Slides of my lectures and presentations.

Slides of the conference: Mobile Marketing

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the super event women 3.0 organized by AGIMA (The association that promotes personal and professional development of women).

In this event, the President of Agima explained briefly what is and what activities Agima promotes, and behind it, I gave a lecture on Mobile Marketing, ie on marketing communications using mobile devices as support.

I used slides are as follows:

After my speech, the theater group the Xandrines He brightened up the day with a performance on Women 3.0 very very very funny. But unfortunately, all attendees we feel reflected in its parody at one time or another ... so really, besides entertaining work gave rise to personal reflection and not leave you indifferent.

After the performance, Hotel Grums (A newly opened hotel located next to Paralel Barcelona) offered a great snack on their terrace.

I take these lines to thank AGIMA, a the Xandrines and Hotel Grums the attention they had with me and to congratulate them for their interventions in each of the aspects of the organization of the event. Everything was perfect.

For those who could not attend to it, you can read the tweets act tracking typing on Twitter #agimagrums or waiting for one day, to have Agima about the video that was recorded during the event.

Final note: For those who asked me about what my next open event, indicate that this afternoon participated in a conference on managing your personal brand at UAB. These talks are open to everyone. My speech will be the second, starting at 4 pm and is taught in the hall of the principalship. The assistance is free and no cost.

We talk to each other.

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Slides "Direct Marketing in Tourism" given in Málaga

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the conference Tourism Industry: Economic Motor Andalusia She organized by the Institute of San Telmo with the Ministry of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucía.

The sessions were designed to help boost the Andalusian tourism through technological innovation. For this, the Instute of San Telmo organized this conference and invited various speakers specialists on issues such as resource management products, people management and marketing of tourism products.

My participation was part of the panel discussion entitled: Tourism Marketing: New channels and how to get more customers, and I took care to explain direct marketing through internet.

In this round table also they participated:

  • Prof. Rafael Ollero Calatayud, Commercial Management, IIST (moderator)
  • Francisco J. Castillo. Director General of Advanced Leisure Services, Who explained the changes that are causing the development of tourism and marketing form (you can see-slide in its blog).
  • Juan Dominguez, Ex-CEO travel with Current CEO Club Santa Monica, Who explained the tourism marketing through intermediaries.

I used slides to illustrate my remarks are the following.

I hope you find them useful.

A hug.

Slides "10 tips to improve online business communication Audiovisual"

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating as a speaker at the 2011 edition of Audiovisual Market of Catalonia.

This fair, year after year, brings together audiovisual professionals who are somehow related to what is known as "local television" ... what is commonly called local television.

For my part, I participated imparting aimed at offering modest assistance in the form of 10 tips to improve online communication companies present at the event presentation.

I used slides to illustrate my paper are as follows.

I hope you find them useful.

A hug

Course Slides WordPress in Olot

Yesterday I had the pleasure of giving the last session course organized by WordPress FES Olot (Higher Education Foundation of Olot).

As usual, the course was tough, especially the first day. Getting everyone to connect to their computers and then get each person finishes installing a WordPress, is not easy. But we got it in most cases.

The second day was much easier working with WordPress, we only had to go down to focus on themes and plugins, to go transforming the basic structure of WordPress blog, a corporate website.

Now it is necessary for students to practice on their own and go see other pages created with WordPress for inspiration looking at other ways to organize the pages and other ways of presenting the value propositions of each company.

The presentations that I used as a guide for both classes are as follows:

The first day:

The second day:

I hope you find them useful.
We talk to each other.

Sponsorship Slides 2.0

Today I had the pleasure of participating in Sponsorship Seminar - New Trends, new experiences, organized by Sport Cultura Barcelona and the IESE.

Both the two round tables and individual presentations have been very interesting and in all cases the public has participated with intelligent questions, which have given rise to more interesting explanations. What more could you want?

For my part, here is the presentation that I used to illustrate my talk about Web 2.0, its characteristics and its evolution.

I hope you find it useful.

Slides of the conference Mobile Marketing for Cultural Industries

On May 18 I had the pleasure of giving a lecture entitled "Mobile Marketing for Cultural Industries"In the lecture series organized by the SDE - ICIC.

At the conference we saw the following points:

  • What is Mobile Marketing.
  • What is it for.
  • What types of communication Marketing we can make using the mobile phone.
  • How can we apply to the promotion of cultural products.
  • Examples.
  • key success factors.

Deputy then I used slides to illustrate my paper if they can be of help:

I go all right.
A hug.

Class Slides Advanced WordPress

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching a class of Advanced WordPress, especially designed for tourism businesses. The event was organized the Tourist Board of the Costa Brava Gone to cabo and the magnificent Auditorium of the Technological Park of the University of Girona.

This class was the second part of the class Creating Websites using WordPress, y ya dábamos por supuesto que todos los asistentes sabían cómo utilizar un WordPress y las utilidades de sus funciones básicas. Así que dedicamos las 4 horas de clase a mejorar la instalación base de WordPress para conseguir una página web con un mejor posicionamiento en buscadores, a conocer cómo incluir los códigos de Google Analytics, a cómo conseguir una página web con un buen formulario de contacto, una zona con suscripción a una newsletter o a novedades de la web, vimos un gran número de plugins que pueden sernos de utilidad en la página web de un hotel o de cualquier establecimiento turístico, vimos cómo crear una landing page para una campaña (y conseguir que esta página no aparezca en el menú) y vimos también ejemplos de páginas de hoteles creadas utilizando WordPress.

Overall, I think the students were well prepared to work a little more on their projects and get excellent web professionals with all the features necessary for their business sites.

I used slides to illustrate my explanations are as follows.

I hope you find them useful.

A hug.

Slides for Cultural Industries Videomarketing

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of giving a presentation on Video Marketing applied to Cultural Industries organized by the BDS (Business Development Service) the ICIC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries) in the Auditorium of the Museum Colet.

In the two and a half hours long event saw what the Videomarketing, what it is, how we can apply it to disseminate cultural works (whatever type they are), and also how we can apply it to promote our businesses. We also saw the factors to consider when creating a video and make it known on the network as well as the key factors of success of the strategy itself.

The truth is that this talk had to prepare well, because among the participants there were a number of companies in the audiovisual sector ... and in the audience were true specialists in creating video and later broadcast. It was quite a challenge to keep up! (... I hope I have been)

I used slides to illustrate my talk are as follows.

I hope you find them useful.

I go all right.

Web 2.0 applied to Sport Organizations

Last Friday I had the pleasure of giving the presentation on Web 2.0 adapted to how they can take advantage of the swimming clubs for loyalty to its users, to attract new members and to give value to the brand of their sponsors.

The talk I gave in the framework of the Days 2.0 have title V microFÒRUM the AECNC - The Web 2.0 sports entities, Organized by the Business association of swimming clubs in Catalonia.

Como suelo hacer en estos casos, para preparar la charla revisé las páginas web de los asistentes y busqué las mejores prácticas para ponerlas como ejemplo. Tal como me ocurre cada vez que lo hago, esto me da la ocasión de tomarle un pulso al sector y ver cómo se están resolviendo (desde diferentes ángulos de visión) los problemas a los que se enfrentan este tipo de entidades. Así que cuando digo que es un placer impartir este tipo ponencias, no lo digo por decir… lo digo porque me causa placer aprender nuevos enfoques y descubrir nuevas maneras de afrontar los retos que supone la comunicación online. A demás del placer que supone poder tener la ocasión de explicar lo que he ido descubriendo a una audiencia formada por representantes de casi la mayor parte de clubs de natación de Catalunya… que son muchos.

The presentation that I used to illustrate my paper is as follows:

Once my talk began of Rafael Gimeno-Bayon, abogado asesor en derecho de nuevas tecnologías, especializado en la resolución de problemas de reputación online des del punto de vista legal. La verdad es que ponencia me gustó muchísimo porqué no fue la típica ponencia de “abogado que es alérgico a las nuevas tecnologías” y que va poniendo palos en las ruedas de “los de marketing”. Rafael es un profesional del Derecho con amplios conocimientos de marketing que en todo momento ayudó a los presentes indicando cómo deberían trabajar, qué clausulas legales deberían incluir en sus páginas, para poder sacar el mayor provecho de sus acciones de marketing digital.

We also expluso some cases of online defamation, and some cases of usurpation of personality, and explained how they were resolved. In short, a very interesting presentation and I'm sure it was very useful for attendees.

If I see that Rafael has hung its online presentation, I will include the link in a footnote of this article.

I hope the information is useful.

A hug.

Summary and ppt of the conference "Cities 3.0" made in Huesca

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the conference that have title CiudadesVillesCiutats 3.0 which they took place in Huesca for 2 days.

The program of the conference was interesting (although I missed the Tuesday afternoon with the inaugural lecture given by Javier Celaya and the round table was entitled "Gazes around digital creation"In which they participated Radigales Enrique, Jose Antonio Galaso, Franck Bauchard and Paula Blesa as moderator).

One of the talks I attended to itself was to Marc Le Glatin (author of the book " Internet: an earthquake in culture?") Surprised me by his vision of how it should be the funding of culture (co-funded by all and distributing earnings per use) and the idyllic world that believes (I envy [healthy] to be able to think that something this is possible in our society).

You can also attend the panel discussion moderated by José Luis Latorre, Director of Walqa Technology Park (which is where the conference was held) Florence Corrionero, Deputy Director of the Development Centre Sociocultural Foundation Germán Sánchez Ruipérez in Peñaranda de Bracamonte (Salamanca) Olivier school tree, Co-founder Platoniq Jaime I cry (Head of Art-Lab projects of the City of Huesca) and Ana Pueyo (Cerebral Palsy Association ASPACE-Huesca and J. Patxi Larrañaga, Director of the Center for Technology Show at the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (Ministry of Culture). It was an interesting round table. Larrañaga also surprised me by the way they see the culture ...

After this Rendoda table, we visit the Technology Park and then had lunch. After lunch, with well-filled bellies and wanting to nap, it was my turn, and I had to get the audience did not sleep, was attentive and she'll have fun ... while explaining the mistakes cultural enterprises when making communication on the internet ... it was not easy :-)

The presentation that I used is as follows:

In this link you can see the "Event participant" created by @Culturepunk (José Ramón But) in which all the tweets made by participants (and non-contact) are collected during the event. You can also see it in Twitter if you follow the hashtag # cv30. And the tweets of my 10 mistakes can see summarized in this document preparado by Oscar Ciuró from the tweets Think Joseva.

I hope you find this information useful.

I take these lines to thank all attendees who tweeted the conference (my paper included) and especially the organization of the event, which was flawless in every way.

A big hug to everyone.

We talk to each other.