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Google Adwords vs Google Analytics

Difference between codes Google Adwords and Google Analytics

Today I started to teach my classes in the Master in Search of IDEC, so I start to get interesting questions in the forum of students. I think some of them may also be of interest to people outside the master, so here's one: the question student at the user level, what difference [...]

Presented the report of the Information Society in Spain 2016

The pasado24 February 2017 report published annually by Telefónica with all kinds of data and statistics on the deployment of information society in Spain was presented in Madrid. This report is a good source of referrals for any talk / work / article you should publish on the Internet and year to year [...]

Cursos SDE

Session Web 4.0 for cultural enterprises in Barcelona, ​​free.

Friday February 24 I have the pleasure to coordinate and participate in Web 4.0 Conference organized by the SDE (Servei de Desenvolupament Business of the Generalitat de Catalunya) specially created for Catalan cultural companies. This first session is part of the training will be taught throughout [...]

How to adapt your business to the new internet approaching

If 10 years ago, just when the first smartphones, saw it coming a big wave that would change our business dramatically, today, we come another wave coming that again, it will be disruptive and require major adaptation by companies . We started to call to web 4.0. Tomorrow January 26, [...]

Google turns on the penalty pop-up's mobile searches in

Desde el 10 de enero se ha puesto en funcionamiento una nueva penalización en Google: la penalización por pop-up’s en versiones móviles. Esta penalización afecta a las versiones móviles de las páginas web y únicamente a quienes están utilizando intersticials (un tipo de pop-up) que se abre justo antes de cargar la página. Esta práctica se […]

Mooc de SEO

Meet the new SEO MOOC 2016

Master the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEO with this MOOC. 2016 has been a year of great change in the Google algorithm. Learn what's behind a good current SEO strategy, including keyword planning, content optimization, link building, semantic markers, Ecommerce SEO, local search and mobile strategy.

How to price a product or service?

How to price a product or service?

Many times I find that my students digital marketing overlook that pricing is one of the marketing variables that most influences sales of a product, and are unable to properly fix the price of a service or a product. Let's see: How to set [...]

How much is a website?

How much is my site? - Discover the 5 variables that give value to your website

Surely you've ever wondered what it's worth doing the work you are creating content for your website and struggling to attract traffic and customers.

This article aims to analyze the 5 variables that affect the value of a web, and at the same time, show you tools that can be helpful to quantify these variables.

The Semantic Web and the music industry: the key factors

In this article we try what is the semantic web, how it is implemented on a website dedicated to music and offer free resources to carry out the successful implementation.

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