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How the new Data Protection Act 2018 affects

On May 25, 2018 comes into force compulsorily the new European regulation affecting Protection Act Data, or LOPD (by Organic Law on Data Protection) although the final version of the law is still pending in the Spanish parliament . Who is affected by the new law: a [...]

MOOC new edition of SEO, Free

Finally everything is ready to start the MOOC SEO Unviersitat impart from Vic in Miriadax platform. On April 16 you can already start this online course, massive and open (Massive Open Online Course) that offer free through the platform of Spanish universities Miriadax. We're […]

What is the conversion rate of a website? and how to improve

The conversion rate of a website or the site conversion rate is the percentage we get by dividing the number of goals met by the total number of visits to a website. So, this is the metric that measures the success of a website. English call conversion rate. [...]

Video "Introduction to Digital Márqueting"

The online Master in Digital Marketing and Social Media at the University of Vic is about to begin. As the first edition, it has not been easy. We had to prepare videos and syllabi of all subjects, coordinating the agendas of teachers and consultants (who are also professionals [...]

The new marketplace of Facebook is already running

As promised Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has been heavily involved in e-commerce, but rather the Amazon style has made the Wallapop style. That is, for the moment, the Marketplace is a set of offers posted by users themselves, using geolocation to display products that are [...]

Review of "Seveneves" (The seven HALE) Neal Stephenson, Nova - Ediciones B

Neal Stephenson read is a safe bet. As always, the book engages the base is scientific, suggests and prose is well written ... what more could you ask for? Write a review without spoilers is complicated, but come on, it's summer and I have time ... so I'll try. The book can be divided into [...]

Slides of the lecture given at the FIABCI

Saturday, May 28 I had the pleasure of participating in the International Congress of FIABCI - International Federation of Realtors, in Andorra. My presentation was on how Web 3.0 is affecting our society and how we should transform our business to adapt to changing demand. All this applied to [...]