Objective: conversion of 4% on the website of a hotel

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What is the conversion of a website of a hotel and what should be? Converting the website of a hotel is the ratio we get if we take the total number of bookings made through the website, divided by the number of visits to the website.

With a web page without knowing freshly cooked thoroughly to the users of that website, we should start with a 1% conversion. That is, for every 100 web visits, 1 visit becomes reservation.

If the website of a hotel is below 1% it is having a problem (or several problems, but is too long to treat it here and you can find more info on our corporate blog).

If the website of a hotel is above 1% is so good to begin with. And we can raise the set ourselves an ambitious goal. This goal is to reach a figure between 3% and 4% on average (see below that this percentage varies depending on certain profiles and origin of visits).

Why should we have so clearly the conversion of our website?

Above all, to make forecasts billing: if we clear the conversion and is a correct figure, then we can focus on attracting our target audience to the website of the hotel.

In addition, we calculate the cost of acquiring a new customer and with this figure, we can know that the advertising campaigns we undertake to attract visitors are profitable or are not.

Por ejemplo, si dedicamos 500 euros al mes a atraer visitas a través de anuncios en Adwords de Google y sabemos que la web convierte un 3%, antes mismo de iniciar la campaña podemos saber el coste de adquisición de un cliente, podemos fijar en Google Adwords el coste máximo por adquisición de visita (0,75 euros por clic, para empezar) y por lo tanto, podemos prever que con 500 euros, obtendremos 667 visitas como mínimo. Si sabemos que convertimos un 3%, podemos prever que de las 500 visitas obtendremos 20 clientes. Por lo tanto, el coste de adquisición de un cliente es de 25 euros (500 euros / 20 clientes). Con esta cifra, podemos preguntarnos si tenemos margen suficiente para atraer clientes siguiendo estas premisas y si la campaña es rentable o no.

Why are hotels that do not know the conversion of your website?

For conversion to client site enough to know the number of visits that have the page and the number of bookings they come through it. This is easy to obtain, with a minimum of data organization. The tricky part is to get the user profiles that become customer to take action just to get these users.

But still, there are hotels that do not know this ratio. This should not be. Any site manager must know your goal and conversion. Although the booking engine on the web does not allow the inclusion of tracking codes (common problem). I have already indicated that this is only know 2 data. This may not be so complicated!

The conversion differs according to socio-demographic characteristics of the user

If our booking engine allows you to include tracking codes and conversion, then the task of obtaining a high ratio is much easier because we can focus on meeting users who become more and get attract only those to the website.

For example, if our website is in English and Castilian, surely we will have a ratio higher conversion between English, Dutch, Scandinavian, etc ... that between Italian, French or German, as the former speak better English than the latter.

With a good web analytics program can get conversion rates for each of the socio-demographic variables for which we are permitted segment.

Well segmented data conversion can also make changes to the website to help users make now are not converting.

The conversion differs according to the origin of the visit to the website

In our web analytics program we will also see that certain keywords convert more than others.

Por ejemplo, la gente que busca en Google el nombre de nuestro hotel, se convierte más que los que buscan “hotel barato en Barcelona” por ejemplo. Esto es porque los primeros o bien ya conocen nuestro hotel, o bien han leído sobre él, o bien tienen referencias sobre él. En cambio los que buscan términos generales no lo tienen tan claro y cuestan más de convertir.

El ratio de conversión de alguien que busca en Google el nombre del hotel puede llegar a ser del 8% y hasta del 10%. De ahí que sea tan importante para un hotel aparecer bien en las páginas web de intermediación hotelera, ya que un gran número de usuarios visita éstas páginas y luego busca en Google el nombre del hotel para ver si encuentra precios más baratos, para ver más fotos del hotel y para ver paquetes y ofertas tentadoras. Y también sea tan importante para el hotel gestionar bien su reputación online.

There are many more factors influencing the conversion of a visit. We can go treating them in the comments of this post if anyone dares to participate. I invite you to do and so get together a good compendium of factors.

We talk to each other.

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