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Google turns on the penalty pop-up's mobile searches in

Desde el 10 de enero se ha puesto en funcionamiento una nueva penalización en Google: la penalización por pop-up’s en versiones móviles. Esta penalización afecta a las versiones móviles de las páginas web y únicamente a quienes están utilizando intersticials (un tipo de pop-up) que se abre justo antes de cargar la página. Esta práctica se […]

Meet the new SEO MOOC 2016

Master the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEO with this MOOC. 2016 has been a year of great change in the Google algorithm. Learn what's behind a good current SEO strategy, including keyword planning, content optimization, link building, semantic markers, Ecommerce SEO, local search and mobile strategy.

How to price a product or service?

Many times I find that my students digital marketing overlook that pricing is one of the marketing variables that most influences sales of a product, and are unable to properly fix the price of a service or a product. Let's see: How to set [...]

How much is my site? - Discover the 5 variables that give value to your website

Surely you've ever wondered what it's worth doing the work you are creating content for your website and struggling to attract traffic and customers.

This article aims to analyze the 5 variables that affect the value of a web, and at the same time, show you tools that can be helpful to quantify these variables.

Course Content Marketing for hotels in Salou

The May 5 begins the course "Content Marketing for hotels" in Salou. This course is divided into 5 sessions which cover the following topics: Session 1: What is Content Marketing and why it is necessary for the hotels. This is a theoretical session that will discuss various strategies [...]

The gamification in Tourism, called "best practices"

Siguiendo con la formación que estoy impartiendo sobre “Ludificación (o gamification) y Turismo” estoy preparando un libro con buenas prácticas de iniciativas turísticas que utilizan la gamification como herramienta para conseguir el objetivo propuesto por la entidad turística que las ha creado. Por favor si en tu Oficina de Turismo, tu hotel, tu camping, tu […]

Conclusions of the IX World Congress on Mountain Tourism

Last week I had the pleasure to participate in the 9ena edition of the World Congress of Mountain Tourism "Mountainlikers" held biannually in Andorra. This time the congress was dedicated to adventure sports practiced on the mountain, and an important part of the speakers dealt their presentations on this subject. [...]

Presentation of the Specialization Course in Digital Marketing

Friday 22 January will present the 6th edition of the Specialization Course in Digital Marketing organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell and have the pleasure of coordinating academically. The course starts on February 25 and lasts for 80 hours (16 sessions of 5 hours) which will be held [...]