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Montse Peñarroya a la Cambra de Barcelona

Internet is present in our lives and our businesses, in a professional and personal level. It is important to get training in Digital Marketing and the creation of online businesses.

To help you achieve that, Montserrat has created customized lectures and courses for a wide range of universities, business schools and educational centers.

The majority of lectures can be adapted from 1 hour and a half, up to 40 hours (8 days of 5 hours), depending on the depth in which each subject is taught and the amount of examples and exercises done.

What you will see below is a small sample of courses and lectures imparted this year.

Algunos de los cursos y conferencias que forman parte del catálogo de Montse

The 9 techniques to attract visitors to a website

In this lecture we learn the 9 techniques that will help you attract transit to our website. Between these techniques, we find SEO, SEM, publicity, public relations, e-mail marketing, 2.0 tools and others. It can last from 2 up to 15 hours.

The 10 mistakes on the online communications made by companies of the XXXXX sector

We will comment some of the main mistakes that a certain sector make on their online communication. In order to achieve that, we analyze the websites of the assistants and we summarize the mistakes we found. It can last from 1 up to 5 hours.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): find out how the Search Engines work

In this lecture we explain how the Search Engines work (particularly Google), which variables are part of the algorithm that sorts the results in a search and, in general, how can we improve the position of a website.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing): find out how to optimize you campaigns in Google Adwords

In this session we will learn how Google AdWords works and how to create a campaign. We will also analyze the keys to success of a google online campaign. It can last from 1 up to 3 hours.

Web 2.0 and its incorporation on a company's communication strategy

In this lecture we explain what the Web 2.0 is, how it works, which tools are part of it and how is it evolving to the Web 3.0. It can last from 1 up to 5 hours.

Facebook Workshop for businesses

This is a workshop in which students will create the page for their business in Facebook, will learn how to manage it, how to boost a community, how to create an ad campaign and which apps can help them coordinate their online presence in this social network. It can last from 2 up to 5 hours.

The 10 online actions that you can put into practice tomorrow

This is a workshop for entities that wish to offer this lecture with immediate results. It can last from 2 up to 5 hours.

Benchmarking workshop

In this workshop we will learn how to create a positioning map and how to determinate the position of a company on the net. To achieve that, we will analyze several variables that help the student know how the network works. It can last from 3 up to 5 hours.

15 different Business Models to undertake online

This lecture is part of the Online Business Creation course. In it we explain the different revenue sources that an online business can use. It can last from 1 up to 3 hours.

Web analytics workshop: creation of a control center

In this workshop we will learn how to create a control center that will allow a company to control and analyze all the variables that affect the success or failure of a website or online business. It can last from 1 up to 5 hours.

Mobile Marketing: Digital Marketing through mobile devices

In this workshop we will talk about marketing communication through mobile devices. We will learn how to get a website to look properly on mobile, how to perform ad campaigns for mobile phones, what are the bidimensional codes, and other subjects relation to mobile networks. It can last from 1 up to 5 hours.

Video Marketing: how to use videos to publicize our company

In this lecture we will learn the difference between "posting a video" and "doing video marketing". To achieve that, we will explain how YouTube works and the key factors for a successful video marketing campaign for companies of a particular sector. It can last from 1 up to 5 hours.

eMail Marketing: how to use email effectively

In this lecture we will learn how to do marketing through email, using 2.0 tools which will allow us to know all kinds of data about our campaigns. It can last from 1 up to 5 hours.


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