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10 areas that take after CodId-19

In this article you will find 10 areas in which to undertake after COVID-19. Telecommuting, online training, safety connections, online access to healthcare, 3D Printing, Support to the 3rd age, welfare home, leisure and entertainment, access to culture, logistics ...


What it is the Macro-segmentation and what is

What it is the macro segmentation The macro segmentation is a division of the relevant market to decide who will offer our products. Not the subdivision of our market segments market segmentation that is normal, and when the segments are really small, we call micro-segmentation strategy, it is not that. The macro-segmentation [...]


Marketing Cultural – Marketing Digital para empresas Culturales en 2020

Diseñar una buena estrategia de Marketing Digital es importante para todo tipo de empresas, pero especialmente para las culturales dada la peculiaridad de sus diversos públicos y los recursos escasos con los que deben obtener buenos resultados. El secreto del Marketing Cultural es la segmentación. La clave del éxito es entender que eres un francotirador […]

like going from selling products to providing solutions

How to move from selling products to selling solutions

In the changing environment in which we live today, it is necessary for companies to innovate with all the resources at their disposal. One of these resources is the business model (the system whereby a company creates value, provides that value to a given target audience and collect the value of [...]

What are the dynamic capabilities

What are the dynamic capabilities and what they

Dynamic capabilities are different skills, processes, procedures, organizational structures, decision rules and disciplines that allow detection and capture the opportunities that arise in a company. This is the academic definition. I hope you understand. If not, read on, please. Dynamic capabilities enable companies to create, implement and [...]

Lean vs Agile vs Design Thinking

Today's article is complicated. What are the differences between Lean, Agile and Design Thinking? Phew ... Following the popularization of these terms, a book titled Lean Agile Vs. Vs. Design Thinking: What You Really Need to Know to Build, Jeff Gothelf published in 2017 and the emergence of the use [...]

Tool that calculates the value of a website

Hoy hemos puesto online una calculadora que es capaz de determinar cuánto vale una página web. Lo hemos hecho porqué esta es una de las preguntas que normalmente me hacen en clase. Seguramente, si tienes página web, tu también te habrás preguntado alguna vez “¿Cuánto vale mi web?”. Para saber cuánto vale tu web, primero […]

User research

Research User What is and what is

User Research, UX research are two ways to call the same: research on the experience of a user on our website. Ie, their behavior, their motivations and needs. When we want to increase the conversion of a research website user experience it is critical, the User Research is a [...]

What is eyetracking? and What is?

The Eyetracking is a technology that allows tracking of users look for information on things like: What look? What catches their attention? They are fixed in advertising? Is that what actually see button? What word does someone decides to read a text? and make decisions based on [...]

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