How much is my site? - Discover the 5 variables that give value to your website

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How much is a website?

Content of this article

How much is my website worth?

Surely you've ever wondered what it's worth doing the work you are creating content for your website and struggling to attract traffic and customers.

This article aims to analyze the 5 variables that affect the value of a website, and at the same time, show you tools that can be of help to quantify these variables.

What variables affect the value of a website?

Variables that affect the value of a site: the domain name, users of your website, market segments to which users belong, your database, your audience on social networks.

How much is a domain name?

A new domain

The market price of a new domain is between 5 € and 15 € a rule. It all depends on the domain extension you use (.com, .es, .cat, etc.). This year we have put on sale a lot of new extensions and each extension manager decides the price of the domain extension.

Search for a domain here the price for that domain with different extensions, if new.

Domains with words of great value

There are numerous markets where you can buy domains containing words of great value. If also the domain and the extension becomes a meaningful sentence, the value is even higher (in English call "domain hacks"). For example: is for sale at Sedo for $ 699.

Some of the major trading markets domains are:

Here you will find a tool that will search "domain hacks" related to what you want: Domain Hack

A domain with history

Typically your site already has a history, if your reputation is good, this is also payable.

To see the history of the domain, you can access:

To know the reputation of a domain, look at: Majestic SEO

A domain with history and good reputation is worth at least 1,000 euros.

The value of your domain depend on the years you have and the Trustflow and Citationflow assign you

How users a website worth?

Visits to a website can make them profitable advertising and affiliate programs. To find the value of the advertising potential of your website calculates the following:

1) Number of visits. For example 100,000 visits per month.

2) Page views per user. For example 4 pages per visit (look at your Google Analytics).

3) Monthly page views. The current ones will be told by your Google Analytics, but if what you want is to make a prediction, then multiply the visits you think you will have, by the pages visited per user.

With Adsense you can win 20 € per 100,000 page views (nothing fancy ... but that's how things)

With affiliate programs that you will find in Zanox (, with 100,000 visits you can invoice around €750 (calculated with a conversion rate of 3%, 4 page views per user, and a charge of €1 per contact achieved).

So more or less, with a page of 25,000 users, generating 100,000 page views per month, you can check 770 €, per year this will be 9,240 €. The value of this type of website as this variable is calculated by multiplying 3 its annual turnover, so the page value would be: 27,720 €

Try the calculator that we have created from Quadrant Alpha: Value Request web

The market segment they belong

If your users belong to a market segment that is appreciated by advertisers. For example, women between 25 and 45 years old interested in cosmetics. Then the price of advertising can increase drastically, reaching € 20 per 1000 page views. If they are very young, they will be worth less ... and also as they use Adblock it is more difficult to make them see advertising.

How much is a database?

Los datos de contacto de un grupo de usuarios se pagan entre 0,45€ y 0,60€ por registro, es decir, por nombre, apellidos, email, como mínimo. Súmale 0,7€ por cada criterio de segmentación que puedas ofrecer (edad, ciudad, idioma, IP, etc.). Si consigues sacarle provecho cada mes, multiplica el valor por 12 y luego, como en el caso de la facturación por publicidad, multiplica el resultado por 3 años (la teoría es que el comprador, sin hacer nada, debería poder sacarle el mismo rendimiento que tú, los próximos 3 años).

Remember that the Data Protection Act prohibits you from selling data from your users, so this is the value if signing over the company and the data were valued as assets. You have to monetize with advertising or sponsored messages.

How much does the audience on social networks?

This is easy to calculate because you can know if you approach it from the point of view of how much it costs you to advertise on social networks and get more followers.

Twitter and Facebook, a follower cost about 1 €. So if you have 1,000 followers, your network has a value of 1,000 €. Again, segmentation or a special public can make up this price.

With all this data, you can roughly calculate the value of your website. Or you can try the calculator we have created for the occasion: Value Request web

Make your calculations and see the result.

Although entrepreneurial advice and eBusiness specialist teacher.

  1. A website is worth what you are willing to sell to you charge for. You have to start thinking: if I pay 1,000 € I sell it? No. If I pay € 10,000 I sell it? Maybe. If I pay 100,000 me sell it? Yes. Well wing, you have a price range. Refines and find the value you give to your website.
  2. A web worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The willingness to buy from people and businesses is not always rational. So although calculated as we have done in this article value is one, someone may be willing to pay more for it. Or less ... given the case.

The final value of your website which will consider 3 things: the asset value, the value you give it, and the value that gives a prospective buyer. I hope this article has been helpful.

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How much is my site? - Discover the 5 variables that give value to your website
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How much is my site? - Discover the 5 variables that give value to your website
Seguramente te has preguntado alguna vez cuánto vale el trabajo que estás realizando creando contenidos para tu sitio web y luchando para atraer tráfico y posibles clientes. Este artículo tiene por objetivo analizar las 5 variables que afectan al valor de una web, y a la vez, mostrarte herramientas que pueden ser de ayuda para cuantificar estas variables.
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2 replies
  1. Maite
    Maite says:

    Montse Very interesting! Excellent asset valuation. I want to know where you get the valuation of databases and social networks (any officer or representative body?)

  2. Montserrat
    Montserrat says:

    Maite Hi, thanks for finding interesting!
    Mira, el valor de la base de datos proviene de lo que te cuesta comprar esos datos en el mercado. Una ficha de empresa comprada en eInforma o en cualquiera de las webs que vende datos de empresa vale 0,65€, si no quieres el email y sólo quieres la dirección física para hacer un mailing en papel vale 0,45€. Antes podías comprarlas en las Cámaras de Comercio y valían 0,60€. Así que más o menos este es el valor de un registro con email, en una base de datos.

    On the value of a follower, this is what you pay on Facebook or Twitter when you hire advertising and apply for pay only for followers, not for clicks on the web or sometimes you see the ad. I have campaigns running this month on Twitter and is costing me $ 1.13 (I have the account in dollars) each new follower.

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