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Solar sails: Science Fiction dream come true this week

A Japanese ship was launched on Monday, with two solar sails inside, to be tested in space. Something that until now was only science fiction can be reality in a few days.

(Image: Illustration of the possible form of a solar sail)

We live in a wonderful era where every day are produced dramatic advances in technology. Although I confess that when I was 20. I was convinced that at 30, live in a Martian colony (no kidding). Now that I have 30_y_algunos, I see that everything is going much more slowly. But ceases to amaze me that things like solar sails, which until recently were only a product of science fiction, is now being used to propel spacecraft.

As with the space elevatorArthur C. Clarke in his book "El Viento del Sol" (Alianza Editorial - 1987) tells us among other stories, what a race with solar sailing and what techniques should be used to go in the opposite direction to the sun or travel distances where sunbeams are weak.

In this book Clarke is clear that while the value of the energy produced by photons on the sail of a solar sail is very low, as is a continuous (and free btw) acceleration, it is sufficient for a few days after have left Earth and thanks to the absence of friction, the ship can reach 3,000 km / h with zero fuel.

As this seems Science Fiction 100%, it turns out that it is not. In today's edition of The New Scientist He explained that last Monday on August 9, 2004, a Japanese ship proceeded on the basis Uchino Space Center in Kagoshima (southern Japan) with two candles to be tested in space.

If the sails work, fuel for interplanetary navigation would be virtually unnecessary.

(Image: Another illustration of the possible form of a solar sail)

Now only missing to dispense fuel to overcome Earth's gravity ... but we fixed it already with the space elevator :-)

The theory that speaks of power over the candles, is nothing new, the theoretical basis on solar pressure was established by Maxwell in 1860 and recognized by Einstein in his work on the nature of light. Although so far no one had dared to conduct experiments in space, directly with candles (yes they had done in the upper atmosphere ... and failed).

Anyway ... I hope the Japanese candles work well!

Some clarifications:

  • Solar sails use sunlight, not the solar wind.
  • The solar wind is produced by electrons and protons emitted by the Sun when burning hydrogen. These particles are thrown at high speed through space, but contain very little energy. Solar sails, using the kinetic energy of the photons of sunlight to propel.

interesting and supplementary information pages:

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I robot. Or how a poor job of marketing can kill a movie

For days I've been following the controversy that "I, Robot" has unleashed in the United States among the ranks of lovers of science fiction. But I refused to write about it until I have seen the film and I could judge for myself, and discern if "I, Robot" by Alex Proyas, attentive or not, against the memory of Isaac Asimov.

And the truth is no. Even if you are only guides for the trailer of the film you would think so ... and the trailer is exactly what triggered the ire of readers of Asimov.

And this time they have looked to the promotion of the film !!
Go crap !!

I bet the creators of the promotional campaign and had watched the film, nor had read any of the books by Asimov.

I can even imagine the team preparing the campaign ...
"Let's see ... we have ... Will Smith + Science Fiction + summer ... OK ... let's see ... what's the argument? ... robots threaten human ... polis against robots ... it come ... make a trailer with some spectacular images of robots against humans, ... Asimov? ... ummm ... let pamphlets with the Three Laws of Robotics (but adding a postscript type "are perfect until something goes wrong") ... okay ... that's it ... the next please? ".

Total, that after the trailers and pamphlets (in Spain have also been distributed), began a movement through the Internet, to boycott the film and apply to all lovers of Science Fiction failure to attend theaters to see the film Proyas.

Cuando vi el tráiler por primera vez, mi reacción inmediata y sanguínea, también fue la de “acordarme de los muertos” del señor Proyas, por haber utilizado el universo de la serie de los robots, a la entrañable Dra. Susan Calvin y a las 3 leyes de la robótica y al nombre de Asimov, para promover un film, que claramente (a juzgar por los tráilers) atentaba contra la memoria de Asimov. Lo que Asimov en realidad, en todos sus libros transmite acerca de los robots, no es otra cosa que simpatía hacia estos seres que por su candidez y por su voluntad de servir a la humanidad, a veces se desvían del camino marcado y dan lugar a innumerables y divertidas situaciones paradójicas.

En el universo de Asimov, las tres leyes de la robótica tampoco son perfectas, de hecho, Asimov se inventa una Ley Cero en la novela “Robots e Imperio” (“Un robot no puede realizar ninguna acción, ni por inacción permitir que nadie la realice, que resulte perjudicial para la humanidad, aun cuando ello entre en conflicto con las otras tres Leyes.”), y hasta tenemos La Fundación, donde no hay robots… (al menos, que sus habitantes sepan…). Pero tras leer cualquiera de sus libros, en ningún caso tienes la sensación de que los robots son malos y que tienen que ser exterminados.

Una vez vista la película, te das cuenta de que si bien el “Yo, Robot” de Proyas no tiene nada que ver alguna de las 9 historias cortas que recoge el libro homónimo, el espíritu final de la historia tampoco está en contradicción con el espíritu de Asimov. Sólo es la campaña de promoción de la película la que debe ser quemada, no la película en sí.

Y definitivamente, “Yo, Robot” es una película que vale la pena ir a ver. Tiene unos efectos especiales apabullantes y tiene escenas que se recordarán durante tiempo (escena del almacén de robots, con robot +1 infiltrado, y escena con contenedores llenos de robots antiguos poniendo carita de “Gato_con_Botas_de_Shrek_2”). El film de Proyas también explora temas como las grandes corporaciones y sus políticas internas, la dependencia humana por todo lo que es tecnología y los prejuicios humanos ante lo desconocido.

I'd rather not explain anything more about the film so that the reader still has not seen it can go to the movies and enjoy it ... even if you've seen the trailer ... better forget about it and enter the projection room with open mind.

(Five minutes from the end, ask yourself who the murderer ... to see if you can guess :-))

If you're an Elf, now you have your radio station

If you've ever noticed that in the light of the stars and moon could see twice as far as other people ... if when others were bewitched by a girl, you permanecías completely immune ... if you always find right doors where others only see walls ... and you've always known that you do not need eight hours sleep ... do not hesitate, for your elven blood veins.

Mood to also test the new interface download programs ... and incidentally, why not upgrade my WinAmp, decided to get out the new version of this player sounds ... And thank goodness I did, the discovery was of the highest caliber!

On one side the same WinAmp is infinitely better than the previous version. By default includes 2 skins, the classic orange and black version and a much more modern and well designed in gray and blue. As for functionalities include automatic default lists the songs that we hear, of which we have heard more recently and etc. other variants. But the most spectacular is the inclusion in the same interface WinAmp TV stations and radio stations.

And it is among the radio stations where the pearl of my discoveries is: Radio Rivendell, A station where only music is played New Age, chosen among the best of the genre and as varied sources as soundtracks Braveheart type films, The Mission, Dune, Pearl Harbor, Gladiator, The Lord of the Rings and many other original titles the fantasy and science fiction, as well as soundtracks for video games such as Warcraft III, Neverwinter Nights or Morrowind.

Although the best thing is that you find that you are not alone, there are more people like you, listen to this music, which is fascinated by some tastes and aesthetics that are completely different from the rest of mortals. From the same WinAmp you can see how many listeners are connected at that moment to the station.

The station is on the network from a year ago, according declare themselves on their website Radio Rivendell, music is meant to be the background music in roleplaying. No speakers or interruptions. Most music is instrumental.

It's just great.

If you want to hear no more you have to look Radio Rivendell in the search engine box that appears in the WinAmp v5.03c, pressing Internet Radio.

You can download the WinAmp from Softonic (step ... and you admire their new website).

Nanotube 04: and maybe we can build our space elevator

Leo these days are being held in Guadalajara, Mexico, the International Congress Nanotube 04. The theme of the congress will revolve intone the many applications that nanotubes 100 times stronger than steel and six times lighter .

Hace unos 7 años pasé numerosas noches chateando con un grupo de gente acerca de la posibilidad de construir un ascensor espacial… Nuestro chat formaba parte del IRC Hispano y estaba dedicado a la Ciencia Ficción. Todo empezó con la publicación de 3001 La Odisea Final, de Arthur C. Clarke, 1997 Edicions 62. La última entrega de 2001 Odisea del Espacio.

En el mundo que nos presentaba Clarke, los humanos de la Tierra habían construido un anillo alrededor del planeta, en órbita geoestacionaria, atado a la Tierra por unas torres situadas en el ecuador. La idea puede parecer descabellada, pero no lo es. Tal como explica Clarke en el epílogo de su libro, las estaciones espaciales ligadas a la Tierra por un ascensor espacial fueron ideadas sobre una base científica por el ingeniero de San Petersburgo Yuri Artsutanov en 1982.

According to Artsutanov it is theoretically possible to install a cable between Earth and a satellite will always float above the same point of Ecuador (orbit that are most communications satellites). From that base, it could establish a space elevator and could raise and lower payloads using the force of gravity and a small electric motor.

For interplanetary navigation this would be ideal as well as avoid the danger of takeoffs and landings, noise and environmental risks are avoided. The costs of all space missions would be reduced drastically.

A nosotros, los del Chat de Ci-Fi, no nos pareció nada raro… ya estábamos acostumbrados a este tipo de artefactos. También sabíamos que el único inconveniente es encontrar un material que no colapse sobre su propio peso cuando tenga una largada de 36.000 Km (nota: es el mismo problema que tenían con el cable que debía sujetar el Prestige, hundido en las costas gallegas).


No hace ni un año… seguíamos discutiendo algunos de nosotros, si ya era posible construir nuestro ascensor espacial… Cuando hoy he leído el artículo de acerca del congreso de Nanotubos, una gran sonrisa ha aparecido en mi rostro, y he empezado a recopilar material para la próxima discusión. Porque aunque imagino que la aplicación de los nanotubos va a ir para largo y hacia otro lado, es sin duda una noticia fuera de lo común que se realice un congreso dedicado a este tema y en concreto, a la aplicación de los nanotubos a la vida civil.

In an interview with Mauricio Terrones, Mexican physicist who received a UNESCO award in 2001 for his research in this field, said about applications of nanotubes "The electronics company Samsung is already testing monitors that use nanotubes because they have very good definition of images, not heat, consume much less power and are cheaper, but there are also other applications for microscopes and to develop new plastics and cement stronger. "

I hope someone will even think about our lift ... because the synthesis of carbon nanotubes may be the solution to find a material that will withstand enormous pressures and yet be flexible and elastic, just what us all we need to realize the elevator (... well we lacked this ... :-) and inverter).

Who's what in Matrix? - Analysis of the characters of Matrix

Matrix characters.

(On. Note: this article I published for the first time in (when SoloCine was a community of cinephiles headed by Rufino Yegros) and Matrix 1 had just released, subsequently I published in is an article that I have seen copied and signed by more than once ... (first I was pretty angry ... and like everything: I was then passed ...).

First of all, remember that cinema is the seventh art and as such, its purpose is to generate reflection, conveying emotion (beauty, passion, feelings such as love, hatred, perplexity ...) and be interpreted by an observer.

The art works are not completed and delivered. They become art from the moment someone sees, hears, touches them ... in short, feels and performs.

Matrix is ​​a work of art, each individual plays his way and feel what their experiences and their environment led him to feel and understand what at that particular moment it is stimulated by art, your mind conjures him.

This glossary is not to help understand Matrix ... just a personal interpretation of the names of some characters.


Agente Smith en MatrixAt first Smith is an agent of the Matrix, his role is analogous to that of a spider of a search engine ... is through the system and find who intends to ... no matter where they hide.

Agent Smith is an obsessed program to understand why humans act as they do. Fascinates the power to "choose" which owns Neo.

When Agent Smith attacks Neo in Matrix I, I am contaminated by the code of Neo and become a self replicating virus that invades and corrupts until the system. This is Matrix Matrix 2 and 3.

He is the true enemy of Matrix.

:: Persephone Persephone

Persephone - MatrixIt is one of the free programs that is next to Merovingian.

Persephone's ability to discover what feels who kisses her, to the person he loves. This is most clear in the game "Enter the Matrix", where both Niobe and Ghost Persephone should kiss her in exchange for the location of them confess they love.

Greek Persephone, is similar to the Matrix character. Abandoned daughter of Poseidon, not in great esteem for men. Its appearance is frivolous woman and seems to have no feelings. When trapped in the underworld he comes out the sensitive woman hiding inside.

:: SERAF From Seraph

Seraph - MatrixSeraphim, an angel of the Guard.

In Christian culture, Seraphim is the angel with the highest hierarchical status within the category of angels. So Matrix, that's also his role: in this case, is the guardian of the Oracle.

Frase celebre de Seraf "You do not really know someone until he has not fought him.


Oracle - Matrix

Oracle is the grandmother of cookies that predicts the future.

Although "Oracle" to me reminds me: Oracle license and thus at 22,000 Euros ... the Oracle in The Matrix is ​​a good guy and would become a support program like we have in most of our computer programs. Although as the Architect says, in The Matrix it has a special role.

Your name, Matrix, clearly refers to the Oracle of Delphi, where Greeks came when they wanted to find clues about what his future.


Architect MatrixGod is the "Supreme Architect" of creation. In the same way "The Architect" is the creator of Matrix ... but need help from Oracle to end to understand humanity.

If we apply the computer to the definition of the name, we with the architecture of a system is the logical skeleton on which rests all programming. Although not programming itself.

The role of the architect could be interpreted as something like that built the structure ... but not necessarily programming.

Architect's famous phrase: "La primera Matrix que diseñé era prácticamente perfecta, una obra de arte. Impecable. Sublime. Igualada sólo por su monumental fracaso. La inevitabilidad de su ocaso resultó como consecuencia de la imperfección inherente a cada ser humano. Por ello la rediseñé, basado en tu historia. Para reflejar con más precisión la variedad de lo grotesco de tu naturaleza. Sin embargo, otra vez fui frustrado por el fracaso. Desde entonces comprendí que la respuesta me ha eludido porque requería una mente menor, o quizá una mente menos atada a los parámetros de la perfección. Entonces tropecé con la respuesta a través de alguien más… Un programa intuitivo… creado inicialmente para investigar ciertos aspectos de la psique humana. Si yo soy el padre de Matrix, ella sería sin dudarlo su madre.

:: NEO

Neo MatrixAnagram of "ONE" one, the only ... his life emulates that of Jesus, Neo is the Messiah ... has powers, performs miracles ... and also gives his life to complete the mission of saving humanity ... While it may be raised the third day…

Neo in Greek also means "new". So it is clear that judging by his name out of Matrix, Thomas Anderson (Ander + are = hijo_del_hombre) has no choice but to be the "New Messiah" is.


Niobe MatrixNiobe represents the strength of humans in rebellion against the machines.

The Niobe name is given by the Greek Niobe, daughter of Tantalus, who was condemned to suffer eternally Hell hunger and thirst for stealing the food of the gods.

Niobe had married Amphion, a great musician who had helped build the walls of Thebes attracting the rocks with the sound of his lyre. The two husbands became kings of this city. Niobe angered the gods with their pride and they ended up killing their children, to punish her.

The Greek statues representing Niobe, always shown with children injured in his arms, protecting them from the wrath of the gods, as she drags them to safety.


Trinity MatrixTrinity's name refers to the Holy Trinity and its role in Christianity.

Trinity shows from the first part of Matrix that love can cure everything. (Although we also have the Hindu trinity that is not as "good": Brahma, Bishnu and Shiva).

But the truth, and rather less prosaic, is that Trinity is also a program that distributed some years ago by IRC (chat program we had in the 90s), and served to make attacks on IP's. Also it is written as Trin00.

:: Morpheus - MORPHEO - Morpheus

Morpheus - MatrixMorpheus is a name of Greek origin meaning "which makes it look wonderful."

Morpheus the Greek god of sleep is the son of Hypnos ... hence the saying "fall into the hands of Morpheus" to indicate that someone is sleeping.

Morpheus, also comes the word Morphine (also makes it look wonderful, they say).

In Matrix, Morpheus is the role of the contrary ... is who awakens Neo from his false life inside the womb. It would be a John the Baptist.

In fact, when Neo wakes up and lives outside the Matrix, literally out of the water.

Famous phrase: "Would you like to know what is the Matrix? Matrix around us. It is everywhere, even now, in this very room, you can see if you look out the window or turn on the television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth: That you are a slave like others born into bondage, born into a prison not you can not smell or taste or touch. A prison for your mind.


Merovingio - MatrixMerovingian is the leader of the free programs Matrix.

The film is meant to be one of the chosen although he preferred to stay with the girl (Persephone) and the powers it has in Matrix, rather than sacrifice his life to save mankind and Zion ... but this is not very clear .

Perhaps some reader can help with some more information.

Tells a story / legend that the Merovingian kings, who reigned in France more than 1,300 years ago, believed to be the direct descendants of Jesus.

For those who give credence to this story, it seems the crypto-Merovingian bloodline was perpetuated in the shade until today, so the "Lost King", the "Great Monarch" is present among us incognito. When the time comes, it will manifest ...

Merovingian represents exactly that character, as opposed to the figure of Neo. (Read "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, for more information. Read considering that is a fiction book. Not a treatise on history.).


keygen MatrixIf we see instead of seeing it as a creator of Keys, like Key Generator (keygen) it is much easier to place it in the proper context.

A KeyGen is a program that generates alphanumeric keys to deceive another program into believing that you are a registered user and you possess a legal key for it to work.

In Matrix, the Creator of Keys builds the key that opens the door to the Architect. That is, Neo helps to hack the code entry Mátrix.

Long, is my favorite character :-)

Well, I hope that this compilation of characters you have been helpful and you enjoyed reading it as much as I have done writing it.

We talk to each other.