New Google service: Books Ngram Viewer (speaking on what books?)

This December, Google surprised us with a tool that works like Google Trends but from its database of books (Google Books). That is, it tells us about what they talk about books you have stored and dating from 1800 to today. Is about Google Ngrams. The official name is "Google Books Ngram Viewer".

The image I show along these lines analyzes the appearance of the words "money", "Health" and "love" in the literature of the last two centuries (clícala to amplify).

Is not it great to have this kind of tool? And on top is not only in English but it has literature in 7 languages ​​(Catalan unfortunately is not yet one of them). English also distinguishes between fiction, bestsellers and literature in general.

With my students in masters online de PMasters (UAB) we are analyzing since Google made public and we discussed its use at the enterprise level. The truth is that we have not found, but at the level of sociological research is an interesting tool.

If you have a moment, play a little with it. Test for example: war and peace, love and hate, rock and pop [are suggestions from students :-)], or play to see how cities become trendy looking for example: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris, London, Prague Rome. O Spain, Italy and France.

Some little things: monitor with accents (discriminates).

It all goes well ... and happy 2011!

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