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I help companies improve their digitalized and sales through Internet.
Montse Peñarroya
Montse Peñarroya

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So you take your business potential of the Internet?

... Your competition does. Discover the vision, strategies and tools they need to lead on the competition and take your business to the next level.

Do you want to take your territory XXI century?

The digital transformation of SMEs in your territory is directly linked to sustainable development. Find out how to fix the population and develop their businesses, shops and tourist establishments.

Action Plan Online

Guide to create your Online Action Plan_

In this book you will learn to create an Action Plan to grow your company on the internet ... definitely ...

Digital Marketing for Touristic Organizations_

The book that will show you 30 Techniques and 60 Best Practices of Digital Marketing in the tourism sector.

How to be the first on Google without paying_

Find out how Google works at the level of SEO, how to get a good listing in the search engine, how to index the pages of a website and the main variables that are part of the algorithm that sorts the search results.

Digital Marketing for Cultural Tourism_

The book containing the best techniques to attract visitors to a touristic business' website and turn them into contacts or customers.

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Amazon A9

A9 discover how it works: the final version of the browser created by Amazon

Cómo funciona A9, en qué tipo de algoritmos se basa, porqué se llama A9, quien lo ha ideado, y todo lo que hemos podido saber acerca de este nuevo buscador que tendrá que medírselas con Yahoo, Google y el nuevo MSN que Microsoft tiene en beta. ¡Vamos a verlo! La entrada de A9 en el […]

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