The new augmented reality glasses Google

A couple of weeks ago Google introduced its new prototype augmented reality glasses. With these new glasses we get closer to the time when the augmented reality through lenses will be available worldwide (now it is already through mobile).

Analyzing the operation observed that the glasses use the voice command to activate the device functions. Not seem to use the movement of hands or eyes, as does the prototype Nokia. Let's see if they publish more videos or more complete information about the device and can analyze it well. The project has been made public now why they want feedback from users.

The video presentation of the augmented reality glasses It is spectacular and needs no words to explain it ...

The prototype with working before this shown in the video glasses were more like "Terminator". We can see them here: Terminator glasses created by Google

It seems that is also working on contact lenses that will allow the same functionality. You can read information about the lenses in this article: augmented reality contact lenses

Although one can not help but really Google controls our lives: know what to look for, know who speak (if you use Gmail), what videos look on YouTube, where we go when we use Google Maps, who our friends by Google+, which products We interest us (when we search Google Shopping) and now it seems that also incorporates the chech-in's to know where we are, with no margin for error.

Obviously this information is used to offer more targeted advertising (Facebook is winning the game right now, offering segmentation to name company in which the target audience works, but it seems that Google wants to take the lead ). I can not help feeling a certain chill with much control ... but it seems that this will be the trend or let you spy or anything based on web 3.0 (mobility, geolocation and augmented reality) will work.

Let's see how it evolves the coming months.

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  1. Sports magazine
    Sports magazine says:

    It is amazing how technology advances. Not many years ago it was unthinkable to imagine having mobile internet and increasingly advances are older and in a short time.

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