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PhD in
Business Model Adaptation

Montserrat is pursuing a doctorate in Business Model Adaptation within the GREITM research group in La Salle - Ramon Llull University.

To survive in the current environment, a VUCA environment (Volatile, with uncertainty or Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) companies must constantly adapt.

Peñarroya Montserrat
Montserrat visiting MIT in Boston

While it is easy to adapt the product or service being offered, and it is easy to adapt business processes, it is not so easy to adapt a business model. Inertia, fear of change, ignorance... many causes lead some companies to decide to close instead of adapting.

For this reason, Montserrat's research focuses on analyzing how companies adapt their business models as the market changes and the economy becomes more digital.

The research group GREITM (Group of Research in Entrepreneurship and Technology-Based Innovation) focuses on the impact of digitization on business. The group has three lines of research that analyze the impacts of digitization from three perspectives:

  1. Organizational capabilities: This line of research considers how digitization affects company-level processes and capabilities, considering how innovation management and other organizational challenges, such as project management and learning, are evolving in the digital age;
  2. value propositions: This line of research considers how digitalization affects the market offerings of new and established companies, mainly considering the role of digitalization in fostering entrepreneurship and marketing activities;
  3. Dependencies between companies: This line of research considers how digitalization influences the context in which companies operate, considering the platform, the ecosystem and institutional factors.

The GREITM Research Group has been recognized as a Research Group by the Generalitat de Catalunya within the framework of the SGR 2017 Call (2017 SGR 941).

We have also been recognized as member of the technological transfer TECNIO Developers by ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Articles published by montserrat in the framework of her doctorate:

Currently, he continues to investigate the adaptation of cultural business models and their adaptation after COVID-19. Now, quantitatively analyzing whether, when cultural companies adapt their business models, they take their sustainability into account.

Contact Montserrat if you want a conference or a class related to this topic. She will be delighted to create the best paper you can get on adapting business models.

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