Mobile marketing for older segments 25

Following the report on which I started writing yesterday, today I would like to discuss various actions undertaken by brands that aim to develop and retain market segments that so far no attack through mobile marketing.

Specifically, the report echo 3 projects that I find particularly interesting are:

  1. Application Lancome to try different types of makeup (this may still be understood that it is for under 25s, but still I find it interesting). The application can be downloaded here: Lancome
  2. Application Nestlé for pregnant in which that provides relevant information and services specific added value to this market segment. The application is enhanced by a website and various blogs. The application can be downloaded here: become a Mom
  3. Application Kraft called iFood for managing recipes (payment [$ 0.99]), 60% of users of which, 6 months later, still use it. The application can be downloaded here: iFood

We note therefore that is starting to make mobile marketing not only users under 25, but it is also attacking more mature users but also use these devices.

As in all digital marketing action, the secret is none other than microsegmentation and customer orientation:

  • On the one hand, looking small and specific segments it is really difficult to reach if not for digital media.
  • On the other, think about what content and what services might be interesting for these micro segments and offer them for free or at a nominal cost.

It is curious how brands through the use of these applications are changing the relationship they have with their clients: go to base their relationship on the consumption of their products to base it on the consumption of their services as a way to improve the relationship with their customers so that they end buying more products. Marketing departments of big brands must all be in full transformation.

The full report can be downloaded here:

Smart Marketing for smartphones: Why is it important mobile marketing”.

I go all right.

Mobile marketing through coupons, social networks and geolocation

I am taking advantage of this holiday to catch up with reports and research on topics that interest me particularly. Among them is the one who motivated me to write this post today and tomorrow "Smart Marketing for smartphones: Why is it important mobile marketing ".

This is a study by Omniture Y Forrester Research on the evolution of marketing via mobile devices and how they are improving the measurement tools to control this technique.

I have been particularly struck by two themes of many that comes this interesting report: one (which I will try today) is the growing importance of marketing combined coupons with social networks and geolocation, the other (which will be discussed tomorrow) is the development of this variant of marketing between market segments beyond 25 years.

Mobile and social networks

Joining social networks with mobile marketing is transforming the relationship between people, especially through Facebook. According to data from Facebook itself, the evolution of its users connected via mobile is as follows:

  • 65 million in September 2009
  • 100 million in February 2010
  • 150 million in July 2010

Mobile and coupons

According to a study by Forrester Research 70% of Americans prefer not to mix coupons to mobile telephony, but paradoxically, this is not the opinion of users aged 18 to 24, who have shown a clear interest in this type of service.

According to Forrester mobile vouchers represent an important part of mobile marketing in the future, which is why I think it is worth start testing in this regard and start using this medium and coupons to interact with our users. The easiest way to do right now is through Foursquare (

Mobile and geolocation

Social networks where user location is part of the information that can be shared, are growing. From Facebook Places to Foursquare anyone can share with your friends your current location and can send images of it, comments or recommendations.

Besides the opportunities this technology offers marketers, there is a new implication for scholars of digital identity: from now, where we are also part of who we are. Our identity is shaped by the places we go (and we show our friends) and spaces in which we move. Also by the comments we made ourselves on these places and spaces.

In 2008 Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia CEO stated "Imagine what can happen if we mix social networking and your location: your device know where you are, where your friends are and what they are doing. Your social networks based on the location will become your identity, the identity of your present"... intelligent reflection that is becoming reality.

Consideraciones filosóficas aparte, lo que sí queda claro en el informe es que los usuarios de aplicaciones basadas en la ubicación tienden a usar extensamente los móviles para investigar todas las opciones que se abren ante ellos, y que consultan información a través de estos dispositivos antes de tomar ninguna decisión clave y realizar compras. Es por lo tanto importante empezar a posicionarse en este medio, aunque también es cierto que puesto que es algo completamente nuevo, aún no está claro cómo se integra en la estrategia general de las empresas y cómo se deben medir los resultados, por lo tanto, requiere prudencia y mayor análisis.

The full report can be downloaded here:

Smart Marketing for smartphones: Why is it important mobile marketing”.

Enjoy it.

Mobile marketing through coupons, social networks and geolocation

Slides "Managing Your Personal Brand"

This afternoon I am pleased to participate in Management Development Days which has organized PMasters (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

Throughout the day, various speakers will participate in this event and go lecturing an hour, aimed primarily at students of Masters and postgraduates, but also the general public.

Mine will be the second this afternoon. We started at 4, so I figure it will be about 5, 5 and a half ... it depends on how accurate it is with the schedule.

The presentation I will use to illustrate my paper is as follows.

I hang up now to be accessible to students during the event.

See you in the afternoon.

A hug.

Slides of the conference: Mobile Marketing

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the super event women 3.0 organized by AGIMA (The association that promotes personal and professional development of women).

In this event, the President of Agima explained briefly what is and what activities Agima promotes, and behind it, I gave a lecture on Mobile Marketing, ie on marketing communications using mobile devices as support.

I used slides are as follows:

After my speech, the theater group the Xandrines He brightened up the day with a performance on Women 3.0 very very very funny. But unfortunately, all attendees we feel reflected in its parody at one time or another ... so really, besides entertaining work gave rise to personal reflection and not leave you indifferent.

After the performance, Hotel Grums (A newly opened hotel located next to Paralel Barcelona) offered a great snack on their terrace.

I take these lines to thank AGIMA, a the Xandrines and Hotel Grums the attention they had with me and to congratulate them for their interventions in each of the aspects of the organization of the event. Everything was perfect.

For those who could not attend to it, you can read the tweets act tracking typing on Twitter #agimagrums or waiting for one day, to have Agima about the video that was recorded during the event.

Final note: For those who asked me about what my next open event, indicate that this afternoon participated in a conference on managing your personal brand at UAB. These talks are open to everyone. My speech will be the second, starting at 4 pm and is taught in the hall of the principalship. The assistance is free and no cost.

We talk to each other.

A hug

Digital Marketing for Food and Rural Tourism

Marketing Digital para industrias agroalimentariasThe next 19 and July 20 I have the pleasure of participating in two days dedicated to innovation and talent.

These seminars are organized by the Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia and they are part of the innovative project "CatCentral 2.0 Innovation and Talent"And they aim to help develop the economic fabric of the area and Bergadà Moianès through innovation and the use of internet.

This could not have organized various lectures, two of which I will participate:

  • Dining 2.0: How to leverage 2.0 tools to promote agri-business. This session will be held on July 19 in Berga.
  • Rural Tourism 2.0: How to leverage 2.0 tools for online promotion of our cottages. This session will be held on July 20 in Solsona.

In both sessions we will see what the web 2.0, how it affects our business, how to convert a web 1.0 site in a 2.0, how social networks and other tools related to web 2.0 and what are the key success factors are working.

If you want to attend these talks or want more information, please visit this link

We talk to each other.

Mobile Marketing Conference on 12 July in Barcelona

Mobile Marketing - Montserrat PeñarroyaThis próximo 12 de julio participate in the conference Organized by Women 3.0 AGIMA, at Hotel Grums from Barcelona .

The day starts at 6 pm with the welcome offered by Josi Hernansaez, Presidenta de AGIMA.

At 18h15 I will begin my presentation on Mobile Marketing. It'll explain the different ways to use mobile devices for marketing communications, I will explain the different ways to adapt a website to be fully functional through mobile devices and explain how advertising works on these devices. I will also make a brief introduction to QR codes.

After my talk, the group of theatrical animation Xandrines we will offer a performance on women 3.0.

Finally, the Hotel Grums Barcelona We will award us with a snack on a magnificent terrace.

  • DATE: Tuesday July 12, 2011
  • LUGAR: Hotel Grums, Paseo de Montjuïc intersection with Calle Palaudàries. (Parallel)
  • Bus: 20-21-36-57-64-91-121-157
  • Metro: Line 2-lila / Line 3-green Paral·lel.
  • HOURS: 18h to 20: 30h
  • Cost: Free
  • REGISTRATION: It is essential to confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail to with your personal data. Obviously, the event is open to both men and women :-)

In this event, the new team team should also be submitted Ducati – Red Racing that participate in the 24 hour endurance Montmeló a team made up exclusively of women pilots. But it seems the team has technical problems and as the race starts the following Saturday, prefer to concentrate it. From here, I take the opportunity to send greetings and wish them luck.

See you on Tuesday 12 in the Hotel Grums BarcelonaAnd we are also 15 Montmeló (Also free admission by contacting Racing Ducati-Red through its website, you will get invitations to visit the Paddock de Catalunya and to be with them during the race.)

Basic Class of WordPress on the UAB

At the request of various Masters students at UAB, I finally decided to impart clase de WordPress all students of any of the Masters Courses Pmasters I teach in the class of Digital Marketing.

To do this, Pmasters has given us the Classroom 2 for Thursday July 21. Hours are from 9 am to 1 pm.

To attend this class, confirm attendance via the intranet of Pmasters as places are limited to 50.

In the class of basic WordPress we will see:

  • How it works hosting service.
  • How a database is created.
  • How does an FTP program and how you can use to upload files to our hosting.
  • How WordPress is installed.
  • How it works at a basic level (publication and page entries).
  • How can I change the language.
  • How you can customize its appearance for longer looks like a blog and become a corporate website.
  • Creating the basic sections of a corporate website.

No technical knowledge for installing WordPress are needed, how little there is to know is what I explain in class.

What there is to go prepared with certain things:

If you want to leave the class with a professional web running the following is required:

  • bring your laptop itself WIFI connection and power cord (the classroom have enough outlets for computers)
  • A domain name for the website you want to create (for example: You can buy here or any ISP and costs about 13 euros per year.
  • A hosting in that you can host the web, I recommend to why your control panel is simple and easy to handle (but any will do). The hosting should be as simple that you find with PHP and mySQL (it is important to allow the creation of a database). The cost of this type of hosting is between 40 euros and 60 euros per year (depending on ISP). For example, this hosting: In they also have a well priced hosting also, and comes preinstalled WordPress ... so save a lot of work to students ( See "Junior" and "Senior". The domain can also be purchased at the same company.
  • Students should already arrive with an FTP client installed on your computer (I recommend Filezilla is free and can be downloaded from Softonic) There is a version for Mac and PC.
  • It will also facilitate the work if students arrive with the latest version of WordPress downloaded. It can be done from here in Castilian: WordPress in CastilianAnd from here in Catalan: WordPress in Catalan. If someone wants the multilanguage site, which either download and install class and see how a plugin that allows you to have a website in all languages ​​as necessary.

Having all this takes an active couple of days ... so better not wait until the last minute to buy because they serve to have it ready in class.

The workshop must be reached with the login and password control panel of the contracted accommodation. This is sent by email when hiring the hosting is done.

For students who wish to follow the class, but do not need to have a professional web and learn prefer a free blog, I recommend you sign up and have their own blog. This way they can follow the second half of the class, when we explain how it works from within WordPress. Some features are disabled, but others do ... so at least we can begin to see how they could have their own website, without having to make an initial investment in buying a domain and hiring a hosting.

Well, that's all. Please, do not forget to confirm your attendance.

(In case anyone does not know where the Aula 2 Pmasters, here's a map)

See bigger map

A hug.

Slides "Direct Marketing in Tourism" given in Málaga

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the conference Tourism Industry: Economic Motor Andalusia She organized by the Institute of San Telmo with the Ministry of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucía.

The sessions were designed to help boost the Andalusian tourism through technological innovation. For this, the Instute of San Telmo organized this conference and invited various speakers specialists on issues such as resource management products, people management and marketing of tourism products.

My participation was part of the panel discussion entitled: Tourism Marketing: New channels and how to get more customers, and I took care to explain direct marketing through internet.

In this round table also they participated:

  • Prof. Rafael Ollero Calatayud, Commercial Management, IIST (moderator)
  • Francisco J. Castillo. Director General of Advanced Leisure Services, Who explained the changes that are causing the development of tourism and marketing form (you can see-slide in its blog).
  • Juan Dominguez, Ex-CEO travel with Current CEO Club Santa Monica, Who explained the tourism marketing through intermediaries.

I used slides to illustrate my remarks are the following.

I hope you find them useful.

A hug.

Rural tourism in Córdoba (Argentina)

Turismo Rural en Cordoba - ArgentinaLast week I had the pleasure of giving 16 hours Digital Marketing for Rural Tourism in Argentina, in the region of Córdoba. The experience could not be more rewarding (although it was also exhausting).

My classes were part of a course Rural tourism offered by the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Argentina. Its objective was to provide a complete picture of what is rural tourism and how it is done, people who are working in this area (rural establishments in the region of Córdoba, responsible for tourism service companies active tourism and tourism managers of municipalities in the region). To do this, several classes were held for a week:

  • Introduction to Rural Tourism course (The imparted Francisco J. Castle Adleisure []. Ad Leisure is the company that created the plan for the revitalization of tourism in Cordoba and has developed a comprehensive strategy among other actions, transforming the old Camino Real in a tourist product internationally, to achieve contacting visitors with the beautiful landscapes of northern Cordoba and delicious cuisine flavors of colonial [] This week's training was part of the plan prepared by Ad Leisure)
  • Quality Rural Tourism (The Pedro Armas gave Rusticae []). The objective of this session was to provide a clear vision of why and how tourism originates in rural areas, successes and failures, characterization of the sector, key business of rural tourism, best practices in rural tourism in Spain and Europe.
  • directly through Internet marketing Rural Tourism (Those were mine. I explained the techniques to attract visitors to a website [including tools of Web 2.0], techniques to convert visitors into customers, and techniques of loyalty and customer development ... all focused on Rural Tourism )
  • Rural Tourism Marketing by tour operators (Given by Juan Jose Rodriguez Carrillo Recreation factor []. Entertainment factor is the biggest tour operator specializing in Rural Tourism in Spain.
  • Rural Tourism and Sustainability (This session also gave Francisco J. Castle Adleisure []).
  • Example of a rural hotel management (Given by Javier Moragrega. Hotel Owner's factory Solfa [] Located in the Matarraña in Teruel. Javier is also a partner of SENDA, a company of active and adventure tourism Matarraña operating in and in the region of Els Ports, in Tarragona.
  • Example destination management rural (The destination was the Matarraña and the talk was given by Eli Diez, responsible for Tourism Matarraña, Teruel)

From the comments received, I think the students were very happy and they perceived that there is a before and an after, after receiving training all week.

For my part, I'm happy for them. They deserve it. Cordoba are lovely people and preparation ... and Cordoba is a city with great tourist potential. Your region as well.

Unfortunately, between flights and classes, I had no time to walk the Camino Real, or to visit the Cordoba region ... so I have the perfect excuse to return again, this time more time with my family :-)

We talk to each other.

A hug

Slides "10 tips to improve online business communication Audiovisual"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating as a speaker at the 2011 edition of Audiovisual Market of Catalonia.

This fair, year after year, brings together audiovisual professionals who are somehow related to what is known as "local television" ... what is commonly called local television.

For my part, I participated imparting aimed at offering modest assistance in the form of 10 tips to improve online communication companies present at the event presentation.

I used slides to illustrate my paper are as follows.

I hope you find them useful.

A hug