My son in "Invictus" with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon

This is a post that should be released under the category of "Mother's Love"But I do not have because I never write about personal issues (except in the case of book reviews) I put on tourism that is what made my son when he left the opportunity to appear in this film directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.

The story goes like this: last year, Jaume (my son) was practicing Tourism Languages ​​(tourist modality consisting of a stay in a given country in order to learn a language) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Following his appearance in a video on the school in receiving English classes, the communications agency that conducted the video contacted him to appear in an advertisement, and a few weeks before the end of their stay in South Africa, contact new to appear as an extra in "Invictus".

Doing extra to the public in the stands of one of the football fields that appear in the film, they asked volunteers to play the role of security guards of the field, and Jaume volunteered to do so. So it ended this way in the frame I show below these lines.

Jaume in Invictus

During the film it could be seen in more scenes, all yes, on the football field runs in which the image I have attached. In one of them, even it appears in the foreground next to a security guard of Nelson Mandela.

Matt Damon came to speak when asked where he was to see the funny accent with which he spoke and he explained that it was in Barcelona and I was there studying. Jaume took the opportunity to ask for an autograph dedicated to Mireia (one of my daughters) ... a detail from an older brother ... and in detail by Matt, access to do so in the midst of filming.

Shooting, he said that both Matt Damon and Clint Easwood are lovely, nice and very close. But instead, the son of Clint Eastwood, who was part of the crew members, was neither friendly nor pleasant. Morgan Freeman did not get to speak.

Overall, the experience was very good and served to complement the rest of unique experiences that lived during the nine months he spent in Cape Town.

During this period he published a blog that kept us all aware of what he was doing in South Africa or at least what he was doing and could be known by his parents and relatives.

... Needless to say, their English improved a lot during the stay and which won the corresponding cerficate that credits, he also learned some Afrikaans, but above all, he learned to respect and live with people and completely different from our own cultures.

Later note: Mireia has sent me a new frame with Jaume looking good.

Jaume in Invictus
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