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International Digital Marketing

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International Digital Marketing

International Digital Marketing is the set of strategies aimed at communication and online marketing of products and services, outside our country of origin. It's not as complicated as it sounds, however, entering a new market without solid preliminary research can lead to a waste of time and resources.

Your international website: In this article I explain how your website should be if you want to have a successful International Digital Marketing strategy.

Positioning is local and specific to each country

The phrase already seems like a cliché at this point… but “think globally and act locally”. Work each market differently. In the next article I will help you to know with what criteria to choose the country in which to start your digital strategy.

Any product or service must be explained from the customer's point of view. What is the customer looking for from that service or item? Use “keyword planner” type tools Google Ads to know, in that particular country, what are the keywords that people in your sector are looking for. In your web analytics program you can also see the keywords that have brought traffic, by market segments. You just need to create one segment for each country you want to analyze. Throughout the book we will show you more tools.

Check very well how you explain your product in that market. It is a common mistake not to explain yourself in a way that someone from another country understands. It's great to have someone from that country on your team.

You must show that you are international

Show that your website is international, include your telephone prefixes, indicate the address including the country and in general, show that you are an internationalized company that knows how to move on the global internet. For example, do not make a common mistake: if you do not have specific content by country, do not put the flags to change the language. If you only translate, indicate the language in which the pages are but do not assume that a language and a country are the same... you will have problems in Belgium, in Andorra and throughout Latin America...

How to find a distributor in a country?

If what you want is to get distributors, you should have a section in the menu dedicated to this topic. Indicating where you already have them and where you are looking for them. Explain what you offer them and how they can contact you to find out more.

Your commercial team must take care of their Personal Brand on networks such as Linkedin or its equivalent in the target country. It is important that your profiles are in English, at a minimum, and that your image is correct.

You should also be present in the marketplaces and industry directories of that country... but we will talk about this in another article.

your international website

Companies always ask us if they should buy a new domain name, an international extension or if they can continue with their old website. Well, the answer is complicated and you must make your decision.

There are 3 options: a multi-regional website, a multilingual website and a global website.

Multi-regional websites require multiple websites for each country. This is usually done when you have subsidiaries or distributors in that country. And where they will be the ones who will manage your local website. It is a totally independent website that will require all kinds of digital marketing actions. It has the advantage that it is automatically geolocated in local search engines.

A multilingual website is a single website, but with different versions. Much more manageable at the level of SEO and resources in Digital Marketing. In general, it benefits from any action that is carried out at a general level.

An English-only global website would be the easiest way to offer your services. It is ideal if your audience is international and normally communicates in this language. But we have already commented that for certain markets this is not a good idea. Most global websites end up segmenting by country and language.

I'll explain it in more detail in the book (sorry, I don't want to make these super long blog posts... and I already commented in the previous article that this series of articles that I'm going to publish from now on are part of the Export 4.0 book that I'm working on). writing).

Resources that will help you

article on International Digital Marketing (the first in the series that references the book)

article on how to do seo in russia I wrote a few months ago (before the war).

Article in which I explain how to create an Online Communication plan.

And here an article in which I explain How Social Networks work at the level of International Digital Marketing.

I invite you to tell me what topics, in relation to International Digital Marketing, you would like to know more about in detail. Thanks to your help, I will be creating the articles and expanding the chapters of the book.

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