Purchase intent

What is "purchase intention" and how to measure it on the internet

Purchase intention It is the probability that a consumer buys our product or hires our service, in a given period of time. And it is a basic metric for our conversion funnel.

Why is it important to measure “purchase intention”?

El camino que sigue un consumidor desde que descubre nuestra marca en internet, hasta que compra nuestro producto o contrata nuestro servicio es tortuoso y complicado. En cada paso del embudo de conversión de nuestra empresa hay que descubrir cómo será el conjunto de usuarios que forman parte del público objetivo de cada paso del embudo. La “intención de compra” suele encontrarse antes de la fase final de nuestro embudo y debemos ser capaces de medirla.

Al principio del embudo, para medir el interés por un producto tenemos métricas como el “alcance de una publicación” (cuánta gente la ha visto en nuestra web o en nuestras redes sociales) o un poco más abajo del embudo la “interacción con una de nuestras publicaciones” (también en nuestra web o en nuestras redes sociales) por ejemplo, gente que ha hecho “like” o gente que ha “compartido”. Pero con estas dos métricas (alcance e interacción), aún no podemos tener clara cuánta gente tiene “intención de compra”…

How to measure “purchase intention”?

The "purchase intention" must be measured at the moment in which the user is faced with a real possibility of purchase. That is, in front of a product sheet. This will normally happen on our website, although if we have sales on Facebook or on another platform, we can also measure the "purchase intention" there.

To know the "purchase intention" we must measure:

  1. Clicks to product sheets -> our website
  2. Clicks to the list of physical stores where our product is sold -> our website and social networks.
  3. Use and redemption of discount coupons -> redemption on our website, distribution of the coupons by the Influencers with whom we work.

Creating the funnel

With what we have commented, we could already create a simplified version of our funnel:

  1. Interest in our brand (measure: scope of publications)
  2. Interest in our products / services (measure: interactions)
  3. Purchase intention (measure: clicks on product page + store list + coupons)
  4. Purchase Initiated (measure: clicks in the shopping cart)
  5. Purchase completed (measure: effective sales)

I hope these tips have been useful to you. What is your funnel like? How many steps does it have? What do you measure in each step? Do you want me to take a look at it? We follow the conversation in the comments.

If you want to know more about metrics in social networks, here is this article in which I explain the 10 things you should measure.

A hug.

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