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Review of "Seveneves" (The seven HALE) Neal Stephenson, Nova - Ediciones B

Neal Stephenson read is a safe bet. As always, the book engages the base is scientific, suggests and prose is well written ... what more could you ask for? Write a review without spoilers is complicated, but come on, it's summer and I have time ... so I'll try. The book can be divided into [...]

Slides of the lecture given at the FIABCI

Saturday, May 28 I had the pleasure of participating in the International Congress of FIABCI - International Federation of Realtors, in Andorra. My presentation was on how Web 3.0 is affecting our society and how we should transform our business to adapt to changing demand. All this applied to [...]

How to pass a web from http to https

Use https instead of http in your website is becoming a necessity, not only to protect your users, but because improving the SEO of your website. Surely you had planned to do ... but you have not dared even because you know it's complicated. Well, here it goes [...]

What is and what is https

The https is encryption you get when your website is using a certified SSL. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, layers of safe harbor in Castilian ... although almost certainly not this will help you understand that do exactly the SSL certificate and https. In plain words, use a [...]

What is Content Marketing?

En este artículo trataremos qué es el Content Marketing y en qué consiste. Básicamente, la técnica del Content Marketing consiste en crear contenido en nuestra página web o en las redes sociales, de manera que llame la atención de los diferentes segmentos de nuestro público objetivo y consiga atraerlos para que podamos convertirlos en clientes. […]

The 6 communication techniques applied to internet mareketing

Con frecuencia me encuentro con que mis alumnos de Márqueting Digital no tienen suficientes conocimientos de “marketing de base” o de “mercadotecnia básica”, como para poder realizar las comunicaciones a través de internet con éxito. Así que en muchos casos, antes de empezar con el Marketing Digital, explico las técnicas básicas del Marketing y voy […]

Download the Practical Guide to Twitter for Business

Here is the second of the guides company in which we are working from the Research Institute 3isic. This time, the guide is dedicated to Twitter and how to make the most of the enterprise level. At first glance companies may think that Twitter is a very limited tool for [...]

Difference between codes Google Adwords and Google Analytics

Today I started to teach my classes in the Master in Search of IDEC, so I start to get interesting questions in the forum of students. I think some of them may also be of interest to people outside the master, so here's one: the question student at the user level, what difference [...]

Presented the report of the Information Society in Spain 2016

The pasado24 February 2017 report published annually by Telefónica with all kinds of data and statistics on the deployment of information society in Spain was presented in Madrid. This report is a good source of referrals for any talk / work / article you should publish on the Internet and year to year [...]