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What is and what is https

The https is encryption you get when your website is using a certified SSL. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, layers of safe harbor in Castilian ... although almost certainly not this will help you understand that do exactly the SSL certificate and https. In plain words, use a [...]

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

En este artículo trataremos qué es el Content Marketing y en qué consiste. Básicamente, la técnica del Content Marketing consiste en crear contenido en nuestra página web o en las redes sociales, de manera que llame la atención de los diferentes segmentos de nuestro público objetivo y consiga atraerlos para que podamos convertirlos en clientes. […]

Marketing Communication techniques

The 6 communication techniques applied to internet marqueting

I often find that my students Digital marqueting not have enough knowledge of "Márqueting base" as to perform communications over the Internet successfully. So in many cases, before starting the Digital Marketing, explain the basic techniques. This article is a summary of this base [...]

Basic Guide TWITTER

Download the Practical Guide to Twitter for Business

Here is the second of the guides company in which we are working from the Research Institute 3isic. This time, the guide is dedicated to Twitter and how to make the most of the enterprise level. At first glance companies may think that Twitter is a very limited tool for [...]

Google Adwords vs Google Analytics

Difference between codes Google Adwords and Google Analytics

Today I started to teach my classes in the Master in Search of IDEC, so I start to get interesting questions in the forum of students. I think some of them may also be of interest to people outside the master, so here's one: the question student at the user level, what difference [...]

Presented the report of the Information Society in Spain 2016

The pasado24 February 2017 report published annually by Telefónica with all kinds of data and statistics on the deployment of information society in Spain was presented in Madrid. This report is a good source of referrals for any talk / work / article you should publish on the Internet and year to year [...]

Cursos SDE

Session Web 4.0 for cultural enterprises in Barcelona, ​​free.

Friday February 24 I have the pleasure to coordinate and participate in Web 4.0 Conference organized by the SDE (Servei de Desenvolupament Business of the Generalitat de Catalunya) specially created for Catalan cultural companies. This first session is part of the training will be taught throughout [...]

How to adapt your business to the new internet approaching

If 10 years ago, just when the first smartphones, saw it coming a big wave that would change our business dramatically, today, we come another wave coming that again, it will be disruptive and require major adaptation by companies . We started to call to web 4.0. Tomorrow January 26, [...]

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