WordPress course in Barcelona, ​​January 2013

Although still missing a few days, as the number of people asking me about it, and the course announcement Creating Web sites using WordPressTo be held next January in BarcelonaAt the headquarters of bimbs (Barcelona International Management Business School, c / Montevideo, No. 31 [behind the Monastery of Pedralbes] 08034 Barcelona).

The course will consist of 4 sessions: Wednesday 16, 23 and 30 January and 6 February, from 16 to 20 h.

The course objective is to get students to create their own corporate website from WordPress content management system (to give you an idea, here are some pages created with WordPress: www.montsepenarroya.com, www.bimb-school.es, www.morecolorum.com, www.cuinadecasa.com, www.pmasters.es, www.3isic.com, www.lonostrearros.cat, …)

The website that each student will create perfectly indexed in search engines, contain codes Google Analytics so that students can keep track of visits and contacts received, will be registered with Google Webmaster, it will automatically connect to the main social networks and if the student wishes, it can also be multi-language translation with automatic or manual translation.

To do this, the student must have a domain name and a hosting (Web hosting) in which the WordPress install. The domain name has a cost between 10 euros / year and 15 euros / year for a "dot com". The hosting is a cost ranging between 50 euros / year and 80 euros / year.

To facilitate the installation of WordPress, buying domains and hosting contracting have signed an agreement with the company CDMon.com offering these services.

This company offers a hosting with preinstalled WordPress, free for 6 months, change your logo appears as a technology partner on the website of the student. If you want to take advantage of this promotion, please indicate when booking the course and we will send codes that allow you to hire the hosting for zero euros.

If you are not interested in the promotion, also we recommend hiring a preinstalled WordPress hosting you have, since you will save spend time on the technical part of the installation of this content manager. To help guide you, these are the features offered in the Junior CDmon hosting (which is what we recommend) https://www.cdmon.com/cas/hosting/ .

In case you do not get a hosting with preinstalled WordPress, do not worry, you will install the first day of class. Be sure only to have the login and pasword of your hosting and it allows the creation of a database. The rest will do in class.

The total course fee is 280 € / student.

He market value of a website done in WordPress It is 3,500 euros, so less than 10% of its price and an investment of 16 hours of your time, you can get both anelas website, and learn how it is created.

During class, he personally advise each student on the particularities of each website and it will work both individually and in groups. We will be 2 teachers, Helena House and me, together we will advance the creation of the website each.

Students of Master in Digital Marketing bimbs starting tomorrow, can attend for free to this course, but you also need to register.

We talk to each other.

A hug.

Mobile Marketing in Terrassa, December 12

Todas las predicciones realizadas durante 2010 y 2011 indicaban que hacia principios del 2013 llegaríamos al 50% de conexiones a internet a través de dispositivos móviles. Lo cierto es que llegamos ya a esa cifra hace algunas semanas, y que por consiguiente, es necesario que todas las empresas esten al día sobre cómo darse a conocer a través de estos dispositivos, y sobre todo, deben asegurarse de que sus páginas web son plenamente funcionales a través de ellos. Es por este motivo que el próximo 12 de diciembre tengo el placer de impartir en la Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa a Advanced Mobile Marketing session.

In total, 5 hours that depth will deal with the following topics:

  • How to develop marketing activities through mobile devices.
  • How should be integrated in our website Mobile marketing strategy.
  • How to adapt a website to be fully functional when visited by a mobile device.
  • How it works advertising in mobile applications.
  • What is augmented reality and how it works.
  • How can we make marketing activities through two-dimensional codes (QR and Datamatrix) and how to create them for free.
  • How can we measure the results of marketing activities conducted on mobile devices.

If you are interested in these topics, do not miss the day.

Further information is available on the website Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa.

See you there.

Good Practices in Tourism Destination Marketing

One of the advantages of teach is that over time, the number of students who pass through the hands of one is huge, and if you are lucky enough that these students are people awake, alert to new trends and over, generous . That's when you have the privilege of going to receive updates on everything that is happening in the world of digital marketing continually. This is exactly what happened with the information that follows.

Marina Lopez, an alumna of Master of E-Tourism the Cett is working as a researcher in a new project Online communication Tourism Destination at UPF. Marina has been kind enough to send me the executive summary of the report "Communication Strategies of Marks destination in Spain"For who knows firsthand the online tools they are using the destinations analyzed in your research.

A very interesting information, which a few days later has been published in the journal Hosteltur (available here: Communication strategies destination brands in Spain).

Marina thank you very much!

And continuing the theme of promoting destinations, this morning I was working on creating an agenda on Digital Marketing for Sustainable Tourism on behalf of the IN ORDER TOWhen I come up with a video that automatically have become best practice in Videomarketing Sustainable Destinations and has been created by the Tourist Office of Peru. Do not miss it, it is really good and perfectly conveys the values ​​of sustainable tourism: respect and understanding local culture, tourism seen as an element of personal development of the tourist, tourism as an element of community development target, absolute respect the environment, etc ... and over, the main actor looks a lot (suspiciously) George Clooney :-)

Here it is embedded:

I hope that both the report and the video will be useful.

Music slides 2.0 - Music Promotion through tools 2.0

Yesterday I had the pleasure of delivering the session dedicated to digital marketing within days Diversons 2013, Organized by the Social Work of La Caixa.

The project Diversons It aims to provide the tools to participating groups to step forward in their professional and at the same time, promote integration and understanding of different cultures through the universal language of music.

For that Diversons It provides groups that are part of the project, paid by all Spanish geography concerts and production training, technical advice and training for their concerts in marketing and distribution of their music. It is within this last point that my presentation was framed.

I used slides are as follows.

As you can see this time it is not a Power Point, it is a Prezi. Lately I am using this tool to my lectures. For classes I'm still with Power Point because they are very long and the truth is that I need some calm to change them, for now I'll settle for a day and go have them extending them as the internet evolves. But short lectures, I am preparing with Prezi.

In this case, I used a photograph of Helena Casas taken at the concert TCBand (the band Elvis 70s) who acted in Barcelona last September, and have distributed this image slides with which I illustrated the conference.

The Prezi can be downloaded or can be viewed through the website of this tool. It can also be embedded in any document, as I am doing on this page.

I hope everything will be useful.

Mobile Marketing Conference on November 23

On November 23 I have the pleasure to give a lecture on Mobile Marketing at Hotel Grums Barcelona (next to the Metro Paral·lel).

This day was inciará at 10h with the presentation of Master in Digital Marketing of the BIMBS (Barcelona International Management Business School) which will begin its first edition at the end of the month and of which I am the technical coordinator, and immediately Helena Casas and myself, impart the conference "Mobile Marketing - Promote your business through mobile devices"Which will explain the latest developments in marketing through mobile devices. The day will end at 13h30 '.

In the session Mobile Marketing We cover the following topics:

  • We'll see how mobile marketing has evolved in recent years.
  • Why would we want as a company.
  • How the mobile web.
  • How can we adapt our website to mobile devices.
  • How advertising works.
  • How the marketing dimensional codes (QR and Datamatrix).
  • How the augmented reality.
  • How to integrate our Mobile Marketing Online Marketing Strategy.
  • How to measure results.

Como ya sabrás, el mobile marketing está avanzando mucho más de prisa de lo que estaba previsto. Todos los informes y estudios realizados en el año 2011 preveían que hacia el 2013 llegaríamos al 50% de las conexiones realizadas a internet, a través de dispositivos móviles. Lo cierto es que en España se llegó a esta cifra la semana pasada. Así que es realmente importante entender cómo debemos gestionar la presencia de nuestra empresa en la internet a la que se accede a través de uno de estos dispositivos.

Attending the conference is free, but seating is limited, please, if you wish to attend, please fill out the form below:


[Highlight_text text_color = "# ffffff" bg_color = "# 330000"] Squares out. The next session is taught in Terrassa on 12 December. More information here https://www.montsepenarroya.com/mobile-marketing-en-terrassa-diciembre-12/ [/highlight_text]