Articles about actions of digital Web 2.0 applied to tourism marketing.

Google Public Data - Displays all data types

Google Public Data is a Google service that aims to get statistical data are best interpreted by users. For it offers researchers, journalists and the general public application which generates interactive graphics that facilitate data interpretation.

Graphics can be embedded on web pages and are hosted on Google servers (identical to Youtube, but with graphics). In addition, public graphs are updated automatically, so when embedding of one of these graphics on our website, data is updated as the owner of these updates its database.

This link can be found all kinds of data: Google Public Data

The tool allows you to choose between different chart types (line, bar or bubbles), you can also be chosen the color and size of the variables, and the type of scale (linear or logarithmic) axis.

The chart below compares I show the arrival of tourists to different countries of the European Union (vertical axis) with the number of overnight stays (abscissa) ... but can be any combination of data.

Note: We can see another application of the same technology, but this time used by the Generalitat de Catalunya to graphically show the evolution of the Catalan population. The graph compares the total Catalan population to the number of residents born abroad. See: graphic Idescat. For each of the populations it is necessary to put the cursor over the ball (the data eye. 51.6% of the population of Castelló d'Ampuries born abroad ... I had no idea)

The impact of digital technology in the tourism sector - February 23

On 23 February, Consortium of Tourism Costa del Maresme organizes the conference "The impact of digital technology in the tourism sector"In which I have the pleasure to participate.

MataróThis day is specially designed for entrepreneurs in the tourist accommodation sector.

The aim is that from the papers of various specialists Turistic marketing (Which I have the honor to meet) the impact of the adoption of new technologies is analyzed by this business, and how to convert these changes into a competitive tool and a generator of higher margins for the business.

For my part, I will emphasis on how the Internet affects the relationship between hoteliers and customers and between hoteliers and tourism intermediaries, and how this relationship will evolve in the coming years. I will also talk about how to attract traffic to the website of a hotel and how to convert customer.

The program is as follows:

  • 09:30-11:00 Montserrat Peñarroya. Tourist Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • 11:00-11:30 Break
  • 11:30-13:00 Javier Velilla, Director General, Comuniza 2
  • 13:00-14:00 angel Diaz. CEO de Advance Leisure Services

The sessions will be held at the headquarters of the consortium of tourism promotion in the Plaza Miquel Biada, 1 Mataro.

For more information on the conference or to register to it, please contact the Consortium of Tourism Costa del Maresme.

See you there.

New online master's degree in Marketing and Tourism Promotion at UAB

This December will open the UAB First Edition online his Master in Marketing and Tourism Promotion, Organized by the Program Masters Marketing Commerce and Distribution (Pmasters) and the School of Tourism and Hotel Management (EUTDH) UAB.

This will be the first edition online Master in Marketing and Tourism Promotion in previous years was provided with face character, but because of the demand for distance learning has decided to become Master Online.

The Masters has been conceptualized so that students can combine work and training, although It is mandatory placements tourism. This provides students with professional experience and a wide range of future opportunities. If you work in a tourism business practices may be in the same company if the agreement signed with this practice.

Among the teachers of this master are Lluis Jovell, Pau Morata, Jordi Oller, Oriol Mirabell and myself (I cordially impart the subject of Digital Marketing for tourism businesses).

The online master's degree in Marketing and Tourism Promotion UAB is taught in Castilian, it has an academic value 60 credits European and develops for twelve months. It costs 3,350 euros.

If you are interested in this master, you will find more information at: or by calling 93.5813431

We talk to each other.

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Presentation of my libro "Electronic Marketing for Cultural Tourism"

This next Friday the November 5th Girona presented in my book "Marketing Electrònic per a Turisme Cultural". This book is part of the collection dedicated to cultural tourism published by the editorial Vitelli.Marketing Digital per a Turisme Cultural - Montserrat Peñarroya

No hace falta decir que este evento me hace muchísima ilusión y que estoy muy contenta de que finalmente se haya convertido en realidad (es muy complicado trabajar, dar clases y a la vez escribir un libro). Sólo espero que la gente lo encuentre realmente útil. En el libro se explican las técnicas básicas para atraer tráfico a un sitio web especializado en servicios o en productos de Turismo Cultural, se explican también las técnicas para convertir visitas en clientes y las técnicas para fidelizarlos. También se explica cómo hacer un benchmark y cómo segmentar, desde el punto de vista del Márketing, los clientes actuales. En general, se trata del contenido que correspondería a una clase de Marketing Digital Turístico de unas 15 horas (se lee en menos… o eso espero) y sirve de guía para poder empezar el Plan de Acción de una empresa turística.

The book can be purchased online by clicking here: Marketing Electrònic per a Turisme Cultural.

The presentation itself will perform in Fontana d'Or (C. Citizens, 19, Girona) in the 7 afternoon. Is presenting Mr. Joan Pluma, Deputy Economic Development and New Technologies Ms. Dolores Vidal, professor of Girona and director of the collection and Ms. Gemma Garcia, the publisher ... y yo misma ... and of course, with all that friends wishing to attend this acto.

Later note:

The presentation was very good. I had never been to La Fontana d'Or and the truth is that it is the perfect setting for the presentation of a book. The room where the ceremony took place (the room Tapiz, I think it's called) is the right size for this type of event and is the ideal place for a book about how to raise awareness of the cultural resources of place our country.Presentación Marketing Electrònic per a Turisme Cultural

From here I want to thank Gemma Garcia, Dolors Vidal and Joan Pluma for their presentations and their words of support. I also want to thank all the friends and acquaintances to know, who came to the Fontana d'Or to attend the event, for making this unforgettable evening. Everyone I am very grateful.

The photograph is attached to the Pere Duran Volume photographer for the newspaper El Punt - Today.

Article covering the event can be read here:
Tourism websites

Later note 2:

People ask me if I do not have a web page just for the book ... :-)
Logical question. Moment is not available, but I hope that if he is facing to December. This page will discuss the book, I will include more content related chapters of the book and best practices that I saw every day when dealing with students and clients.

Rural Tourism Slides 3.0

I had the pleasure of participating in the seminar this morning Rural Tourism - Outlook 2020, Organized by the foundation Olot FES (Higher Education Foundation of Olot).

In these days is analyzed from various points of view, expectations of rural tourism with a view to 2020. In my case, exploring the rural tourism of the future, from the point of view of technology. A job easy.

For this, I have discussed briefly how you think it will be the tourism market in 2020. How will individuals be part of this market (who are now 20 years) and how will it adapt tourism products to the characteristics of this market .

In the last part of the paper, I have also tried to how Web 3.0 (on which now is working at the level of developer, but not yet at the level of end user [or at least not a general level of end user] ) we will offer new opportunities to promote the services of rural tourism and rural destinations.

The slides of my speech can be found here:

The rest of the papers have also been interesting and greatly regret having lost the takes, as I'm sure I would have been very useful ... but duty called me and I had to return to Sabadell.

For more information on this event, you'll find it here: FES Olot - Rural Tourism 3.0

Tourist Digital Marketing Course Sant Joan de les Abadesses

On 23 and 30 September I have the pleasure to participate in training sessions organized by the Ripollès Development Consortium under the Plan Dinamizació Tourist Land of Counts and Abbots (Most beautiful name!).

The conference is divided into 2 sessions of 4 hours cover the following topics:Sant Joan de les Abadesses

1st Session - September 23: The 9 techniques to attract traffic to a website.

This session will address the techniques used to attract visitors to the website of a tour company. The principal of these techniques is the SEO, but so are the SEM, the presence in social networks and presence in brokerage portals, among others.

2nd Session - September 30: How to convert visitors into customers.

This session will focus on techniques that will help us make the visits of a tourist site, customers. Some of the techniques covered are usability, persuasive communication, transmission of trust and Web analytics, among others.

If you want to attend these sessions, please contact Maria I am the Consorci Ripollès Desenvolupament:

I'm Mary
C / Joan Miró 2-4 - Pol. Ind. Painting - 17500 Ripoll
Tel. 972 70 44 99 –

19 to 23: The UB Juliol dedicated to Digital Marketing Tourism

This July 19, as part of the training sessions at the University of Barcelona called "the Juliols"I interesting course is dedicated to start Digital Tourism Marketing in which I have the pleasure of participating.

This course consists of 4 sessions devoted all the Tourism and Internet and it has been organized by the Director of Master in eTourism the CETT.

Las jornadas tienen como objetivo estudiar la combinación de las técnicas tradicionales de comercialización turística con las técnicas más avanzadas que se llevan a cabo a través de Internet. Se tratarán temas tan diversos como la posición del Turismo en un mercado globalizado, cómo debería ser el sitio web de una empresa turística, cómo atraer tráfico a un sitio web turístico, cómo convertir las visitas en contactos comerciales o en clientes y cómo fidelizar a los clientes gracias a estrategias online.

Mi participación será el día 20 de julio, en el apartado dedicado a la conversión de visitas. En mi clase veremos las main techniques that will help us maximize the conversion of visitors into customers when they reach the website of a tour company, as well as some real cases that improving usability and persuasion of a website has doubled the number of bookings made directly to a hotel. We see also web analytics applied to increase conversion.

For more information about the course and to know all the papers (from my point of view, are quite interesting and essential): Digital Marketing for tourism businesses .

See you at the University of Barcelona.

2.0 slideshow Turismo Rural - La Seu d'Urgell

Yesterday was held in La Seu d'Urgell the second of days devoted to Rural Tourism and Web 2.0.

As in the previous day, the first presentation was given by José Antonio Donaire who introduced us to Tourism 2.0Followed by a case study, this time was in charge of Tourism of the Seu who explained the operation of its online booking form. Following this presentation, Joan Giró, counselor explained the PIMESTIC Plan PIMESTIC.

Early afternoon began my presentation, which introduced the Web 2.0 tools that can be applied to promoting Rural tourismAs well as key success factors of a communication strategy 2.0.

The presentation with which I illustrated my paper is as follows:

Once I finished my talk, Joan Lopez, Creative studio Frame Works, Showed us how to move from 0.0, to 1.0, 1.5 and then to 2.0 (explained by voice is far less complicated).

As in the case of Tortosa I think they have been good days and attendees feel that they have made good use of the day. If only we repeat in more destinations Rural tourism.

We talk to each other.

Slides Seminar on Rural Tourism and Web 2.0

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in Tortosa, in the first of the meetings devoted to Rural Tourism and Web 2.0.

The day began with a luxury rapporteur: José Antonio DonaireWhich introduced us an introduction to Tourism 2.0. Then we saw a case of application of tools 2.0 by Jordi López, coordinator Nautical Sant Carles de la Rapita and after him, the day continued with a talk on the Plan PIMESTIC given by Josep Maria Galis.

Early in the afternoon I was her turn to me and I started to explain a little more what the web 2.0 and how we can apply it to rural tourism. The presentation that I used is as follows:

After my talk, he took Joan Lopez, Creative studio Frame Works, Who showed us how to manage a blog and how to relate the traditional offline promotion via the web and via online tools 2.0.

Overall, I think the audience was satisfied with the day and that was a good idea of ​​how you can use Web 2.0 to promote a business Turismo Rural or tourist destination in a rural environment. The questions raised by the attendees were numerous and gave rise to debates and analysis of different proposals. Something really enriching.

This event will repeat on 15 June in La Seu d'Urgell: Days Digital Marketing for Rural Tourism in La Seu

If you are interested about Rural tourism one to Web 2.0, do not miss it!

We talk to each other.

Web 2.0 and Rural Tourism

Turisme RuralDuring this June I have the pleasure of participating in two initiatives to raise awareness the tools of Web 2.0 to companies Rural tourism.

Both sessions are part of a project consisting of several workshops that aim to publicize Digital Marketing techniques to the tourism industry, and both are organized by the Higher Education Foundation of Olot.

The first of these conferences was held on June 9 morning in Tortosa: Days Digital Marketing for Tourism Tortosa

The second, is celebrated on June 15 in La Seu d'Urgell: Days Digital Marketing for Tourism La Seu

If you are interested about Digital Tourism Marketing and in particular the implementation of 2.0 tools to Rural TourismNot miss them, see you there.

Both events are free entry, but we need to confirm attendance as seating is limited. Please contact the organizers if you want to attend.

A hug.