Day of good practice in social networks and Web 2.0 in Amposta

The March 6 I have the pleasure of participating in the conference on Social Networks and Web 2.0 organized by Tourism Amposta, Amposta.

This day will be divided into several sessions that will develop throughout the day, and all are created from best practices in communication in social networks collected throughout the year. The goal is to serve as an inspiration to the audience and never found again faced the dilemma of being in front of the control panel Facebook or Twitter and do not know what to write to their users or how to boost the encipiente community of customers who continues on these networks:

  1. We start with good practices in using Facebook and explanation of features of Facebook that people do not know.
  2. We continue with good practices made on TwitterPlus some tips to improve our communication on this network.
  3. Then we dedicate another mini session Pinterest.
  4. And the last, it will be dedicated to Instagram.

In total, 6 hours of training, with a pause at noon.

For more information, please click here: Social Networking Day Amposta

See you in Amposta!

Specialization Program in Digital Marketing in Sabadell

El próximo día 21 de febrero se inicia en la Cámara de Comercio de Sabadell una nueva edición del Curso de Especialización en Marketing Digital. Este curso es el equivalente a un postgrado universitario y prepara al alumno para ejercer como “Internet Channel Manager” de una empresa.

El número de alumnos está limitado a 20 plazas y está especialmente diseñado para profesionales del marketing que desean reciclarse, para emprendedores que desean crear negocios en los que internet tiene un peso elevado y para responsables del canal internet que desean una base sólida para los conocimientos adquiridos en su día a día.

Durante el programa se aprenderá cómo realizar un análisis de competencia en Internet, cómo funcionan los buscadores (SEO), cómo funciona la publicidad (SEM y otros), cómo funcionan las redes sociales a nivel de comunicación empresarial, cómo funciona el email marketing, cómo funcionan las relaciones públicas online, cómo convertir visitas en clientes, cómo funciona el comercio electrónico, y otras materias relacionadas con el marketing digital y la venta online. El programa también incluye la creación de un sitio web utilizando WordPress como herramienta de creación de un sitio web profesional, autogestionable y con una indexación en Google impecable (el valor del sitio web creado en clase es de 3.500 euros, así que sólo realizando este ejercicio el curso está más que amortizado).

Todas las clases son prácticas y el alumno debe asistir con su propio ordenador portátil. El objetivo final es crear el plan de acción online de la empresa del alumno, para todo un año, más la capacitación para ejecutarlo y supervisar a quien lo ejecute… además de la creación del sitio web (si la empresa ya dispone de un sitio web adecuado, el alumno puede realizar el sitio web de cualquier proyecto que tenga en mente).

Si deseas ver el programa entero, puedes hacerlo aquí Especialización en Marketing Digital.

Aun quedan algunas plazas, así que no te pierdas esta oportunidad!

Nos vemos en Sabadell.

A big hug.

Facebook Inspiration in Girona and free

It does not happen every day that we have on the agenda activities open to everyone and also are free of charge. Even so, today's proposal is one of these!

On Tuesday 11 March, I have the pleasure of teaching in the Parc Tecnològic of Girona, along with Helena Casas, A class of the most fun we teach: Facebook Inspiration. The session is organized by the Girona Tourist Board Costabrava and our Research Institute (3isic).

This talk lasts 3 hours and explain it all good practices in business communication through Facebook that have been collected during the year. And we explain duo: Helena explains the action and the key factors that have brought success to the company that performed the action. In total more than 30 super good practices, explained in an entertaining way and serve as inspiration for attendees.

We started preparing this type of class a couple of years ago when we realized that a lot of community managers They knew exactly how Facebook works, but instead did not know how to energize their communities or what to tell their users everyday. So we are dedicated to collect and write down all the good practices that were finding, to have material for more than 10 hours. The day 11 is a talk with the very best of good practices found.

Do not miss it!

The talk is free, but seating is limited so you need to hurry and apply for a place. For more information'll find the page dedicated to the Training of Tourism.

See you in Girona.

A hug.

Specialization Course in Digital Marketing in Terrassa

In a few weeks a new edition of the Specialization Course in Digital Marketing organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa.

This course is especially designed for people working in marketing departments and want to make the most of the tools offered by internet and for entrepreneurs who want to start their projects maximizing the advantage of knowing how the Internet works.

The course is 65 hours (13 weeks) and the main techniques of digital marketing will be addressed both to attract traffic to a website to convert visitors into contacts or customers as well as for further loyalty.

The classes are very practical and taught in the computer room of the House. Each student has a computer and has all course documentation. The goal is that after each session the student is able to apply to your company or your project learned in class immediately.

In this link you will see the entire agenda:

See you there.

Our courses are already fully hardenable through the Tripartite Foundation

This week we have achieved a remarkable milestone in Quadrant Alfa (The company through which canalizo training courses that impart directly): All our courses can be subsidized through the Tripartite Foundation.

In practice, this means that for many companies, the courses we offer are free or almost free, as may recover amounts invested in training, via a bonus trading on fees paid to Social Security. The whole procedure take place from Alpha Quadrant.

We will debut in the next Course WordPress to be held in Amposta. LCompanies wishing as a bonus of 340 euros for the course can apply by writing to this week before Thursday (aid can not be processed if it is within 7 days for training).

From here I take the opportunity to congratulate the whole team of the accounting department and training, which together have made this good news.

We talk to each other.

A hug.

Free Seminar: "Trade Catalan: New times, new challenges"

On October 6 I have the pleasure of participating in the conference "Trade Catalan: New times, new challenges"In the setting of the World Sant Benet (Sant Benet).

The aim of this conference is to train traders in various fields, with the ultimate goal of helping them increase sales.

For my part, I impart a practice session in which I list and explain actions that a trade could be implemented in the network, to be known and retain customers, almost zero budget. It applies to both traditional stores as online shops.

Since it is a Sunday, the organizers have planned a series of parallel activities to training sessions so that the relatives of the participants can enjoy themselves while they participate in different sessions.

If you want to see the full program, please click here: Catalan Trade Conference

The sessions are free, but seating is limited, so please, if you want to attend, before October 3 register yourself and your companions, contacting the organizers. Ms. Laura 937839745 or email confirmació

See you!

WordPress Course in September

We are already preparing a new edition of the course Creating websites with WordPress, Made in BarcelonaAnd in the June issue, the course will impart from the 3isic (International Institute for Research in Information Society and Knowledge All students receive a diploma "Specializing in creating websites with WordPress"Issued by the Institute.

This course will begin on September 16 and will consist of 4 sessions of 4 hours each. These sessions will be held on days 16, 18, 20 and 26 September in Hotel Grums Barcelona (next to the Metro Paral·lel). Hours are from 16 to 20h.

As in previous years, the goal is to get students to create their own corporate website from content manager WordPress (To give you an idea, here are some pages created with WordPress:,,,,,, …)

The website that each student will create perfectly indexed on search engines (explain the SEO for WordPress), contain codes Google Analytics so that students can keep track of visits and contacts received, will be registered with Google Webmaster it will automatically connect to the major social networks and if the student wishes, it can also be multi-language translation with automatic or manual translation.

To do this, the student must have a domain name and a hosting (Web hosting) in which the WordPress install. The domain name has a cost between 10 euros / year and 15 euros / year for a "dot com". The hosting is a cost ranging between 50 euros / year and 80 euros / year, although for our students is free the first 6 months thanks to an agreement with the company

If you want to welcome you to the free hosting CDmon, please indicate this when booking the course and we will send codes that allow you to hire the hosting for zero euros.

If you are not interested in the promotion, also we recommend hiring a preinstalled WordPress hosting you have, since you will save spend time on the technical part of the installation of this content manager. To help guide you, these are the features offered in the Junior CDmon hosting (which is what we recommend)

The total course fee is 340 € / student.

For your information, the market value of a website done in WordPress It is 3,500 euros, so less than 10% of its price and an investment of 16 hours of your time, you can get the website you long, and learn how it is created.

During class, he personally advise each student on the particularities of each website and it will work both individually and in groups. We will be 2 teachers, Helena Casas and myself, together we will advance the creation of the website each.

Students of Master in Digital Marketing bimbs edition April 2013, can attend for free to this course, but you also need to register. If you are enrolled in master's or going to enroll in the November 2013 features you can take this course in person by attending these classes or online.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We talk to each other.

A hug.

Specialization Course in Social Networking and Social Media via Google Hangout

This July from BIMBS (Barcelona International Management Business School) We impart the first formation through Google Hangout.

It's about a Specialization course in Marketing through Social Networks of one month.

The teachers will be Helena Casas and myself.

Iniciamos las clases el lunes 8 de julio a las 4 de la tarde (hora española). Las clases se emitirán en directo a través de Google Hangout cada lunes a las 4 de la tarde, y podrán visualizarse a través de la web de BIMBS, a través del canal de Youtube de BIBMS y a través de Google Hangout mismo. Cada clase tendrá una duración aproximada de una hora y media.

During the rest of the week, students will perform tasks that have been set in class by videoconference and will submit them through the forum of the subject on the intranet of BIBMS. Once completed classes students have one month to prepare its draft communication through social networks to be presented on September 2.

After completing the course, students will receive the title of Specialist Social Networking and Social Media by bimbs.

For more information, please log on this page: Course of Specialist Social Networking and Social Media by bimbs

free session Pinterest and Instagram in Terrassa

This Thursday (June 20) I have the pleasure of giving a short, free session dedicated to Pinterest and Instagram. These two social media who broke tackles early last year and who have settled among the tools that companies have available to make your marketing communications.

The session will be held in the auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa and start at 9h30 'am.

This session will cover the following:

  • What is Pinterest Y how does it work.
  • How to register our company.
  • How panels work Pinterest.
  • Good practices in creating panels by companies.
  • How can we connect to our website.
  • How can we use it to make known our company.

After talking about Pinterest, Instagram board:

  • What is Instagram.
  • How it works Instagram.
  • Good practices in the implementation of actions carried out in Instagram by companies.
  • How can we use it to make known our company.

The session will last approximately 2 hours.

Also in Terrassa but the next week (Wednesday 3 July), we will have a kind of "Update en Marketing Digital". This class is for all alumni courses in previous years, the Chamber of Terrassa, to keep up and know the innovations that have been arriving over the past year.

To attend either session, please contact the Chamber of Commerce of Terrassa: tel. 937339831 or

See you on Thursday!