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How to attract visitors to a site of wine?

For several months, I write an article on Digital Marketing and Tourism in each paper edition of the journal Wine Markets. I thought that these items may also be of interest to some readers of this blog, so I've created a new section in the "Articles" and from now on, I will also publish here.

Its publication will be delayed. For example, this article published today, was published in the February issue of this magazine.

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How to get attract visitors to our website?

Internet has become one of the main driving forces of world tourism, and tourism is no exception. Hence, it is especially important to get attract visitors to our website, both to publicize our products and to get people interested in our cellar and for services related to tourism, we offer.

But how can we get attract visitors to our website? To get new visits there are 9 Digital Marketing techniques that we can apply to our website.

These techniques are:

1) The search engine optimization. Also called SEO Search Engine Optimization. It is to make our website appear in the top positions for a given search. Naturally, and at no cost.

2) Buying search engine keywords. Also called SEM Search Engine Marketing. It is to buy certain key words when someone look, do see an ad our search engine.

3) Advertising on third party websites. It consists of advertising space on web pages where we can find our target audience.

4) The presence in directories. It is to be present (for free, in many cases) in the directories listed companies similar to ours.

5) The online presence in markets. It is displayed on the web pages that concentrates demand for services like ours. These markets may be open to everyone or can be private.

6) The public relations in online press. They are very similar to offline media public relations, but this time, guiding our efforts to appear as articles or interviews in the press network.

7) Shares of public relations blogs. They are similar to public relations press but posting on blogs rather than in print. This action is practically free and offers very good results.

8) Email marketing to external databases. It is to buy or rent databases emails. This technique is very effective especially when we are heading to companies and databases are purchased from official bodies such as the Chamber of Commerce.

9) The actions related to Web 2.0. The presence in social networks, collaborative tools and generally in the social web, is a type of action that can offer very good results if we know how to do it.

All these techniques, I will explain over the next editions, in this column. We begin with the SEO and see How to get that search engines read the content of our website? How to get that search engines consider our important page? and How to get consider our relevant content for search? With these three considerations, we will appear in the top positions for much of the searches.

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