News about the Cassini Huygens space mission

Enceladus, moon of SaturnFollowing the review of “Titan", the book of I'm Bova About the one I wrote a few weeks ago, I commented on this blog that we were without news of the space mission Cassini - Huygens for a long time… Well, things of destiny: today we have news of this mission. ESA has sent a statement explaining that the Cassini spacecraft has detected sodium salts in ice grains in Saturn's E ring.

The E ring of Saturn is an inconspicuous ring and somewhat further away from the typical rings of Saturn. This ring is supplied with material from a moon of Saturn called Enceladus with which it shares orbit and that occasionally suffers eruptions at its poles throwing stuff to the space. The attached image corresponds to the moon and was taken by Cassini in 2005.

Salted ice detection in this indicates that the little moon ring of Saturn hosts reserves of liquid water, or perhaps even an ocean beneath its surface, hence the news is particularly interesting.

Read the full article on the website of the ESA: European Space Agency - Article Cassini Huygens

See image that illustrates where the E ring of Saturn is located:
Saturn's rings

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