Advice and consultancy

Montserrat has a Extensive experience in creating and managing business online and also he loves to share his knowledge to help others.

He has worked in large companies such as Grupo Intercom (creators of Infojobs, Softonic, eMagister and SoloStocks, among others) and has over 10 years advising companies to get started in online business and to create electronic commerce.

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If you need to give you a hand, or need someone to advise, Montserrat can help in several ways:

Montse Peñarroya a Kodak Vallès

Services that may be of use

Montserrat can attend one of your business meetings and offer your opinion as an expert in Digital Marketing and Business Creation.

Prepares meetings with atelación and requests all the data necessary to form a Based opinion. The day of the meeting Montserrat participates and intervenes as any other team member.

Montserrat contingo can meet every certain period of time catch up on all the news that are appearing on the Internet, every business model changes and in general a vision of how and where the network is evolving.

These meetings are quarterly or semiannual hacerce.

Montserrat takes being tutored projects for more than 10 years.

If you need someone to review your marketing plan, your plan of action, your financial plan or any other strategic plan, she'll be happy to do it and offer their advice.

As well monitor the implementation of the plans if you wish.

A Montserrat loves a challenge, so if you face a very difficult challenge, a very difficult task or something that really requires an expert share your opinion and help you focus on the solution, she is the right person.

Montserrat is a specialist in to solve problems from the most unlikely angles.

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