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Find out why Google Adwords and Google Analytics show different results

These days I'm giving my classes in the Master Search Engine IDEC-UPFSo I have a lot of students asking questions about Google Adwords, SEO and Google Analytics.

One of the recurring questions is "why when I check the results of a campaign Adwords these do not match the data provided by Google Analytics me".

Well ... I'm not going to write an article on why reaching forth since Google already has done for me :-)
Here is a link that Google explains each of the parameters that differ in control Adwords campaigns about Google Analytics and why they differ.

Document: Why Google Adwords and Google Analytics show different results.

I hope you find it useful.

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New change in Google's algorithm: mobile websites will be positioned better

From April 21 Google includes a new variable in the algorithm that sorts the searches: mobile websites will be positioned better.

For now, this only affects mobile searchesThat is, if we look from a desktop Google shows the algorithm without this variable, however, if sought from a mobile or a Tablet, Google changes the results and premium websites with mobile version or with designs responsive.

How I can tell if Google sees my mobile or web site?

We have 2 ways to find out:

  1. Google tool to optimize websites for mobile. Google has created a tool that tests your site from the point of view of a mobile. You will find it here: Mobile Google test
  2. It has created a new section on Google Webmasters -> Search Traffic -> mobile usability in performing a test to your page and indicates errors from the mobile point of view you see in your web.

It is a change that makes little sense and that my part has been very well received.

I hope this information will be useful and if you have not already done so, as soon as you can adapt your web to mobile. Google accepts two options: creating a mobile-specific website, or a responsive design (which adapts to the screen resolution of the user's device).

The source of this information is Google directly. You can read the article that informs users of this change by clicking here: Finding more mobile friendly websites

We talk to each other!

7 steps to create an online strategy

The marketing world is complex and create a good strategy online marketing it is even more. This article will discuss the 7 steps that can help you with creating your online marketing strategy.

Follow this guide and Thinking 7 sentences to answer each of the points:

  1. Explain exactly the physical act that your communication should motivate (eg entering an online store and buy, subscribe to the newsletter, enter the website and complete the form to request more information about a product, etc.)
  2. Explains the immediate benefit that your product / service offered to whoever buys (eg get to eat less and therefore lose weight).
  3. Indicates who is your audience (eg women between 40 and 50 years)
  4. Indicates what online marketing tools you will use to reach your target audience (eg Facebook ads will [advertising on social networks], I will create content that interests them and will declare [content + SEO marketing], etc.)
  5. It indicates what the value proposition of your company for this type of product (eg: we are the cheapest, we are the only market we are the ones who provide better quality, etc.)
  6. What is the personality of your company (for example: we are young entrepreneurs, we are the industry leaders, we have more than 50 years of experience, etc.)
  7. What is your budget expressed as a percentage of sales (eg marketing will dedicate 20% of the annual turnover of product X)

Get everything explained above brief. And you have here a draft for your online strategy.

Leave the document as you have, and rest 48 hours. Relélelo after this time and see if everything you've written in the previous 7 points still makes sense.

If everything seems just right to shape the document ... and you have your online strategy created!

Now it's time to create detailed action plan to carry it out ... but this will be discussed in another article.

Hope it all goes well for you.

The importance of branding online

If your website is aimed at getting business contacts and if you sell your company are not products if no services, branding online should be your priority.

What is branding online?

we call "branding online” or “online branding"Management of brand reputation / person Internet, using the tools of digital marketing.

Why online branding so important? (Especially for service providers)

When you want to sell is not a tangible product, the customer must decide based on the information available on this service, either on your website or is in third. The reputation you create around your company is what will end up deciding the sale.

The online branding and the basic techniques of digital marketing.


More than 90% of searches in the Spanish internet are made from Google (Source: Global Stats) So the main tool for managing your online branding is SEO (natural search engine rankings).

Find your brand, your company name, the name of some of your managers and manages well the image you are offering in Google.

Orients the website to customers, not products

I mean, this is one of the principles of relationship marketing, customer orientation, as opposed to product orientation. To do this, divide your customers into 3 or 4 market segments, and on your website, create a zone for each of them. In these areas, use their vocabulary, images that you can feel reflected and talk about their needs and concerns. Explain how your services or your products can solve.

Example 1: -> Seen as separate private companies.

Example 2: -> Create sections for notes as "schools", "business", "university", etc.

Testimonials from your customers

No matter what you say about your brand, anything said by one of your customers has much more credibility. So using customer testimonials that have fidelizados to convey the brand image you want to show your future customers.

The testimony can post on your website and social networks.

Public relations are useful

Use them to:

  1. To improve SEO. A link to your site, published in online media, improve your search engine positioning. So do not forget to include links to your website in the press releases you send to the media.
  2. To improve branding. Creates "a section of the typewhat the press says about us"And every time you publish something about your company, cítalo in this section and linkea the source. As in the case of testimony, the press is much more credible than anything you can say you anywhere. Also post on social networks.

Social networks and online branding

Uses social networks to transmit your brand values ​​and get your website to display statistics "followers”, “likes"Or whatever ... (if they are good :-)

Make a good benchmark before starting

It is important to know what your competition is transmitted, how it does it, and what results they are getting.

Here you will find an article I wrote about "How to make a benchmark". It can be of great utility.

Google Analytics will also help

Check the bounce rate on your homepage (you will see in Google -> Reports -> Behavior -> Site Content -> All pages). The ratio of rebound of a corporate website should not exceed 35% of visits. If you get through it, reviews the design, usability, site speed and content of the home page. Do not give up until you get 35% or less.

(He Rebound ratio indicates the percentage of users who enter our website and leave without browsing any page. Here you will find an article on how to lose Rebound Ratio of a website)

Take control of managing your brand's reputation (whether it is your company as if it is your personal brand), and not let it be the chance to decide what image you project.


We talk to each other.

New Book SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The UOC publishing house is publishing in book form the agenda of the most popular subjects of this university. These agendas are the SEO, I wrote as part of the subject of Digital Marketing taught at various masters and postgraduate courses.

For the paper edition have been updated all the points that are part of an agenda full SEO (Google is constantly changing and must always be updating SEO classes !!) and included illustrations that make facilitate the interpretation of each topic.

The author of the update and some content is part of Helena Casas who probably already know some of their classes Personal Brand Management (here you will find more info about it: Helena Casas).

Finally, after some weeks of work, it has been an actual book, well edited and as I try to do with all temarios I write, nothing academic. Everything is explained as we would in a face-class. I annoy a lot of practical books on it is unclear what to do ... so this I think everything is very clear!

The book has a version in Catalan and Castilian version. You can buy them directly on the website of the publisher: SEO Book

Now, along with Helena, we are preparing a questionnaire and several case studies related to the book, why Editorial UOC want people to buy the book and want a title as acquired knowledge in the shared, they can perform a test through the website and eventually certifying the basic principles of SEO are known.

Well, this is all about the book ... if you know what to get you for this Christmas or the Three Wise Men, here's a good idea :-)

We talk to each other.

A big hug.

How to make money online - Business Models Network

On January 16 I have the pleasure of imparting a two hour lecture on business models that work on the network, at the Chamber of Commerce Sabadell.

Esta es una charla que imparto muchas veces a lo largo del año en varios másters y postgrados, y que siempre gusta mucho a los alumnos. Sistemáticamente vamos repasando uno a uno los diferentes modelos de negocio que utilizan los sitios web. Analizamos todos los modelos publicitarios, todos los modelos que se aplican a mercados, así como otros modelos de negocio. Los alumnos disfrutan aun más, cuando llegamos a los nuevos modelos cómo el del pago por suscriptores de Youtube. Al finalizar la charla se tiene una idea clara sobre cómo utilizar un sitio web para obtener ingresos adicionales, o sobre cómo transformar el sitio web de una empresa para convertirlo en un negocio online.

In general, it offered a different view of how the Internet works and how to make a living companies that use the network to generate revenue.

This session will also take the opportunity to present the Digital Marketing Course of the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell, Which will begin in February.

The talk is free, but seating is limited, so if you want to attend, please contact the Chamber par register: Internet Business Models

See you there.

A hug.

Web 1.0 to 3.0 in Sant Cugat

This coming Friday, December 12, I have the pleasure of participating in the conference: “One morning with ADE“, organized by the Association of Entrepreneurs of Vallés.

The conference will take place at the WTC in Sant Cugat el Vallés. My participation will be in the form of a 1-hour conference in which I will explain how the network is transforming and how we are entering the world of Web 3.0. I will also take the opportunity to present the new SEO book published by Editorial UOC based on the syllabi written by myself and by Helena Casas for this university. We will raffle a copy of the book among the attendees (this reminds me that I have not yet written a post about the book, nor have I included it in the publications section of this website... let's see if I do it one of these days... :-)

To see the full program for Friday and to register if you are interested in the event, please visit the following link: One morning with ADE

See you there.

A hug

Gamification for hotels and tourism businesses in Girona on 11 December

What is Gamification?

The </strong>tecniques ( "Gamification" in Castilian) is a technique that involves applying typical elements of video games, in environments that are not playful, com for example in the management of a hotel in promoting a tourist destination or customer loyalty a company of tourist activities.

Seminar on Gamification in tourist environments

How to apply gamificación these environments is precisely what will address the meeting on 11 December, organized by the Tourist Board of the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees, which will take place in Girona.

The session is 5 hours where we will see what is and is not gamificación, How we can apply it to increase the productivity of our employees, how we can apply to improve the quality of our services and how we can apply to user loyalty. All specially designed for companies in the tourism sector.

For more information about this event, please contact the Patronat of Tourism. Here you will find more information: Gamification Conference with Montse Peñarroya

[Schema type = "event" evtype = "EducationEvent" url = "" name = "gamification in tourist environments" description = "gamification Course for hotels and tourist destinations" sdate = "12/11/2014" stime = "8:30 a.m." edate = "11/12/2014" duration = "05 : 00 "street =" Parc Tecnològic "city =" Girona "state =" Girona "country =" ES "]

The web works again

After months of battles with my old hosting, everything works again… on a new hosting, of course.

This week (finally!) I have solved the problems I had with the update of this website. First it was the multilanguage, which stopped working... then it was the "visual composer" of the pages, which decided not to open any more, which has caused a July event to appear on the home page for months... and then, when In the end, the web wouldn't even let me update the content of the blog. All due to the configuration of the accommodation in which it was.

As I have not been able to make the people of my old hosting agree, I have opted for the drastic solution: change of hosting.

I am now staying at CDmon, which is where I already recommended hosting to my students, and everything works again. For more INRI, the physical change of hosting, which was what worried me the most and which required more time, has been taken care of from CDmon itself, at no cost. So I am delighted with life!

I can finally write again :-)

We're going talking.

A hug