Slides of the conference: Mobile Marketing

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the super event women 3.0 organized by AGIMA (The association that promotes personal and professional development of women).

In this event, the President of Agima explained briefly what is and what activities Agima promotes, and behind it, I gave a lecture on Mobile Marketing, ie on marketing communications using mobile devices as support.

I used slides are as follows:

After my speech, the theater group the Xandrines He brightened up the day with a performance on Women 3.0 very very very funny. But unfortunately, all attendees we feel reflected in its parody at one time or another ... so really, besides entertaining work gave rise to personal reflection and not leave you indifferent.

After the performance, Hotel Grums (A newly opened hotel located next to Paralel Barcelona) offered a great snack on their terrace.

I take these lines to thank AGIMA, a the Xandrines and Hotel Grums the attention they had with me and to congratulate them for their interventions in each of the aspects of the organization of the event. Everything was perfect.

For those who could not attend to it, you can read the tweets act tracking typing on Twitter #agimagrums or waiting for one day, to have Agima about the video that was recorded during the event.

Final note: For those who asked me about what my next open event, indicate that this afternoon participated in a conference on managing your personal brand at UAB. These talks are open to everyone. My speech will be the second, starting at 4 pm and is taught in the hall of the principalship. The assistance is free and no cost.

We talk to each other.

A hug

Mobile Marketing Conference on 12 July in Barcelona

Mobile Marketing - Montserrat PeñarroyaThis próximo 12 de julio participate in the conference Organized by Women 3.0 AGIMA, at Hotel Grums from Barcelona .

The day starts at 6 pm with the welcome offered by Josi Hernansaez, Presidenta de AGIMA.

At 18h15 I will begin my presentation on Mobile Marketing. It'll explain the different ways to use mobile devices for marketing communications, I will explain the different ways to adapt a website to be fully functional through mobile devices and explain how advertising works on these devices. I will also make a brief introduction to QR codes.

After my talk, the group of theatrical animation Xandrines we will offer a performance on women 3.0.

Finally, the Hotel Grums Barcelona We will award us with a snack on a magnificent terrace.

  • DATE: Tuesday July 12, 2011
  • LUGAR: Hotel Grums, Paseo de Montjuïc intersection with Calle Palaudàries. (Parallel)
  • Bus: 20-21-36-57-64-91-121-157
  • Metro: Line 2-lila / Line 3-green Paral·lel.
  • HOURS: 18h to 20: 30h
  • Cost: Free
  • REGISTRATION: It is essential to confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail to with your personal data. Obviously, the event is open to both men and women :-)

In this event, the new team team should also be submitted Ducati – Red Racing that participate in the 24 hour endurance Montmeló a team made up exclusively of women pilots. But it seems the team has technical problems and as the race starts the following Saturday, prefer to concentrate it. From here, I take the opportunity to send greetings and wish them luck.

See you on Tuesday 12 in the Hotel Grums BarcelonaAnd we are also 15 Montmeló (Also free admission by contacting Racing Ducati-Red through its website, you will get invitations to visit the Paddock de Catalunya and to be with them during the race.)

Slides of the conference Mobile Marketing for Cultural Industries

On May 18 I had the pleasure of giving a lecture entitled "Mobile Marketing for Cultural Industries"In the lecture series organized by the SDE - ICIC.

At the conference we saw the following points:

  • What is Mobile Marketing.
  • What is it for.
  • What types of communication Marketing we can make using the mobile phone.
  • How can we apply to the promotion of cultural products.
  • Examples.
  • key success factors.

Deputy then I used slides to illustrate my paper if they can be of help:

I go all right.
A hug.

Mobile Marketing for Cultural Industries, May 18

On 18 May I have the pleasure to teach the class Mobile Marketing Cultural Industries oriented in the unique setting of the Museu Collet (Carrer Buenos Aires, Barcelona 56-58.) -> NOTE BACK: Assistance to allow interested companies have changed the location. It will now be in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) Building France. Ring Walk, 8 from Barcelona.

The duration of the class is for 2 hours, and start at 4 pm.

We see the following:

  • What is Mobile Marketing.
  • What is it for.
  • What types of communication Marketing we can make using the mobile phone.
  • How can we apply to the promotion of cultural products.
  • concrete examples.
  • key success factors.

The goal is that after two and a half hours, the student is able to understand what the marketing done through mobile phones, understand how to use it for your business, and learn about the different possibilities available to you.

To prepare this talk I have contacted several companies developing applications and various business related to the culture that already use, so the examples we see are real and in some cases also dispose of budgets invested in creating applications, to generate campaigns and generally getting reach a target specific audience through dispostivos mobile phone.

The organization of the event is paid by the SDE (Servei de Desenvolupament Empresarial, the Catalan Institute of Cultural Indústries). So if you want to attend, please contact them to see if there are places available:

See you.