Google free access to their AdWords APIs

Some time ago rumor of a possible liberalization of APIs that control Google AdWords. So far the rumors were denied by the Internet giant, but yesterday things have changed.

It is possible to request access to APIs.

But what are the APIs Google AdWords? It is basically a programming code up to now not modifiable by anyone but Google- that allow advertisers and other companies use their own software interface.

On the one hand it is a bit disappointing when taking into account the expectations that had raised the rumor, since the APIs do not add new features to AdWords. With APIs you can do what you can do with the control panel already using Google advertisers. In essence what we are talking about is a greater degree of customization, the ability to tune in any of these three aspects:

  • Campaign management.
  • Campaign reports.
  • Traffic estimate.

To prevent abuse or spam AdWords APIs be associated with a maximum number of transactions per month for each advertiser. Each of these numbers maximum operations is calculated individually based on existing accounts.

With this move Google seeks to achieve two things. The first is to provide APIs that allow free expansion to large advertising companies and entry into markets until now inaccessible. And the second is that given a little more control to advertisers.

Hace un tiempo Amazon consiguió llegar a lugares impensables y con funcionalidades increíbles al liberalizar ciertas APIs y permitir que programadores de todo el mundo pudieran consultar el catálogo de Amazon en casi cualquier dispositivo. Como consecuencia de aquello al día de hoy existen formas realmente originales y potentes de usar Amazon para el usuario. Un ejemplo es algo que ya es realidad en algunos países asiáticos: una persona se para delante de una zapatería y quiere comprobar si unos zapatos son caros. Escanea el código de barras con su móvil (funcionalidad que ya incluyen algunos móviles en Japón y Corea) y entonces el producto se compara con el precio en Amazon y se obtienen ventajas y descuentos en caso de comprarlo online.

In the case of Google APIs liberalization it is not as wide, but it is an indisputable first step towards opening new markets and consolidating its dominant position.

If the expected logical evolution occurs it is more than likely in months or even weeks to see the first results of this new flexibility in AdWords.

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