Videomarketing practical workshop for tourism in Girona

El próximo miércoles 22 de junio tengo el placer de impartir en Girona un taller de Videomarketing aplicado a la promoción de empresas turísticas. El taller lo organiza el Patronat de Turisme de la Costa Brava Pirineus en el marco de las jornadas de formación 360º .

¿Qué es el video marketing?

Es la estrategia de promoción online que utiliza el vídeo (normalmente en forma de cortos) como vehículo para dar a conocer un producto o un servicio. En internet, practicamos el videomarketing a través de Youtube, de Vimeo, de las redes sociales o a través de nuestro sitio web.

¿Por qué el videomarketing es tan importante para nuestra empresa?

Bien es sabido que una imagen vale más que mil palabras… así que probablemente un vídeo vale más que mil imágenes.

Bromas a parte, Youtube es la web número 3 del mundo según el ranking de Alexa y ha mantenido esta posición los dos últimos años. Esto demuestra la importancia del vídeo como vehículo de comunicación entre emisores y receptores, y también demuestra que no es una moda pasajera.

Así pues, es normal que a nivel de promoción turística (tanto de establecimientos como de destinos) cada vez utilicemos más los vídeos como forma de hacer llegar nuestro mensaje a nuestros presentes y futuros clientes. Además, la relación entre la inversión necesaria para crear un vídeo y los resultados que se obtienen gracias a él, es muy positiva, razón de más para que aprendamos a utilizar esta técnica de comunicación.

¿Qué veremos en este taller de videomarketing?

En esta sesión veremos en profundidad qué es video marketing, para qué sirve y cómo podemos utilizarlo para dar a conocer nuestros establecimientos hoteleros, nuestros campings, nuestras casas rurales, nuestros destinos, así como nuestros servicios turísticos. También veremos ejemplos de buenas prácticas en el uso de Youtube y de Vimeo como herramientas de promoción y cuáles son los factores clave de éxito de estas campañas.

Finalmente, realizaremos una actividad práctica que consistirá en el diseño de una campaña de vídeomarketing y la elaboración (parcial por tratarse de una sesión de una mañana) de un vídeo promocional.

Si deseas inscribirte a las jornadas o deseas más información al respecto, por favor clica aquí: taller de videomarketing para empresas turísticas

See you in Girona.

A hug

Slides of the session "Managing your personal brand with 2.0 tools and values ​​..."

Today I had the pleasure of participating in the Women's Lobby IESE giving a session on how to create a personal brand and how to manage the tools 2.0 that now have at our disposal.

I used slides to illustrate the presentation are as attached below.

I hope you find them useful.

A big hug.

Tuesday 7, "Managing your personal brand" at IESE

He next Tuesday, May 7, at 13: 30h I am pleased to participate once again in one of the sessions Women’s Lobby IESE (North Campus c / Arnus i Garí 4-7). This time the subject we will be that of the management of personal brand through social networks, with clear values.

This is a subject I am passionate and I am particularly interested that can help many people to turn around his career, and now, I think there are many women who necesitan.También it seems important nuance that is added on the importance of managing personal brand based on values ​​and authenticity ... although in some cases we have to reinvent ourselves.

So it's a talk that I teach and where gladly do it as I enjoy both listening to the audience participation. Last year, this session was very well received and the contributions of the participants were especially interesting and enriching.

In this talk we will see what variables affect the image of a person on the internet, how to manage them, what tools we can use to make and how to measure results. In short, what I explain is how to manage your personal brand much like how to be managing a trademark but being ourselves the "product" and the aim being a professional and personal improvement.

The session is free but seating is limited, so if you want to attend, please contact Marisa Brown IESE (; 93 602 4157). You can also subscribe to Women’s Lobby entering here: Women’s Lobby.

After the talk we will have a lunch at the restaurant at IESE (round tables for 10 people each), these lunches are always very interesting and they took advantage for networking and meeting the wonderful women, good professional and committed to society, go to the Women's Lobby ... so if you stay, bring cards!

Lunch is open to all attendees. If you want to participate, you should also indicate it to Marisa. Lunch will cost 25 euros.

See you in a week.

A hug.

How I can create an e-commerce?

This is a question that I answer every day ... so here goes this article to help anyone who is in the same situation as many of my students both empesas and college.

If what you want is an e-commerce you can manage yourself, you have all the functionality that you need, with minimal investment and controlling your management all parameters without having to depend on anyone ... This is what I recommend:

First, decide what e-commerce platform will use.

  1. If you're going to have many products, I recommend a Magento (See this website -> www.textura-interiors.comThis is a Magento). Ideal if what you want is to plug your web management software with your store or with any other program. But you'll need the help of your computer to make connections.
  2. If you're going to have a few products and you can manage by hand, with WordPress plus ecommerce plugin will suffice (see this website -> This is a WordPress plugin with)

Where host a Web site e-commerce?

I recommend a web host that has preinstalled software that you will use (the two I recommended above, or any other content manager). In my classes I recommend the Junior Hosting CDmon Preloaded leads most content managers and costs 70 euros per year. Other companies such as Arsys also carry pre-installed in some of its properties, so ask your internet service provider.

Design templates for content management

All content managers you'll find preinstalled in hosting services have plenty of free templates that are great. But my advice is to select one that has a professional design and someone has verified the usability of it ... especially in this case, the shopping cart.

Therefore I recommend buying professional templates. The market where I buy them is there you will find templates for WordPress and Magento templates (as well as other content managers). The cost of the templates is between 45 euros and 55 euros for WordPress, and 80 euros for Magento. Sort them by "selling" and make sure you have 5 stars. So you choose one that certainly does not give problems.

Do I need a domain name for my ecommerce?

Yes. Neither dudes. It is your corporate image and you need your website to have a proper name. You will also need your email address with your domain name. You can buy them in any company offering this service. A domain usually cost between 10 euros and 15 euros per year.

Internet (both Google and Youtube) you will find manuals, videos and tutorials that will help you throughout the process of creating the website both in the case of WordPress as in Magento. WordPress is much easier Magento ... so if you have no experience in these pages, I would start a WordPress.

You will need a total investment of about 200 euros ... and have the online store in a few days (this afternoon to enter the content).

If you still need help, I recommend attending one of our courses WordPress. Last week ended on April, May will be held at the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell and is 3 days in June, we will make one in Barcelona and will be 4 days and we may make another in Terrassa also in June . When more dates approach, I will publish on this blog.

I go all right. I hope I've been helpful.

A hug.

Slides of the Conference on Innovation and Trade organized by ESCODI

Today I had the pleasure of participating as a speaker in a new edition of the Conference on Innovation and Trade organized by ESCODI (Higher School of Commerce and Distribution attached to the UAB).

More than 400 people related to trade have attended this event which aims to offer merchants tools to help them realize business concepts and market analysis, so that they can improve the performance and productivity of their businesses.

For my part, I have prepared a very practical presentation and I focused on suggesting 8 shares related to Digital Marketing, attendees can perform today, with really low costs.

The presentation that I used to illustrate my paper is as follows:

I hope you find it useful.

A big hug.

How to create a company profile on Google+

The further 2013 Google harder use Google+ so it is increasingly important to know how it works and how we can get level performance digital marketing for businesses. This article will try how to create / manage a company profile on Google+.

First of all: to create a company profile on Google+ You need to have a user account Google (personal). As in the case of Facebook, you can not create a listing without a profile person.

Enter your profile and find a square icon indicating "Pages". You should be on the menu bar that will appear to the left of the profile. If the bar does not see "Pages", click on "More" to see more icons ... there you should find the button "Pages" and clicking on it, you should see the button "Create New Page". Clícalo to start.

As in the case of Facebook, there are different types of page:

  • The local business.
  • The product or brand.
  • The company or institution
  • The music group
  • ... And other types.

Each has its own features. Choose the one that suits your business (if you want users to perform "Check-in's" from their mobile phones, then select "Local Business".

To complete the worksheet, follow the instructions Google+.

Once the tab, you'll see it on the screen already created. Notice in the upper right corner, there you will see the logo of the company and that's an indication that you logineado as a company, not as an individual. To change this, just click next to you your logo and icon appear person tab.

Check all the data and fill in the missing.

Do not forget to link the URL you specified when filling the form with your company's website. To do this you must use Google Webmasters.

Also check the settings (click on the icon "gear" that appears to the right of the tab). From there you can change the notification settings and who are the administrators will manage this page. In this section you could also transfer ownership of the page if necessary.

From a profile person can manage several Google+ pages.

I hope this information will be useful.

We talk to each other.

Slides Colloquium "Innovation, Tourism and Web 3.0" CETT Alumni

These are the slides I used to illustrate my participation in the symposium organized by CETT Alumni and entitled "Innovation, Tourism and Web 3.0," which was held on Wednesday 20 March in Hotel Acta Atrium Palace from Barcelona.

The organization of the event was flawless and assistance of numerous public, so what more can you ask?
I hope you slides are useful.

A hug.

Course SEO, SEM, Videomarketing and Mobile Marketing at the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell

This Thursday March 21st classes begin SEO which they are part of Specialization Course in Digital Marketing.

This year, unlike in previous editions, the camera allows students to sign up to loose modules. On Thursday, begins the module "Attracting visitors to a website"In this module all the techniques that will help us attract traffic to a website are treated. The principal of these techniques is the SEO, Engaged to 8 hours, with the SEMThe high in directories and online intermediaries, public relations, videomarketing and mobile marketing.

Sessions SEO and the other techniques I teach, those of SEM imparts Victor Francisco. In total, there are 5 sessions of 5 hours, delivered every Thursday (except Holy Thursday) from this week.

If you want to attend this module, please contact the Chamber as soon as possible. You will find more information here: SEO and SEM course of the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell

See you on Thursday!

Slides of the presentation at the "University Conference on Religious Tourism"

Today I had the pleasure of participating as a speaker at the Fourth Conference on Religious Tourism made in the setting of the Abbey of Montserrat.

These are the slides that I used to illustrate my paper.

I hope you find them useful.

It has been a pleasure to participate in and even what has been, asist to the papers that the rest of my colleagues have done during the two days that lasted the congress.

We talk to each other.

Dinner - Conference on Tourism organized by the CETT 3.0

On March 20 I have the pleasure of participating in a dinner - colloquium organized by the University School of Tourism LETE. The event will be held at the hotel Hotel Acta Atrium Palace from Barcelona.

My presentation will focus on the evolution of Marketing at what we call Marketing 3.0 and how this affects tourism. Especially important everything related to Mobile Marketing, since during the summer campaign reached 30% of visits to tourist websites made through mobile devices.

The event is free, but seating is limited, so if you want to attend, please contact the organization as soon as possible.

Here I leave a link with more information: Dinner Colloquium Innovation and Tourism

See you!