Slides used in the Women and Business Forum

On Saturday April 21 I had the pleasure of participating in a new edition of Women and Business Forum.

In this edition of the forum the issue of treated management brand image of women managers. My participation was in the form of explanation of how 2.0 tools can help us manage our brand image. To do this, first I explained how a personal brand and then the tools that make it possible to make it known is created. We also saw the key success factors to ensure that everything works.

The aim was to convey to the attendees that no matter if we manage or not our image, the truth is that is there and if we do not we will be the chance will decide what image we project to the world, hence it is important to take over the management of the information displayed on us in the network.

To illustrate my participation, I prepared slides that included under these lines.

I hope you find them useful.

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