Changes in domain names in 2012

ICANNThis 2012 will bring significant changes to level Domain Name and of extensions thereof.

Already in June 2011 ICANN, The international body that regulates and assigns domain names, agreed that from 2012 domain endings could include any name, but so far had not opened the deadline for applications.

This period opens on 12 January, at which companies and institutions that request can convert their domain names endings or endings can create tailored to your needs. So, soon we could have .Hitachi, .Microsoft domains or point any brand that proposes it. The deadline for applications closes on April 12, 2012.

In itself, this is a good decision because this way the number of available domains for web pages much extended. The problem is that the management of this type of domain seems to be very expensive and therefore not be available to anyone. Only the application, it is rumored that it will cost around $ 118,000 (see article Wired). So if these rumors are confirmed, only the big brands or purchasing power institutions eligible for the new endings.

On the other hand, also they open new TLDs (the country) as (.scot for Scots). You will find more information about the domain Scottish and other similar cases "Wired escoceses".

To meet the legal level brand management that can lead this change implications, I recommend reading the article blog UNEON (In Castilian) in which Rafael Gimeno-Bayon addresses this issue from a legal point of view. I have found interesting.

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Use Google Analytics in real time

Google Analytics en tiempo realIt is possible that all the hustle involved Christmas and the days leading up to it, you have not noticed that in google Analytics now it offers data about visits to your website in real time.

The truth is that since a few months ago google Analytics displays real-time data (the Google news was made on 29 September), but talking to students and clients I realize that many people are not aware of it, especially because Google only displays this data in the new version of the Web interface and people accustomed to the old it costs a little change.

View real-time data is useful for many tasks:

  • To monitor in real time an advertising campaign (Adwords or not).
  • To see immediately the effect of a message posted on Twitter or Facebook on our website.
  • The effect of an appearance on traditional media.
  • And why not, to satisfy your curiosity also in real time.

Knowing the real-time data instead of the 2 or 3 regular hours can give us a good margin for maneuver to change the settings of any campaign or to modify the landing page of an announcement so that we can further increase the conversion our visits.

In short, if you have not already done so, this is a good reason to go and the new version of google Analytics and adapt to the new way to display data from our website.

Specialization Course in Digital Marketing for SMEs

On February 17 begins a new edition of Specialization Course in Digital Marketing for SMEs offered by the Chamber of Commerce Sabadell.

This course is the equivalent of a university graduate and is taught in person every Friday morning, February to June, at the headquarters of the camera in Sabadell (which has parking in the same building).

El temario del curso está especialmente pensado para que los profesionales del marketing de una PYME puedan seguirlo. Durante el curso se creará también un sitio web para que el alumno pueda hacer prácticas sobre el mismo. Cualquier conocimiento técnico que sea necesario para la creación de dicho sitio web se impartirá también durante las clases. En el curso también se tratará el Comercio Electrónico.

As its name suggests, the course aims to get attendees to become specialists in Digital Marketing, so throughout their sessions will be discussed in depth topics such as SEO, SEM, the Social Media Marketing, Advertising network, online public relations press and blogs, all conversion techniques contacts and visits clients and web analytics.

You will find more information about this course here:

Digital Marketing Course for Pymes.

If you want to attend the presentation, you can come to the House on January 12 and you can listen to the conference "10 mistakes companies to raise their communication on the Internet"And presentation of the course.

You will find more information about this conference and the presentation here:

Conference and presentation

This event is free, but seating is limited, so if you wish to attend, contact the Chamber as soon as possible.

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