Practical workshop on creating newsletters in Terrassa

Next Tuesday I have the pleasure of giving a workshop to create newsletters in Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa.

The workshop will try the following:

  1. The strategy: Mailing objective and audience it is directed. How to decide what will be the goal of our shipping and how to select the target audience.
  2. Databases: How to create our database and where to get other databases. Mistakes to avoid when buying third-party databases.
  3. spam: What is and what is not. How spam filters work. What are the antispam nodes. What to do if we appear in a blacklist as spammers.
  4. The Data Protection Act: How it affects us, the fine print to be included in the messages, the rules that we must follow.
  5. The creation of the newsletter: tools for layout. Creating our templates and templates third.
  6. The shipment: Tools to send mailings.
  7. The results: Tools for measuring results. The newsletter and Google Analytics. Ratios that we measure to do a mailing.

Since this is a practical workshop during the course each student will create a model of a newsletter and proceed to shipment to other members of the class to learn firsthand how the shipping tools and reporting of results function. In class we will work with the layout program, delivery and measurement Mail Chimp.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please contact the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa. You will find more information at this link: Practical workshop on creating newsletters.

See you

How to request removal of Google results

As you know, the Court of Justice of the European Union He has forced Google to remove the search results that violate the European Data Protection Regulations.

Thus, users can request that Google remove get results "Inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant or are excessive in relation to these purposes and the elapsed time".

For this Google has prepared an application form that the user must fill. Google This form asks the user's name, relationship to the person represents (if need be ... for example "spouse" or "attorney") and the URL of the content we want it to be removed. You can request removal of more than one URL on the same form.

You also need to attach a copy of ID card of the applicant (lest we request that our competition desindexen)

Google is committed to study each case and contact the webmaster who posted the information we want it to be removed, to inform you that this page is dexintexa.

If you want to see the form you have it: Form for withdrawal of Google search results

This form only works in the European Union.

I hope the link be useful to you.