  • Technical customer loyalty.

If you are interested in attending this course, there's still time to sign up!

Please contact with the Telecentre County Council: Tel. 973 69 05 50, Fax. 973 69 08 18 e-mail: telecentre.ar@ccar.ddl.net

See you there.

Digital Marketing and Web 2.0 + Web 3.0 in La Coruna

On Thursday September 22 I have the pleasure of participating in a conference on new Technologies organized by CESGA (Centro Tecnológico de Galicia Supercomputing). These seminars are part of a larger project, which at the European level, aims to help companies to export more, thanks to the use of new technologies.

My participation is as follows:

Morning of 22 (about 2 hours):

  • The 22 basic techniques of Digital Marketing: This session will give an overview of the main techniques to attract visitors to a website, to techniques to convert visitors into contacts or customers and techniques for customer loyalty. These techniques are seen in more depth in a given session last year. This session will only be as a reminder or as an introduction for companies that did not attend last year.

Day Afternoon 22 (4 or 5 hours)

  • Web 2.0 to 3.0: in this session we will see what the web 2.0 and how it differs from 1.0. How should be a web 2.0 site. What are the main tools of Web 2.0 and how they can be useful to us to develop our business. The evolution of 2.0 to 3.0. The essence of the 3.0 and tools that begin to appear on the market.

All attendees will have a laptop donated by the organization and good Internet connection. The goal is for both sessions are as practical as possible and that participants can go see what I'm explaining, applied to your site or sites to go and citing best practices.

Registration is free but limited. So if you're about La Coruna on September 22 and are interested in the conference please click here: Seminar New Technologies Galicia

See you.

Days of Innovation in Business Tourism in Girona

On October 25 I have the pleasure of participating in the VIII Conference on Innovation in Tourist Firms organized by Costa Brava Tourism.Turisme Costa Brava

The event is of one day and is divided into various subject orbiting innovation in tourism. On the one hand we have the pleasure of listening to Jimmy Pons which will explain how to create experiences that allow us to be more competitive, on the other, Mercedes Sanchez Tripadvisor will explain how to respond to customer reviews. For my part, I will focus on communication and explain how to generate more content and how to publicize them through different channels, always with the ultimate goal of getting more bookings for our hotels.

In the event a conference on tourism innovation and another on distribution channels will also be provided.

You'll find more information about the conference by clicking here: Days of Innovation in Business Tourism in Girona