How to use Whatsapp for companies

Whatsapp It is revolutionizing the world of communication. Not only all adolescents and adults use it, but it has made the digital divide that so far separated the older people who use daily ICT tools, has disappeared. In most homes we can find examples of grandparents, uncles and aunts of 80 years or more, using Whatsapp to stay in touch with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

In terms of marketing, this tool is not used even massively, so its implementation in companies is an innovation and at the same time, gain a competitive advantage. Hence, it is important to know how to use it and why.

How to use Whatsapp for companies

After all this year conducting research in this field and go collecting good practices by industrial enterprises, tourism enterprises and tourist destinations last about a month ago, I got to ride a class of 2 hours explaining the 4 basic ways to use Whatsapp for Business, Complementary tools to be used to properly use enterprise mode and a list of 12 tips to improve the style and etiquette, communication through Whatsapp.

4 ways companies are using this tool are:

  • Customer Service.
  • related customer groups.
  • Mailing lists.
  • specific events.

The session will see them in more depth and with examples, so that they can inspire companies to attend the event.

The first session gave at the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa, and was a success. The next session will be held at the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell on 22 January 2016. Registration is free but attendance notify the camera.

If you want to learn more about this tool and how to use it from your company, here you will find more information and you can also register: Whatsapp for Business

See you!

New change in Google's algorithm: mobile websites will be positioned better

From April 21 Google includes a new variable in the algorithm that sorts the searches: mobile websites will be positioned better.

For now, this only affects mobile searchesThat is, if we look from a desktop Google shows the algorithm without this variable, however, if sought from a mobile or a Tablet, Google changes the results and premium websites with mobile version or with designs responsive.

How I can tell if Google sees my mobile or web site?

We have 2 ways to find out:

  1. Google tool to optimize websites for mobile. Google has created a tool that tests your site from the point of view of a mobile. You will find it here: Mobile Google test
  2. It has created a new section on Google Webmasters -> Search Traffic -> mobile usability in performing a test to your page and indicates errors from the mobile point of view you see in your web.

It is a change that makes little sense and that my part has been very well received.

I hope this information will be useful and if you have not already done so, as soon as you can adapt your web to mobile. Google accepts two options: creating a mobile-specific website, or a responsive design (which adapts to the screen resolution of the user's device).

The source of this information is Google directly. You can read the article that informs users of this change by clicking here: Finding more mobile friendly websites

We talk to each other!

Conference on "The web 3.0" in Terrassa, January 22

On January 22 I have the pleasure of giving in Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa, the talk "Web 3.0 - The internet approaching"During the session dedicated to the presentation of Digital Marketing Course and Electronic Commerce organized this camera.

In this talk I will explain what the basics of web 3.0, and I especially focus on marketing through mobile devices, and its possible application in enterprises of the region.

The session is free, but seating is limited. So if you want to attend, please contact the Chamber of Terrassa.

And if you want more information about Digital Marketing Course, the you can find here: Digital Marketing Course in Terrassa

See you next Tuesday in Terrassa.

Mobile Marketing session at the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell

Monday January 14 I have the pleasure of giving a session initiation to Mobile Marketing at the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell.

In about 2 hours we will see the main features of Mobile Marketing and how we can go incorporating them into our company.

This session will also take the opportunity to present the next course of Digital Marketing taught in this chamber and this year is now in its third edition. The course becomes the equivalent of a graduate degree in Digital Marketing and will be held from 21 February to 6 June.

Attend the meeting Mobile Marketing it is free, but places are limited, so if you want to come, please contact the Chamber:
Tel. 937 451 259

For more information about the course of Digital Marketing, you'll find it here: Digital Marketing Course

See you.

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Mobile Marketing in Terrassa, December 12

Todas las predicciones realizadas durante 2010 y 2011 indicaban que hacia principios del 2013 llegaríamos al 50% de conexiones a internet a través de dispositivos móviles. Lo cierto es que llegamos ya a esa cifra hace algunas semanas, y que por consiguiente, es necesario que todas las empresas esten al día sobre cómo darse a conocer a través de estos dispositivos, y sobre todo, deben asegurarse de que sus páginas web son plenamente funcionales a través de ellos. Es por este motivo que el próximo 12 de diciembre tengo el placer de impartir en la Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa a Advanced Mobile Marketing session.

In total, 5 hours that depth will deal with the following topics:

  • How to develop marketing activities through mobile devices.
  • How should be integrated in our website Mobile marketing strategy.
  • How to adapt a website to be fully functional when visited by a mobile device.
  • How it works advertising in mobile applications.
  • What is augmented reality and how it works.
  • How can we make marketing activities through two-dimensional codes (QR and Datamatrix) and how to create them for free.
  • How can we measure the results of marketing activities conducted on mobile devices.

If you are interested in these topics, do not miss the day.

Further information is available on the website Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa.

See you there.

Mobile Marketing Conference on November 23

On November 23 I have the pleasure to give a lecture on Mobile Marketing at Hotel Grums Barcelona (next to the Metro Paral·lel).

This day was inciará at 10h with the presentation of Master in Digital Marketing of the BIMBS (Barcelona International Management Business School) which will begin its first edition at the end of the month and of which I am the technical coordinator, and immediately Helena Casas and myself, impart the conference "Mobile Marketing - Promote your business through mobile devices"Which will explain the latest developments in marketing through mobile devices. The day will end at 13h30 '.

In the session Mobile Marketing We cover the following topics:

  • We'll see how mobile marketing has evolved in recent years.
  • Why would we want as a company.
  • How the mobile web.
  • How can we adapt our website to mobile devices.
  • How advertising works.
  • How the marketing dimensional codes (QR and Datamatrix).
  • How the augmented reality.
  • How to integrate our Mobile Marketing Online Marketing Strategy.
  • How to measure results.

Como ya sabrás, el mobile marketing está avanzando mucho más de prisa de lo que estaba previsto. Todos los informes y estudios realizados en el año 2011 preveían que hacia el 2013 llegaríamos al 50% de las conexiones realizadas a internet, a través de dispositivos móviles. Lo cierto es que en España se llegó a esta cifra la semana pasada. Así que es realmente importante entender cómo debemos gestionar la presencia de nuestra empresa en la internet a la que se accede a través de uno de estos dispositivos.

Attending the conference is free, but seating is limited, please, if you wish to attend, please fill out the form below:


[Highlight_text text_color = "# ffffff" bg_color = "# 330000"] Squares out. The next session is taught in Terrassa on 12 December. More information here [/highlight_text]


Discover how to get your free mobile web

[style_image width=”” height=”” image=”” align=”alignright” alt=”Versión móvil del sitio web de Montserrat Peñarroya” url=”” border=”yes” lightbox=”yes” fade=”yes”]En la pugna por dominar la información a la que se accede a través del móvil (Google a través de web y Apple a través de aplicaciones), Google está cerrando acuerdos con muchas empresas que facilitan que los sitios web se vean bien a través de móvil. Esta iniciativa de se denomina “Go Mobile"And it is within this framework that Google closed last week an agreement with Duda Mobile, which I think can be useful for many companies the week.

We are entering the link below I show, Google Build Your Site enter on the website of Duda Mobile which lets us access to their services for free and without including us advertising on the mobile web (before the agreement with Google, this company was already offering the service, but instead of offering free included advertising).

Una vez dentro de DudaM nos pregunta si deseamos una plantilla para blog o para web corporativa. Una vez decidido esto, podemos personalizar la plantilla entera (colores, fondo, fuentes, iconos, y funcionalidades). Cuando hemos terminado de personalizar nuestra plantilla, nos indica cuál es la URL de nuestro nuevo web móvil (que por supuesto, está en su servidor).

Once we have the code, we only create redirection that take users to this page. To do this, we are given the code. It is enough to click on "continue" to get the complete code that we include in the header (header.php) on our website. This way, when someone enters our website, the website checks if the user navigates from a mobile or from a device on board. If you are on a mobile, you automatically redirected to our new mobile web.

For an example working with this technology, you can browse the same website ( From your mobile phone, you'll see the version created with Duda Mobile.

The service is free for a year. Then we spend the premium worth $ 108 ... now I'm not worried. Everything changes so fast that you see to know how many such services we will within a year. We'll see. To get the free site do not need to register or give any kind of data, so it is worth a try.

I hope this article will be useful.

PS: On Thursday impart a session of Mobile Marketing organized by the SDE - ICEC to help businesses realize cultural marketing communications through the mobile phone. See you there.

A hug.

From the sea to your table ... going through your mobile phone. The use of bidis by restaurants of Ametlla

Sistema de trazabilidad de los atunes de l'Ametlla de MarDurante este mes de octubre, cada jueves por la tarde, estoy impartiendo clases de Marketing Digital para técnicos municipales en l’Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona). En estas clases explico a los alumnos (técnicos municipales de turismo, de comercio, de deportes y miembros del departamento de comunicación del ayuntamiento) cómo funciona internet a nivel de promoción y cómo sacar el máximo partido a las herramientas que nos ofrece la red para dar a conocer los servicios municipales a los diferentes segmentos de su público objetivo. Como en todas las clases que imparto, yo también aprendo un montón escuchando las iniciativas de los alumnos y escuchando sus experiencias personales en materia de promoción online. Este curso no ha sido la excepción.

In one session we were trying the Mobile Marketing and among many other issues, we were talking about the use of QR and Bidi codes to link the offline world with online quickly and I explained various initiatives at the municipal level and private level, carried out for this purpose.

Código Bidi de un atún de l'Ametlla de MarWell, without knowing it, it turns out that in l'Ametlla de Mar They are pioneers in the use of two-dimensional codes: In restaurants where dishes made from tuna caught in the area of ​​l'Ametlla, along with the dish served, you get a label that includes a bidi code (is what I show in the first attached image) and a number control that refers to the tuna that have served us at the table.

Showing the code to our mobile phone, come straight to the page tuna we are about to eat. On the tab we indicated the day which was fish, the day that was sold, who was sold (usually directly to the restaurant where you're eating), the weight of tuna, and countless more information tuna in question (see the second image attached to this post).

I thought it was a very good initiative!

Por un lado, permite conocer detalles sobre el atún que te vas a comer en cuanto apagues el teléfono móvil, que jamás imaginarías. Por otro lado, muestra el frescor de la materia prima así como el origen de la pieza, con lo que puedes apreciar que se trata de pesca local, y por lo tanto, todo lo que esto implica a nivel de sostenibilidad (tanto social como a nivel de huella ecológica ambiental). Y en tercer lugar, dice mucho a favor del restaurante y de la calidad de su oferta gastronómica.

So I am delighted to have discovered this initiative and from now on, I will incorporate this example for my classes in Mobile Marketing. I hope that over time is something that other restaurants and other food retailers adopt to enable traceability of its products and at the same time to convey the quality (in all senses) of the material they offer to their customers.

(Thursday, when Ametlla again, fixed me like a tuna of these :-))

We talk to each other

later noteMiriam Marti has been kind enough to share with me this video that refers to the tuna of Ametlla de Mar where shows how the issue of bidis and mobile works: Tuna and BIDI

Miriam thank you very much!

Mobile marketing for older segments 25

Following the report on which I started writing yesterday, today I would like to discuss various actions undertaken by brands that aim to develop and retain market segments that so far no attack through mobile marketing.

Specifically, the report echo 3 projects that I find particularly interesting are:

  1. Application Lancome to try different types of makeup (this may still be understood that it is for under 25s, but still I find it interesting). The application can be downloaded here: Lancome
  2. Application Nestlé for pregnant in which that provides relevant information and services specific added value to this market segment. The application is enhanced by a website and various blogs. The application can be downloaded here: become a Mom
  3. Application Kraft called iFood for managing recipes (payment [$ 0.99]), 60% of users of which, 6 months later, still use it. The application can be downloaded here: iFood

We note therefore that is starting to make mobile marketing not only users under 25, but it is also attacking more mature users but also use these devices.

As in all digital marketing action, the secret is none other than microsegmentation and customer orientation:

  • On the one hand, looking small and specific segments it is really difficult to reach if not for digital media.
  • On the other, think about what content and what services might be interesting for these micro segments and offer them for free or at a nominal cost.

It is curious how brands through the use of these applications are changing the relationship they have with their clients: go to base their relationship on the consumption of their products to base it on the consumption of their services as a way to improve the relationship with their customers so that they end buying more products. Marketing departments of big brands must all be in full transformation.

The full report can be downloaded here:

Smart Marketing for smartphones: Why is it important mobile marketing”.

I go all right.