Reviews written on books by other authors (mostly Science Fiction)

Review of "The Glass House" by Charles Stross - Sci Fi VíaMagna

The Glass House It is an interesting book with two distinct parts.The Glass House

On the one hand explains the history of a society highly developed in the areas of genetic engineering, in which people decide to voluntarily cleared the memory and change the morphology of their bodies, where interstellar travel is by teleport and where wars They are made based on "worms" that erased the memory of their victims (both individually and on a global level). This part of the book is cyberpunk style and is a bit heavy.

On the other hand, we have the protagonists of this story as part of a sociological experiment and performing a estage 3 years in a closed habitat (The Glass House) Which recreate a similar to that of the twentieth century, almost without technology society.

We also have a murderer who follows in the footsteps of one of the protagonists and tries to kill it wherever you are, and even though he does not remember anything.

Closed habitat description is interesting and is somewhat reminiscent of the descriptions of the ships that are the characters of Arthur C. Clarke in stories like Rendezvous with Rama.

The society initially recreates the habitat reminiscent of the 50s: women who are obedient housewives home, men who go to work to earn a salary with which to support his wife, his children and his home. And together, on Sunday, they go to church to remain indoctrinated. The company is based in controlling the actions that deviate from this normal, on the basis of "what they will say"And based on public recriminations on Sunday in the Church. I could not help thinking of the social control exerted in some societies such as those found in Arab countries or even in some Spanish towns, where everyone is aware of all and in which the "what they will say"The law does comply normal.

The recreation of this society ensures that reading the book will smother much as the protagonists suffocate ... but there is no escape. In order to survive the protagonists will have to discover the true purpose of the Glass House, they will have to discover how to prevent this objective is met and have to deal with the murderer that seeks but does not know their identities.

Only one criticism, and not the fault of the author, the book is riddled with typos. So many that come to irritate the most patient reader (and I'm patient).

Nevertheless, the book is original and has an unexpected ending. Worth reading.

Review of "LUZ ROBADA", by Gary Gibson - Quantum Ed. VíaMagna

Interesting book that reads fast (or that, or does the summer vacation suit me). Within Science Fiction I would classify it as “space opera”… Protagonist who goes from one part to another, all with little depth, but with a story that hooks.Stolen Light

The book is set in a distant future in which the secret of superluminal travel is in the hands of an alien race called Shoal, which exercises absolute control over this technology and therefore controls the commerce and exploration of the galaxy. Races wishing to use this technology must adhere to the rules dictated by the Shoales, without exception.

For their part, humans (who use technology Shoal) are divided into different types of society and while some have adopted all kinds of invasive technology in their bodies and therefore carry cranial implants among other devices, other groups have rejected this type of technology and shun those who have adopted it. The social structures of one and the other also vary and arouse the interest of the reader.

The protagonist of this story is a former military pilot loaded with implants and with a murky past. Throughout the entire narrative he will have to deal with his past, with aliens, with gangsters and with the military. Also with ships that almost have feelings and finally with another extraterrestrial race. This character is the most worked and the one with the most dimension, although the protagonist Shoal is also well treated. On the other hand, another of the main characters, the human gangster, I think that could have been made more out of it.

The book has its funny moments, for example, the Shoales, which are aquatic creatures with attached tentacles, use the most suggestive human names. Names like: Animal Excrement Trader, Rigor-Mortis, O Guardian-of-the-Intimate-Secrets-of-the-Engaged-Involuntarily.

A 100% recommended book.