From the sea to your table ... going through your mobile phone. The use of bidis by restaurants of Ametlla

Sistema de trazabilidad de los atunes de l'Ametlla de MarDurante este mes de octubre, cada jueves por la tarde, estoy impartiendo clases de Marketing Digital para técnicos municipales en l’Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona). En estas clases explico a los alumnos (técnicos municipales de turismo, de comercio, de deportes y miembros del departamento de comunicación del ayuntamiento) cómo funciona internet a nivel de promoción y cómo sacar el máximo partido a las herramientas que nos ofrece la red para dar a conocer los servicios municipales a los diferentes segmentos de su público objetivo. Como en todas las clases que imparto, yo también aprendo un montón escuchando las iniciativas de los alumnos y escuchando sus experiencias personales en materia de promoción online. Este curso no ha sido la excepción.

In one session we were trying the Mobile Marketing and among many other issues, we were talking about the use of QR and Bidi codes to link the offline world with online quickly and I explained various initiatives at the municipal level and private level, carried out for this purpose.

Código Bidi de un atún de l'Ametlla de MarWell, without knowing it, it turns out that in l'Ametlla de Mar They are pioneers in the use of two-dimensional codes: In restaurants where dishes made from tuna caught in the area of ​​l'Ametlla, along with the dish served, you get a label that includes a bidi code (is what I show in the first attached image) and a number control that refers to the tuna that have served us at the table.

Showing the code to our mobile phone, come straight to the page tuna we are about to eat. On the tab we indicated the day which was fish, the day that was sold, who was sold (usually directly to the restaurant where you're eating), the weight of tuna, and countless more information tuna in question (see the second image attached to this post).

I thought it was a very good initiative!

Por un lado, permite conocer detalles sobre el atún que te vas a comer en cuanto apagues el teléfono móvil, que jamás imaginarías. Por otro lado, muestra el frescor de la materia prima así como el origen de la pieza, con lo que puedes apreciar que se trata de pesca local, y por lo tanto, todo lo que esto implica a nivel de sostenibilidad (tanto social como a nivel de huella ecológica ambiental). Y en tercer lugar, dice mucho a favor del restaurante y de la calidad de su oferta gastronómica.

So I am delighted to have discovered this initiative and from now on, I will incorporate this example for my classes in Mobile Marketing. I hope that over time is something that other restaurants and other food retailers adopt to enable traceability of its products and at the same time to convey the quality (in all senses) of the material they offer to their customers.

(Thursday, when Ametlla again, fixed me like a tuna of these :-))

We talk to each other

later noteMiriam Marti has been kind enough to share with me this video that refers to the tuna of Ametlla de Mar where shows how the issue of bidis and mobile works: Tuna and BIDI

Miriam thank you very much!

Slides of my presentation at the conference held in 360 Turisme Girona

These are the slides I used this morning to deliver the presentation " Customer communication - generate content and choose the appropriate channels"Within the 360 Tourism Conference organized by Costa Brava Tourism.

In this talk I explained how we all know 2.0 tools (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) fit into the different forms of marketing communication (direct sales, advertising, public relations, promotions, etc.)

I hope you find them useful.

A hug.

How to maximize social networks and other tools 2.0 (for cultural enterprises)

Tomorrow, SDE (Business Development Service of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat) initiates a conference cyclo especially the thoughts para dar a conocer usos web 2.0 and social networks in cultural industries. We will also see how it is evolving and what possibilities the network offers us what we already called Web 3.0.

The first of these conferences will be in Lleida (October 26th 2011 from 10:00 to 14:00 hrs. in the Conference Room of the Museum of Lleida, c / Santo Cristo, s / n Lleida).

The remaining scheduled days are as follows:

  • Tarragona: November 4th from 2011
  • Vic: 26 of January 2012
  • Girona: February 7th 2012
  • Barcelona: March 8 2012

If your company is dedicated to the world of culture might like to attend one of these talks.

Please contact SDE for more information

See you tomorrow in Lleida.

Digital Marketing for Artisans in Tarragona

Marketing Digital per ArtesansFriday begin the conference "Activa’t" directed to artisans in the province of Tarragona and that aim to help this group to market their products through the network. They will be held on 21 and 28 October, in the morning, in Valls (Tarragona).

In the first session we will see how it should be a website to publicize handicrafts and techniques to attract visitors to the site (SEO, SEM, advertising, eMail Marketing, Public Relations blogs and press, and all the tools related to web 2.0 and social networks).

In the second session we will see how to convert visitors into business contacts or customers and how to measure results (persuasion, usability, reliable transmission, engines e-commerce, community building and web analytics).

The sessions are organized by the Tarragona Province and they are free. If you are interested in attending them, please contact the department as soon as possible with local development of the Provincial de Tarragona ( loss. 977 249 488).

See you there.

Love and understanding are the foundations of leadership

Every Monday, my ex - boss Antonio González Barros sent through a mailing list, a small fragment of a book that has especially liked. I am fortunate and privileged to be one of the people receiving your emails, so that every Monday, beginning the week with inspiration and renewed energy.

This week, Antonio has sent us a paragraph of a recent book from Álvaro González - Alorda "The Talking Manager" (, Which talks about leadership and how to positively influence the lives of your employees. In this small excerpt of the book explains a story that has particularly struck me and I thought it worth sharing in this blog.

Here is the paragraph, hope you enjoy it and find it useful:

For months I had the opportunity to listen to Brian Bacon, founder of the Oxford Leadership Academy, a seminar closely with Professor Luis Huete of IESE. At the end of the day, Brian Bacon told the following story:

A few years ago, I participated in a conference in San Francisco. I was a lecturer second in a big event in which characters speak giants like Peter Drucker, Peter Senge and Michael Hammer: the Who’s Who of leadership and organizational change. In fact, I was rather in the category Who’s He?…

The conference was held around the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. For two days, the speakers had made a display of scientific wisdom on how to lead organizations. He spoke from the reengineering of human resources to the changing structures, through the best key leadership. Attendees had paid $ 5,000 to spend two days there, listening to great figures.

At the end of these conferences, the organizers tend to distribute a questionnaire to assess the impact of speakers and their messages. To everyone's surprise, the Mother Teresa of Calcutta, whom managed to convince to participate in the event- it was the first in the rankingAnd away from the second. Interestingly, it was not part of the panel of speakers, but had been invited to give a little message at the end. In fact, he did not speak more than thirty seconds. He took the podium, stood for a moment in silence, and with a very soft voice, said:

'So you want to change people. But do you know your people? And did you want? Because if you do not know people, no understanding, and if there is no understanding, no confidence, and if there is no trust, no change.

"And you want your people? If there is no love in what you do, no passion, and if there is no passion, you will not be prepared to take risks, and if you are not prepared to take risks, nothing will change.

"So, if you want your people change, I think: Do I know my people ?, and I want my people?

The message of Mother Teresa had been suspended in the auditorium and you could tell he was hit. As strong as when someone hears the truth.

This story of Brian Bacon brings me to the following conclusion: to make a person change, the most promising avenue is to inspire, after having accepted as it is. And you're inspiring when others see in you not only professional skills, but also some personal qualities worthy of imitation. When there is consistency between what you think and what you say and also between what you say and what you do. In short, when you transmit authenticity, a quality that conquest with many small efforts and often requires swimming against the current.

I hope you will also be inspiring.
You have a good day.
A big hug.


Slides "Managing our personal brand through social networks"

In this post you can find the presentation that I used this morning to teach the session on "Manage our personal brand through social networks"Women's Lobby at IESE.
I hope you find it useful.

A big hug.

Slides of the "6 errors we make when creating an e-commerce"

Here is embedded Power Point presentation at the conference I made this morning in Granollers in the framework of the conference on Electronic Commerce organized by the Leitat Technology Centre and the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona.

I hope you are of interest.

A hug

Tuesday 11, manage our personal brand through social networks at IESE

He next Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 13: 30h I am pleased to participate in the second session Women’s Lobby in the North Campus (c / Arnus i Garí 4-7) at IESE. This time the subject we will be the management of personal brand through social networks.

Este tema me apasiona y me interesa especialmente por que puede ayudar a mucha gente a dar un giro a su carrera profesional. Así que es una charla que imparto con mucho gusto y donde disfruto tanto al realizarla como al escuchar la participación de los asistentes. Al ser en el Women’s Lobby, estoy segura de que las aportaciones serán especialmente interesantes.

In this talk we will see what variables affect the image of a person on the internet, how to manage them, what tools we can use to make and how to measure results. In short, what I explain is how to manage your personal brand much like how to be managing a trademark but being ourselves the "product" and the aim being a professional and personal improvement.

The session is free but seating is limited, so if you want to attend, please contact Marisa Brown IESE (; 93 602 4157).

After the talk we will have a lunch at the restaurant at IESE (round tables for 10 people each), these lunches are always very interesting and they took advantage for networking and meeting the wonderful women, good professional and committed to society, go to the Women's Lobby.

Lunch is open to all attendees, so if you want to participate, you should also indicate it to Marisa. Lunch has a cost of 25 euros.

See you there.

A big hug.

Day Electronic Commerce in Granollers

Chamber of Commerce

On October 10 I have the pleasure of participating in a day dedicated to Electronic commerceOrganized by the Barcelona's Chamber of Commerce and for him Leitat Technology Center .

As its name suggests, the purpose of this meeting is to get companies demarcation of the camera are encouraged to start relating to online sales and e-commerce experiences.

In my presentation I will explain the different types of electronic commerce that a company can take, I will explain the different platforms you may have to carry out (the opensource and payment), the legal framework for electronic commerce, logistics aspects, and analyze key business success factors such as attendees, who are already conducting electronic commerce.

Registration for the conference is free, but places are limited. So if you are interested in attending, please contact the organization by clicking here: Day Electronic Commerce in Granollers

See you at Granollers.