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  1. maria
    maria says:

    I have a profile on facebook and from there I am manager of a Facebook page too. The URL of the page is very long (the name and lot numbers) and want to change it to not leave numbers. If I change the user name, will I change the in my profile? Also tells me that you are already using the name I want (myself of course) but I want without much issue ... what I can do?
    Thank you!

  2. Montse
    Montse says:

    Mary to see if I understand:
    1) You need a profile with your name and personalized URL.
    2) You have a page and want to change your URL to customize.
    I commented: from page, go to Edit Page -> Basics -> Username
    Here we tell you to continue as a person not as a page. Say OK and continues. In the next step it will ask you what page you want to change the username. Only'll change the page, do not worry.
    Vigila why you can never change it (the name of a profile can be changed more than once, on a page is not).
    I you comment you have the name occupied by yourself ... you can try to rename your profile and assign that name to the page, or simply, you can find other similar name, for your page.
    I do not know if I've explained. I hope I've helped.

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