SoloStocks It is the main portal Business to Business in Spain, where it is leader in the sales of products between businesses and professionals.

For buyers, SoloStocks has thousands of products and companies in 35 sectors of economic activity, where they will find suppliers who provide them with all the products they need. Contact a seller and locate a product is easy, through direct search or by using the filters sector, quality or location.

For sellers, SoloStocks is an excellent marketing tool that offers the possibility to present your company and its product in a quick and simple way, with the added value of having a high profile and positioning on the internet and in major seekers.

SoloStocks currently offers different publishing services and visibility to suit the needs of both small and large companies in 6 languages ​​and 12 countries.

Montserrat directly involved in SoloStocks (since she founded the site in 1999) and also indirectly participates through Intercom Investment.