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Slide "9 Techniques for Digital Marketing for tourism businesses"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the General Assembly of the Product Clubs Catalan Tourism, Giving a presentation on Digital Marketing and basic techniques to attract visitors to the websites of tourism enterprises.

Product Clubs are few programs of the Catalan Tourism Agency which aim to advise and assist in marketing the tourism industry in Catalonia. There are specialized clubs in Cultural Tourism, Active Tourism / Nature, Golf Tourism Gastronomic Tourism and Tourism Health and Welfare.

After the assembly, the day continued with three presentations on various topics. The first one was given by Dean Gregory Expedia, Who explained the hotel services connectivity interfaces and Expedia. This paper was especially interesting as the representative Expedia shared with attendees all kinds of data related to online procurement and on the tourism market in general. The next presentation was on the new school calendar and how positively affect the tourism industry. The last presentation was mine.

These are the slides to my presentation:

We talk to each other.
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Slides of the International Wine Tourism Conference

El pasado miércoles 3 de Febrero participé en la 2nd Annual International Congress and Wine Tourism Workshop que se llevó a cabo en el Barceló Hotel Montserrat, La Beguda Baixa (Barcelona).

El día comenzó con mi ponencia sobre los 10 principales errores que comenten las empresas vitivinícolas a la hora de promocionarse en internet, y a lo largo de la hora y media que duró la charla, repasamos estos errores y vimos ejemplos de buenas y malas prácticas llevados a cabo por bodegas españolas.

La presentación puede verse aquí:

In the early afternoon, and after attending various activities of the congress, I moderated a round table in which 4 wineries explained their experiences in Wine Tourism.

The wineries that participated in this round table were:

  • Cavas Nadal (el Penedés)
  • Retuerta Abbey (Ribera del Duero)
  • González Byass (Jerez)
  • Vilarnau (el Penedés)

As for me, this round table was especially interesting because the wineries were explaining what Wine Tourism means to them and what they use it for. The conclusions were as follows:

  • Wine tourism is considered by some wineries as one more line of business. With your income statement and your budgets.
  • Wine tourism is considered as part of the winery's branding strategy. Publicize your company and attend the visits that come to the winery to get to know it and to taste its wines, is part of its brand strategy.
  • Wine tourism is considered a loyalty tool for current winery customers. Visiting the facilities and participating in the various activities proposed by the winery, serve to retain and develop customers.

Anyway ... a very interesting day, in which we all learned.

We give the website the hotel you need it most

Yes it's correct. We do.

The idea was not ours, was of our customers, who in these times of crisis try not to have to pay for the cost of programming a website and convince ourselves that conceptualize and program their page, on account of future benefits or simply as a favor.

But our websites are not cheap. In creating each a marketing team (that conceptualizes, the guides customer and manufactures texts), a programming device (which makes it functional, while technically robusta) and a design team participates (which gives it that special touch that makes it unique and pleasing to the eyes of the user).

So we can not compete with "el_primo_de_tu_vecino_que_hace_webs", but of course, the result offering our pages also has nothing to do with the "cousin".

Esto provoca que nuestros clientes deseen nuestras páginas, pero que a la vez, con los tiempos que corren, a veces sea un poco complicado destinar a ellas los recursos necesarios. De ahí que intenten convencernos para que rebajemos los precios e incluso para que programemos gratis.

Lo más divertido, e instructivo, han sido los argumentos que esgrimían algunos clientes para convencernos de que deseaban la web sin tener que pagar por ella. De ahí que en una reunión de esas de “viernes por la tarde”, en la que nos juntamos todo el equipo y vamos repasando cliente por cliente y viendo cómo va cada proyecto, pensamos que sería una buena idea crear un concurso de argumentos con los qué convencernos de no cobrar una página web y regalar la página a quien estuviese necesitado y a la vez fuese ingenioso en sus argumentos.

We are sure to learn a lot with this contest ... so the cost of programming and page layout actually going to be on staff training.

If you think you can convince us, it could be that consiguieses the website free for your hotel. At least one of the participants will get it (with booking engine included), you could be you.

Here are the contest rules and registration form "We give the website the hotel you need it most

We talk to each other.

A hug.

My son in "Invictus" with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon

This is a post that should be released under the category of "Mother's Love"But I do not have because I never write about personal issues (except in the case of book reviews) I put on tourism that is what made my son when he left the opportunity to appear in this film directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.

The story goes like this: last year, Jaume (my son) was practicing Tourism Languages ​​(tourist modality consisting of a stay in a given country in order to learn a language) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Following his appearance in a video on the school in receiving English classes, the communications agency that conducted the video contacted him to appear in an advertisement, and a few weeks before the end of their stay in South Africa, contact new to appear as an extra in "Invictus".

Doing extra to the public in the stands of one of the football fields that appear in the film, they asked volunteers to play the role of security guards of the field, and Jaume volunteered to do so. So it ended this way in the frame I show below these lines.

Jaume in Invictus

During the film it could be seen in more scenes, all yes, on the football field runs in which the image I have attached. In one of them, even it appears in the foreground next to a security guard of Nelson Mandela.

Matt Damon came to speak when asked where he was to see the funny accent with which he spoke and he explained that it was in Barcelona and I was there studying. Jaume took the opportunity to ask for an autograph dedicated to Mireia (one of my daughters) ... a detail from an older brother ... and in detail by Matt, access to do so in the midst of filming.

Shooting, he said that both Matt Damon and Clint Easwood are lovely, nice and very close. But instead, the son of Clint Eastwood, who was part of the crew members, was neither friendly nor pleasant. Morgan Freeman did not get to speak.

Overall, the experience was very good and served to complement the rest of unique experiences that lived during the nine months he spent in Cape Town.

During this period he published a blog that kept us all aware of what he was doing in South Africa or at least what he was doing and could be known by his parents and relatives.

... Needless to say, their English improved a lot during the stay and which won the corresponding cerficate that credits, he also learned some Afrikaans, but above all, he learned to respect and live with people and completely different from our own cultures.

Later note: Mireia has sent me a new frame with Jaume looking good.

Jaume in Invictus

Interview in "Wine Area" as a result of my presentation at the Wine Tourism Congress

Wine AreaLaura Saileg from “Wine Area”He was kind enough, last week, to interview me for this Argentine publication. In the interview she was interested in my opinion about the Web 2.0 applications to Wine tourism, as well as on the main errors in online communication of the wine companies that practice this type of tourism.

The idea of ​​the interview came as a result of the presentation that I will make next Wednesday, February 3, at the Wine Tourism Congress organized by Wine Pleasures and that I already announced in the post titled “Evento: 3 de febrero ponencia sobre Comunicación para empresas Vitivinícolas y de Enoturismo".

Ese mismo día, moderaré también una mesa redonda dedicada al Enoturismo en la que 3 bodegas nos explicarán su experiencia en Enoturismo, qué les llevó de decidirse a practicarlo, qué infraestructuras tuvieron que adecuar en sus bodegas para poder ofrecerlo y qué valoración hacen de su experiencia, entre otras cosas.

La entrevista puede leerse íntegramente en Wine Area, y aprovecho estas líneas para agradecerle a la autora el haberla realizado y haber sintetizado tan acertadamente ciertos puntos.

Gracias a Google Alerts estoy viendo que a pesar de que la entrevista se ha publicado hace muy poco, varios blogs la están citando y publicando algunos de los párrafos que aparecen en ella.

Event: February 3 Enterprise Communication paper on Viticulture and Wine Tourism

On January 31 to February 7 will be held at the Barcelo Hotel Montserrat, The Beguda Baixa (Barcelona) 2nd Annual International Congress and Wine Tourism Workshop. This meeting, promoted by Wine Pleasures It aims to publicize the Spanish wine tourism to international tour operators and industry professionals. Of course, also it aims to help companies that offer wine to market its services both internationally and internationally, both to inform them about good practices in wine tourism.

Congress offers attendees a variety of presentations by speakers from Bulgaria, United States, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and of course, Spain, developed in plenary sessions, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, debates, tables round and business presentations. Kelli McCarty en Celebrity Wine Testing

For my part, I have the pleasure of participating as a speaker on the third day of the congress. My participation will be in the form of conference in which I will describe

For my part, I have the pleasure of participating as a speaker on the third day of the congress. My participation will be in the form of conference in which I will describe the major mistakes in online communication who commit companies to try to make themselves known via the Internet, specifically analyze the communication of wine companies making wine. As I do in this kind of presentation, examples will offer as good and bad practices drawn from the websites of the attendees at registration indicating the URL of your website.

also participate moderating a round table where several wineries explain their experiences in wineThe pros and cons of offering, how they promote and how they have managed to combine the wine farm with wine. This roundtable seems especially interesting because in many cases is the lack of the necessary infrastructure and the lack of information on how to market this service, which makes a large part of the Spanish wineries do not take into account that the wine can be a good source of income, complementary and compatible with the traditional.

Congress promises to be very interesting and I'm sure I will learn a lot. Too bad I can not attend every day (I have days per half), but on February 3 see you there without fail.

For more information about the conference or want incribirte, please click here: congress wine

Formentera and the announcement of Damm

Leo Hosteltur in a report entitled "They resist the Temporary Business"That destinations with better picture and events throughout the summer, have endured the crisis well. Among these destinations are located Formentera.

The Report explains how Formentera has benefited in terms of image and therefore occupancy level for the spot Estrella Damm beer set on the island, whose soundtrack has become the song of the summer.

The spot began airing in early June, only for the Spanish market and interestingly, in July the occupation by Spanish tourists increased by 2.37 points over last year (this year was 84.25%). In August, this increase was 1.40 points higher (has reached 90%).

The increases do not seem anything special in normal times, but in an environment with widespread falls, show that behind them there is a good marketing action and a good product, especially if we consider that the occupation in July of destination sun and beach Spanish coast fell by over 10%.

The odd thing is that the promotion of Formentera or at a cost, and was not planned in advance, at least as regards the Tourism Promotion Formentera.

Although obviously not all the credit goes to the ad because the Italians saw and overnights and also increased their market share (now represent 50.1% of tourism in Formentera). But this destination enjoys in the source markets in a very good image, linked to a bohemian-romantic spirit and unspoiled natural landscapes, stereotype Damm's announcement helped bolster.

Generally, in times of crisis it is the image of a destination and proximity to markets issuers making a destination to succeed over others. When there is no money, people travel to the best possible place within a certain radius, and the Mediterranean islands that have good image, this year have been rewarded.

Positive balance for tourism in France

Leo The echoes the bottom line for this summer is positive for tourism in France and tourist activities in our northern neighbor have been very positive in both July and August. (July Qualify as "honorable"And August as"even better greater satisfaction for professionals”).

Les Echos indicates that the good result is attributable to domestic tourism as the crisis has forced the French to perform proximity tourism and further divided outputs.CORSICA

Still, if we compare this summer with summer 2008, a 4% drop seen in overnight stays in France in general and 3% in Paris in particular. This is mainly due to the decline in the number of foreign tourists who have chosen France as a holiday destination. Prototurisme (The source of these data is cited by Les Echos) it indicates that foreign tourism is down 20% and bookings have come too late.

The article highlights the high number of tourists who visited Corsica (4% more than the previous year) due mainly to the arrival of tourists through the 3 airports that airlines are covered by "low cost".

Generally, tourists have reduced spending per person both in shops and restaurants ... which is otherwise normal as domestic tourism tends to make more cultural visits, not to settle in terraces of bars and souvenirs .

Anyway ... wait a few days and see our balance sheet to see what it is.

Later note: The Government has already published data on Tourism in Catalonia for summer 2009 can be read in Comunicatur

Does Google's Golden Triangle is still valid? The answer is yes

Who else who has less ever see a heat map that runs through the network, Eyetracking done with technology and showing what is called "The Golden Triangle Google”: The golden zone in which you have to appear if you want to be something on the web… the space where all the eyes of Google users converge. I myself, I have used it a great number of times in classes and conferences, to graphically show the importance of appearing in the top positions of Google, be it in the form of Adword, Whether in the form of natural positioning (SEO).Eyetracking - Triangulo de Oro de Google

But this heat map has its years, and every time I use it I wonder whether it will be really valid now that Google displays results including maps, books, definitions, etc. (The image I show along these lines corresponds to the classical heat map to which I am referring).

Hence one of the things I wanted to test in testing we have been doing during the months of December and January to draw up a study of Search Marketing-oriented tourism, using technology Eyetracking, was whether the Golden Triangle was still valid , or otherwise, now he appeared another geometric figure. This is the study: Eyetracking Search Marketing

Well, after performing the tests (54 individuals by testing 4 different tasks, altogether 216 heat maps results pages Google), we conclude that it remains valid, especially when very specific searches are performed and offer results found in the top positions, although the lateral Adwords are now most watched shows the classical triangle.Eyetracking Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona PCT

Let's look at some of these heat maps:

This I show below is a heat map to search "Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona"(Without quotes) adding the maps of 30 users tested, taken at random and untargeted. The task was to find the URL official Hotel Pulitzer (he was both Google Maps and the first result SEO). I show the map is a map of percentages fixing eyes (the same type the "classic" only that our EyeTracker different).

We can see how the triangle is formed, though somewhat blurred because of the map.

If this same heat map we show by absolute values ​​of fixating, then Eyetracking Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona AbsolutoIf we see the triangle, and we also note that some users have looked at the Adwords side, which is barely visible on the map by percentages. (See attached image)

A curious observation about the side Adwords: If this same search took, heat maps users under 25 will see something very different: not one has looked at the side Adwords and the triangle appears clean but somewhat disfigured, and focused on higher Adwords and natural results.

It seems that those under 25 are very clear that the lateral Adwords are advertising and therefore do not deserve your attention ... (this topic is important and worth analyzing further because it refers to the theories of communication Postmodern well that both the map and the subject I discuss in another post).

The complete study can be downloaded here:

The complete study can be downloaded here: Eyetracking Search Marketing

This study may also be interested in other analyzes gaze on whether users see or not see advertising. Eyetracking_Media_Espana