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Find out how Google's “Page Experience Update” affects you

El “Page Experience Update” es el nombre que se ha dado al cambio que Google realizó en su algoritmo a mediados de junio. Este cambio incluye el famoso “Core Web Vitals”. A continuación, te explico cuáles son los objetivos de Google al implementar este cambio, cómo puede afectar a tu sitio web y qué debería […]

Digital Marketing: Future Option for Companies and Students

El Marketing Digital está en constante evolución y la diferencia entre el digital y el Marketing Tradicional cada vez se acentúa más… aunque paradójicamente, las estrategias de éxito y los planes acción que funcionan pasan por usar ambos indistintamente, o ambos a la vez.

How to go to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 or GA4, is the new version of Google Analytics designed to measure not only what happens on a website in more depth than with GA3, but also to measure what happens in an app. This is important for people who have web-apps and now have […]

Fields in which artificial intelligence is applied ... and new non-scientific professions

This week I give again the conference on Artificial Intelligence and non-technical professions. It is a talk that universities hire me to publicize the professional opportunities related to Artificial Intelligence among students of non-technical careers. Students of Philosophy, Economics, Business Administration, Tourism, etc. usually attend. The truth is […]

What is "purchase intention" and how to measure it on the internet

The purchase intention is the probability that a consumer buys our product or hires our service, in a given period of time. And it is a basic metric for our conversion funnel. Why is it important to measure “purchase intention”? The path that a consumer follows since discovering our brand in […]

Invitation to the International Congress of Adaptation of Business Models

In October the International Congress of Business Model Adaptation will begin on October 5, 6, 7 and 8. This is an event that we have jointly created Quadrant Alfa, La Salle and The Human Branding. We think that in moments like today, it is necessary to do everything in our power to […]

Soft Skills essential for Tourism professionals

This week from the Innova Institute de La Salle - URL we have been working on creating a list of the necessary soft skills for professionals in the tourism industry. This research is part of a whole series of articles that we are writing about how Covid-19 has affected […]

Hard Skills that tourism professionals need

A couple of weeks ago, from the Innova Institute de La Salle - URL we were analyzing what were the hard skills (or hard skills) in English that tourism professionals needed to be able to get out of the crisis caused by Covid-19. This is the infographic with which we illustrate the article that you can find […]

ICT engineers are also the heroes in this crisis

Last week, from the Innova Institute of La Salle-URL we were compiling “adventures” of ICT engineers in which it is shown as part of the well-deserved recognition of health personnel, there is another group that also deserves special recognition, the collective formed by all those people who are making it possible for us to work […]

COVID-19: Digital adaptation or digital transformation?

From the Innova Institute de La Salle - URL we continue, as every week, analyzing different aspects with which COVID-19 is transforming companies and their environment. This week we reflect on whether it is really leading to the digital transformation of companies or if they are simply adapting to circumstances and everything will return to […]