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Purchase intent

What is "purchase intention" and how to measure it on the internet

The purchase intention is the probability that a consumer buys our product or hires our service, in a given period of time. And it is a basic metric for our conversion funnel. Why is it important to measure “purchase intention”? The path that a consumer follows since discovering our brand in […]

Business Model Adaptation Congress

Invitation to the International Congress of Adaptation of Business Models

In October the International Congress of Business Model Adaptation will begin on October 5, 6, 7 and 8. This is an event that we have jointly created Quadrant Alfa, La Salle and The Human Branding. We think that in moments like today, it is necessary to do everything in our power to […]


Soft Skills essential for Tourism professionals

This week from the Innova Institute de La Salle - URL we have been working on creating a list of the necessary soft skills for professionals in the tourism industry. This research is part of a whole series of articles that we are writing about how Covid-19 has affected […]

Hard skills tourism

Hard Skills that tourism professionals need

A couple of weeks ago, from the Innova Institute de La Salle - URL we were analyzing what were the hard skills (or hard skills) in English that tourism professionals needed to be able to get out of the crisis caused by Covid-19. This is the infographic with which we illustrate the article that you can find […]

ICT engineers are also the heroes in this crisis

Last week, from the Innova Institute of La Salle-URL we were compiling “adventures” of ICT engineers in which it is shown as part of the well-deserved recognition of health personnel, there is another group that also deserves special recognition, the collective formed by all those people who are making it possible for us to work […]

Digital transformation

COVID-19: Digital adaptation or digital transformation?

From the Innova Institute de La Salle - URL we continue, as every week, analyzing different aspects with which COVID-19 is transforming companies and their environment. This week we reflect on whether it is really leading to the digital transformation of companies or if they are simply adapting to circumstances and everything will return to […]

Sustainable entrepreneurship

10 ideas to undertake in sustainable sectors

Continuing with the publications that we carry out from the Entrepreneurship Research group of the Innova Institute de La Salle-URL, this week we have been working on discovering areas related to sustainability, in which there are possibilities of successfully undertaking. We have dealt with this issue because we think that after Covid-19 (which […]

Adaptation of business models in cultural companies

Changes in the business models of Cultural companies

From the Innova Institute de La Salle - URL this week we have been working the analysis on how companies in the Cultural sector are adapting different components of their business models due to Covid-19. We have found adaptations of their models in the value proposition, in the ways of distributing their products or […]

10 areas that take after CodId-19

In this article you will find 10 areas in which to undertake after COVID-19. Telecommuting, online training, safety connections, online access to healthcare, 3D Printing, Support to the 3rd age, welfare home, leisure and entertainment, access to culture, logistics ...


What it is the Macro-segmentation and what is

What it is the macro segmentation The macro segmentation is a division of the relevant market to decide who will offer our products. Not the subdivision of our market segments market segmentation that is normal, and when the segments are really small, we call micro-segmentation strategy, it is not that. The macro-segmentation [...]

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